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 Rise of Monsters 35 Necromancy and the Elves

The fastest oriental sword and the fastest magic. A flash, the shining broadsword collided with the green magic rays in the air. Their great momentum allowed them to move a few steps behind my back.。

But like that, I launched a the ice magic I had set up beforehand.

Although wind magicians have the fastest magic, I happened to be the opposite. Ice magic happened to be the most powerful slowing magic.

Stepping onto the ice domain, he instantly realized something was wrong. A faint layer of frost covered his lower half and the green light weakened some.

Take him down while he is weak!

I dodged behind him and slashed the back of his stomach.

At the same time, I put up ice walls on the other side to block his escape route.


I don't know what sort of foul language he spoke, I don't understand the language anyways. However, for all of his talking, with a finger he pointed a green light to his feet and a green whirlwind came out of them. All of the frost on the top of his legs flew off, simultaneously, he pulled on a cloak and it acted like a sail, unexpectedly pushing him up. It was as if he was able to fly, he floated in the air for a bit before falling to the ground.

I can only gape at this.

Fuck, an elf actually understands physics! This is terrible!


When he saw my face, he said something pridefully, of course, I still didn't understand.

The general idea seems to be that I am extremely difficult to deal with and the like. Even if the meaning isn't the same, it should be similar.

Really, this elf obviously used magic to fly for my benefit! Using a cloak to fly in the wind...... I can also do that sort of thing!

We have hot air balloons and airships! Aren't you afraid!

Naturally, I'm not so righteous to talk to him about correcting his mistake. A light flashed under my feet and the ice board instantly appeared. Accelerating, I flew past him!


His face was filled with surprise, it seems my magic was shocking.

But I don't care about that. Rushing straight over I stabbed into his stomach with my blade!


Is the only thing that can be understood onomatopoeia? I absorbed this for a bit. He started to bend down into a squat. The magic sword fell to the ground with a bang, and its magic slowly faded


He seemed to be saying something in pain. Although I don't understand it, but listening to it seemed to make me feel sad.

I sighed and walked to him.

When I arrived next to him he suddenly jumped up a a green magical formation appeared behind him!


Eli and the Queen called out at the same time. Although I don't know what it is, isn't it time for Julian to stop?

Seriously, we've waited for a really long time!

"Secret technique · Absolute Probability"

This is the third time I've used this magic. This time, I clearly see, something appeared similar to a slot machine.

Ka ra ra ra......

Three numbers began to spin quickly, and on the other side, a green shadow appeared out of Julian's body.

Is it the Arcane spell? This should be a Super Arcane level attack, right? Could it be that the title for Arcane Possessor is given regardless of the type?

Thinking that, I put on Ice Armor, and readied Ice Wall defensive magic for use at any moment.

I don't study generally magic, including for the exams I failed previously. This could be trouble...... Although I can resurrect, who wants to die?

Anyone who wants to die is an M!

While he is able to launch magic pretty quickly, the green shadow behind him has begun to slowly get up. It's even producing green ripples around him.

Oh my god? Is it because of Elven magic or some other reason? This magic looks very terrifying!

Standing still isn't the answer. Although I raised the probability of learning his magic...... survival is more important!

"Super Arcane · Legendary · Summon Ice Dragon!"

I waved and a dark blue magical formation appeared behind me, striking a contrast with the giant green shadow behind Julian. The magic formation shattered and my Ice Dragon rushed out, it's target Julian......'s large green shadow.

I don't want to cause any casualties. In the end of the day, this is the Elves' turf. There might be a need for this place in the future, and I don't have a reason to cause a falling out with them.

"Come out! Abyss Giant's Wind! Musitela!"

All of a sudden, I found that I could understand what he was saying!!

But I didn't care. Controlling the dragon with mental strength, it flew towards the giant shadow.

The green giant slowly showed its form. A hand, reaching towards the dragon, actually caught the it.

The Ice Dragon was shamed. Roaring loudly, it rushed behind the giant, even though I didn't request it to do so, and bit into its neck!

At that moment, the body of the giant twisted up and then suddenly contracted!

When it contracted, I saw a sizziling green magic drifting away from the giant's body and scattered around.

A bit even floated to me. I quickly reached out and caught it.

For a moment, a very familiar uncommon feeling blended in. Simultaneously, images I had never seen before were projected.

Sea of Trees, mountains, canyons, valleys, abyss......

A series of images flashed through my mind like a sped up movie. At the same time, I slowly remembered the last time I felt this!

The Abyss...... Hell!

That's right. This familiar sensation isn't coming from the Elves, but from the smells of the departed souls in the Abyss.

This guy's magic isn't simple wind magic, but hybrid magic from the fusion of necromancy and wind magic. Just like my ice board.

But it is clear that this magic is more powerful than mine. If I'm not mistaken the giant should be an extreme fusion of Elvish wind magic and undead souls.

I looked at Julian. At this point he was kneeling on the ground, his eyes staring upwards.

After a moment, he actually spat out white foam.

"Elf Queen, Eli, stop him! He used necromancy!"

The moment I shouted that out, the ice dragon was shattered by the giant.

But those fragments were still similar to a long thin snake, quickly spreading to the surroundings!

"Those green things are the undead souls. Hurry and stop them or they may corrupt people."

Frankly speaking catching souls is also extremely dangerous.

The ice dragon roared loudly, a piece of the icy fog tried to escape the green light only to fall back in. However there is a lot of green lights escaping into the surroundings.

"Elvish Arcane · Swift Lightning's Grace!"

Suddenly, a series of lightning bolts came from the sky and cleared the area of the green lights! The emitted cries of lamentation and we were even able to see those transparent souls fly into the sky together.

"Seriously. I only left for a little bit, why is there already so many problems?"

Clenching a staff and covered in rags...... No, it's probably enchanted robes. Cough cough. Well, the elf in the clothes came over.

But looking at his appearance, he should be somewhat old.

But I don't care about that. What bothers me is......

Why can I understand what he is saying?

I learned Elvish?