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 Rise of Monsters 34 Juvenile, Show of Arms, Coming to Fight

Surprisingly there were old geezers. I have to say, this place can't have anything but legendary level people.

Right, one of these legendary level people was doing odd jobs in the Ice Empire. That's right, I'm talking about Pryn, the elf saint that was sealed in an ice block for hundreds of years.

Even though she has become an undead elf, and some conflict with her saint attributes made her into an strange unknown category.

Well, that isn't important.

"Okay, can I ask when those old geezers are coming?"

"Soon, but I don't know the exact time."

"I'm geting the feeling......you elves are really laid back......"

"Is that so? It's probably because they don't have much to do?"

Hey hey, as the Elf Queen is it really ok to say that? Your subordinates are going to cry.

And didn't you say that you were really busy recently?


Well, I know that you have long lives, being generally idle is understandable.

"......Regarding the main topic, can we continue to travel?"

I suddenly asked.

Granted, not simple wandering. Although they won't necessarily let us see any secret stuff, but I can at least go out and retrieve my combat doll.

"You want to visit? Certainly it's no problem. Eli, you will guide them on their visit, ok? Anywhere they want except for secret areas. They can't understand the Elf language anyways."

Oh my god. Even if you know we can't read you don't have to say it out loud! You've shown several tokens, but I'm sorry, I don't want to learn the language.

But I didn't even learn any English in the past, you'll also have me learn Elvish? Won't this shorten my life?

"Cough cough, Queen Sylvia, I really need to thank you."

"You're welcome. As I said, I dislike small talk."


I guess I can understand why there was no assistants around the Queen. Who could stand this behavior......

Breathing out a sigh, I pushed the doors out of the room.

"Please let me lead the way."

Eli called out from behind. I turned around and suddenly an attack warning came from behind!

Unfortunately I don't have a dagger, I can only put out Bloodmoon into the path of the sword!

The blades collided in air. As their attack was not successful, they hopped back, switched the sword in their hands with a bow and pointed three arrows at me.

This was all in two seconds, their body even stopped in midair.

The quick body motions meant that their level was definitely above mine. If it weren't for Phad's Eye I might not have been able to see their movements.

However, while I don't know the reason for their attack, but since they have been so vicious with their attacks, I also can't pull back!

Because of the advantage of instant casting, I prepared to charge, with an ice shield slanted in front of me.

Of course, the magic didn't stop with that. I aimed an AOE Ice magic at their estimated landing spot to reduce their mobility. To finish, I accelerated and rushed to their position.

As I expected, two arrows hit the Ice Shield on my arm and bounced off because it was tilted. Granted, their arrows are quite powerful. The ice shield cracked after the attack bounced off.

I also took advantage of the slight angle, and at the same time I struck towards the bow with Bloodmoon.

But when my blade cut towards their bow a layer of green light came out of the it, forming a barrier that blocked my attack.

I opened my eyes in amazement, but they clearly won't let me stand there surprised. I created an ice totem as an obstruction between us and I rode on another, putting me back at my original position.

"Hey, don't attack. It's clearly me."

I pushed to the side where Aliyah was wanting to take her weapons out.

"After the two hits we can't be said to be bullying."

"You've seen their level right? This isn't a joke."

Julian Menglode

Male Elf 112 years old

Elf Archer LV45 Elf Warrior LV43

Kind · Short Tempered · Whatever Goes · Bold · Vengeful · Arcane Possessor

"Well, don't let him attack or won't it will be difficult to resolve the misunderstanding?"

Saying that, I charged over to Eli.

"Could you please tell me why you want to attack me?

Eli was on the side, standing at a loss. Hearing me say that she quickly said something in the elvish language to the attacker.

After hearing that, they responded with something in elvish language.

"He said......"

Eli hesitated, and after some thought continued.

"He says he believes his older sister helped humans and was kidnapped by them. So he thinks you are kidnapping other elves."

"So that's how it is......"

I thought about it, and said.

"Let him defeat me, I'll help him go to the human lands to find his sister. Ask him whether or not he agrees."


"Despite asking that, I'm not so easily defeated."

"Defeating you isn't the problem, the problem is that you are going to get hurt."

"Let him decide for himself, isn't that right?"

Eli frowned in thought. She turned and said something to the youth.

The youth was slightly surprised after hearing those words. But in the next second, he had a light smile, and reached behind to pulled out a sword.

This is the first time I've seen this type of slender, long yataghan. Is it a magic sword? Otherwise it's shape offers neither defensive nor offensive advantages, the only possibility is that it helps with magic output.

Oh, it looks very valuable too~ That's also important.

Since you are so sincere, then I also can't be too relaxed~

I put on magic armor and sheathed Bloodmoon.

"Although I don't know if you understand, let's make this a good fight!"

"How come you are so hotblooded......"

Aliyah retorted from the side.

"Because I want to learn their skills~"

I have a 2% chance of learning their skills. Bring it on, let's see what I can learn!

Finished, I accelerated out, and at the same time he slashed his sword at me!