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 Rise of Monsters 36 Elves Are Really Strange Creatures

I ignored the old elf in front of me and looked close at the update. After a closer look, I found that a while ago the notification window hadn't closed and new content had appeared.

Common Skill--Elvish Learned

Because you haven't acquired understanding of the language, use of the skill will consume 3 MP per second.

Magic consumption isn't a problem. The problem is that Elvish is also considered a skill......I smiled bitterly and opened the general skills menu.

Because I didn't look at it I didn't know, but it was enough to frighten me. What exactly is this? Lockpicking, Open Container, Beastmen Language, Cooking...... What a mess this is.

I curiously tapped on the Beastmen Language. The message that popped up left me speachless.

Common Skills--Beastmen Language

Since you intrinsically understand this language, use doesn't consume MP

That makes sense. The Beastmen's language is English so I can understand it instantly. Although I am not proficient in it there isn't any problems for daily communication.

After reading this, I noticed the scene before me had changed.

I saw Eli coming over to me, smiling. Behind her I saw Julian being taken away in handcuffs by elf guards.

"First he will be locked up, then we well interrogate him to learn where he was taught the necromancy."

The old elf said gravely and looked over to the Elf Queen.

I curled my lips and then looked towards Aliyah.

"Looks like he is a really powerful guy? His arrival is timely, though."

"That makes sense, Julian had knocked you down when he came. I felt that he had been watching for a while."

"Yeah. And this guy isn't just generally strong, he is presumably something like an elder."

Durante · Blaise · Destin

Lightning Elf Magician LV78 Plant Elf Magician LV89

Neutral · Stern · Elven Arcane Possessor · 1 Hit Sure-Kill · Elf Elder · Experimental Pioneer · [Fears Wild Good vs Evil] · Human Killer · Forest Warrior · Prestige Possessor

"At our level, isn't challenging him courting death?"

I heard Aliyah's words, I know that the title information she can see isn't complete, so she can't see the titles of the elder.

But for even me, facing someone who specifically hides their titles, I have no idea. I thought about it as I looked at the Elf Queen.

Why would she cover up her own information? Is it deliberate or just an effect of the equipment?

I'll put it off until later. More serious is the guy in the front.

"Be careful, that guy has killed humans."

"Oh...... It seems you can see his titles."

"Un. Just like you I began to unlock it immediately. I like to see other people's weaknesses."

"Your interests are really bad......but it is useful."

"Thanks for the compliment."

Just when we were chatting, the elder of the elves finished talking with the queen and came towards us.

Coming in front of us, he stared at me for a while and then looked at Aliyah before turning back to me.

"Humans, you look much stronger compared to your peers."

Looking for a long time, he actually said that sort of thing. This made me blush with shame for a while.

Strictly speaking I'm not what you call Human. Rather I should be classified as an Otherworlder. Don't compare us to the Humans of this world.

Also, I don't even count as a human! I am an Undead Holy Angel! Although it was a conversion.

"Thank you for the compliment. But compared to you, our presence is very weak."

"Ha ha...... you can actually use legendary grade human magic and call yourself weak. This is the first time I've seen that. Before you, many humans showed off their legendary magic before me but they didn't have the chance to do it a second time."

Is this guy showing off that he killed humans? This is in really bad taste.


He touched his sparse beard with a smile.

"I know you understand what I am saying. But your eyes aren't like those hypocrites who spontaneously become enraged. Are you cold-hearted, or composed?"

No. I bitterly laughed in my heart. With such a high level guy standing in front of me, what can I say?

The biggest difference between me and those guys is that I can see that you are powerful. Naturally I'm not going to mess with you. Those who provoke you died too, even if I did something now they won't be resurrected.

Why am I unable to live my own life?

"About that, I'll leave it to your imagination."

I responded with a smile.

"However I think that you didn't come to talk to me about that, but rather about magic?"

"That makes sense, I think. You are the human that came to the Sea of Trees through the transmission array in the ruins?"


"Interesting. Well, come with me."

"Hey hey. Old man, aren't you too casual?"

The Elf Queen grabbed onto Durante, and gave him a sorrowful look.

"You let him past...... Wasn't I present?"

"What use is your presence."

The guy actually knocked off her hand and walked towards the conference room.

"You asked for this old man!"

The Elf Queen took out a wand.

I quickly pulled Aliyah back a few steps.

"Let's go eat something first?"

I asked Aliyah.


Ignoring the elder and queen who where fighting for some reason, we went to a nearby restaurant.

I hadn't had time to eat anything!