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 Chapter 47: Rise of Monsters 37 Elf Cuisine

Though I can't really say, I think the longevity of the Elves and their food are related.

In the college where I was tasting what the Humans of this world called food they didn't have food high in calories and snacks. Although people of this Era did supplement their diets with high calories, if they came to our world they would have high three in three days. (tl: blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol)

After all, people here regularly form hunting expeditions and the like. What do the people of our world do aside from sitting in an office every day?

Well, that's digressing from the topic.

Back on to the Elves' food. If I had to use one word to describe their cuisine: Vegetarian!

In a word, the food appeared to be only vegetarian.

What's the point?

Although I don't know what these foods are called in this world, but to use our world they appear to be fried sweet potatoes, fresh mushroom soup, fried leeks and fried tomatoes.

That's right. Every dish was some type of fried food. This was the solitary heartbreaking trait seemed to be the core of the Elves' food.

Next to us the elf chef was looking at us with curiosity. I smiled, picked up a fork and tasted it.

Well, although it was vegetarian, it was refreshing. It seems the cuisine of the Elves had some unique traits.

"Looking at your expression......it doesn't appear to be that bad?"

Aliyah stared at me and the also tasted it.

"Well, although there is no meat it is pretty strong."

"I think so too. However...... eating this sort of completely vegetarian dish too often might put a person in a vegetative state."

"A person in a who's a vegetable is no good."

Aliyah said indifferently.

"Wouldn't a plant generally live longer?."

"That's not it. I'd rather be like fireworks. Blooming in a second and unwilling to stay as pavement for a thousand years."

"......Your analogy is strange."

"Well, the general idea of that one is right. You know I'm talking about an early death."

"Well, it certainly seems that way."

I then turned to the restaurant's chef.

"Tastes very good"

Although I have turned on the Elvish Language skill, I still said it slowly and in an rusty tone when talking to him.

If people knew that I had learned Elvish there is a good chance the elves would let me visit their labs.

Although I don't know if they have a human style laboratory.

Whether or not it's there, I don't want to use my life to verify even if I can revive.

"That's good, human, you can speak elvish well. Otherwise I don't know how we would talk."

"Ha ha......Yeah, anyways."

I looked at the elves around us.

"Why do I feel like I've become a zoo animal."


The elf chef looked extrememly embarrassed.

"Probably because most of them have never seen humans before? Most elves are told the humans are frightening, so we are curious as to what humans are like."

"I see."

I think the origin is because Humanity has been commissioning mercenary groups to kidnap elves for slaves for a long time? That also can't be understood.

But isn't frightening too abstract of a description? Is this why they are curious?

"Do you guys think we are scary?"


The chef said embarrassed but a young elf on the side immediately replied."

"How to say, you don't look frightening at all. You are probably 20 years old or less. If you were an elf then you would probably be a toddler."

But after that he paused.

"But you are very strong, strong enough to be frightening. I saw your fight a moment ago. Actually were able to use legendary magic to resist the forbidden magic. Even the Elven Magic Corps inside might find it difficult to resist the forbidden magic, and yet you did. So......"

"So you are starting to worry that all humans are so strong?"

I smiled towards him.

"Don't worry. Only we prodigies have this strength. Regular humans are still normal.

"Ha ha ha......"

The surrounding elves laughed.

"I'm curious. Don't tell me that each and every elf inside are skilled in the Elves' forbidden magic? I immediately came in contact with a hybrid magic elf, isn't it strange?"

"No no no! Of course not!"

The elf quickly shook his head.

"That guy has been jumpy ever since his sister was taken away. Everyone told him to take it easy but he didn't listen. That magic he used just a moment ago, we also don't know what it is. We just heard the elders call it something like forbidden magic."

"That's what happened. Indeed, if each and every elf was so terrifying every human would be quickly killed."

"How could that happen!"

The young elf quickly waved his hands.

"We wouldn't go killing humans even if we were strong. Elves are long lived, so we don't forget things that happen a long time ago. The Continental War a thousand years ago terrified us elves but we passed knowledge of it down by word of mouth. It is unnecessary, we don't want that sort of thing to happen again."

"The Continental War?"

Strange, I haven't heard about anything similar before? Although I'm not the type to go to the history book section, but I never heard anything related to this......

And it's been a thousand years......even for humans that's not very long! We know about the Black Gold age and the time of Ancients. There's no reason for a Continental War a thousand years ago to not be......

Interesting, it seems that there are still hidden secrets! But I will talk about that later. Now there is a lot of things to solve.

"Yeah, we would like to avoid war."

I nodded in agreement.

"Anyways, is your elders and queen like this often?"

The fight there has already been raised a level. On the other side of the public square a magic battle is unfolding.

Magical battle. In order to avoid unnecessary casualties two magicians used their magical power and spiritual force to contain the fight.

This scene......you can imagine two Super Sayans putting out shock waves, and then seeing who gets blown away.

Well, it isn't really a scene to be moved by?

Now those two are like that, I can see their effect from the sand blowing around them on the floor.

Faced with this situation, I silently turned around and continued to talk to the chef.

"Continue serving...... Speaking of which, do you accept gold as payment?"