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 Rise of Monsters 33 The Origin of the Monsters

I don't know if it's because of the blessings of nature or something else, but we had to run to keep up with the Elf Queen's pace.

Our efficiency was really low, I'm embarrassed that I had to use acceleration magic several times to keep up with the pace.

After all, the people with the Elf Queen were walking at a brisk pace......

Ten minutes later, we arrived at the Elf city that I had come to with the doll.

Looking towards the center from the side of the city, the impression the area gave wasn't the same.

It felt like an environmentalist's concentration camp. Surrounded by and passing through towering trees, the entire city was constructed in an otherworldly environment.

It's really nice. The feeling of this place is much better compared the memories of reinforced concrete. And compared to the stone castles of humans, while imposing, felt full of signs of human alterations.

"Welcome to the Elf city extension--New Forest."

Eli whispered to me from the side. It feels like her grasp of the Human language has gotten better. The progress has been really fast, they deserve to be called the race with the highest IQ!

I know that Elvish and Latin are similar, but...... I'm the type who knows how to play games every day ha ha ha, how could people learn that kind of language.

After all, I'm not an exorcist or anything.

"Don't daze about. Hurry up please."

Hearing Eli, I came back to something amazing. They had arrived by a grand building.

It was very imposing. Actually, the decoration above looked completely different to the tree buildings on the sides. Various colors of magic crystals were inlaid as a mosaic on a wall of precious metals. While I don't recognize the metals, they are definitely not cheap.

I want to pry it off!

I looked at Aliyah. Her eyes were also green, but she lowered her head and looked down. Otherwise we would definitely be thrown back in prison.

Quickly walking to the building, we were surrounded by the gazes of many curious elves as we entered.

The inside of the building was plain, just a simple round, wooden table in the middle.

There were several carvings of dragon-like creatures around the table. But I'm not an otherworld biologist, so I don't know what creatures they are.

"Please sit down."

Finished, the Elf Queen sat down at the top-most seat. Waving her hand, the bottom of a nearby kettle heated up.

I looked at the set up on the side...... is she actually trying to make tea?

I found a spot to sit down and looked around.

I ought to say......

In general the Elf Queen should be surrounded by guards or at least assisting officials, right? Why haven't I seen anyone except for Eli?

"Don't mind it. I dislike that disgusting pomp and now isn't a good time for it. We won't have any idle chatter and start on the main subject immediately."

The Elf Queen really is a impatient person. Seriously! Life should have less nonsense and more work.

"You said that you were tracking the monsters that suddenly attacked the Human lands, and found that they came from our Sea of Trees?"

"That's right."

I nodded.

"So that's the reason. In other words, someone with an ulterior motive was taking monsters from the Sea of Trees into the lands of humans...... Un, no wonder the Dark Elves had been becoming more active recently. The monsters we used for defense had been stolen by someone."

"Stolen? In other words, you have a way to control the monsters?"


The Elf Queen nodded and pulled out her necklace.

"This is a Monster Flute. You can use different tones to issue orders to monsters."

"In that case I would like clarify something."

"What is it?"

"The monsters aren't freely attacking Human cities, but are being organized. Do you understand what this means?"

"Someone is using monsters to attack Human cities......It seems someone wants to start a conflict between Humans and Elves, and...... recently the actions of Dark Elves has become more frequent. It's probably related somehow."

"It seems we might have the same enemy? Before that, I have one more thing to ask. What do you know about the Beastmen's situation?"

"Beastmen? There's essentially no movement. What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm just curious. Shouldn't the Beastmen generally be able to control the monsters? In that case......"

"Oh, you were referring to something like that. Beastmen are like us, they can also control the monster races. However, they control feral monsters, like the Dark Wild Lion, and we control some of the natural fighting type monsters."

(tl: 'natural fighting type' is the closest translation, the author has a spelling mistake there that makes it hard to know what they meant.)

"Like Hellspider Flowers, and Giant Storm Eagles?

"Yes...... It seems you have encountered them."

"Yeah, they attacked human cities and caused massive casualties. Human soldiers and mercenaries worked together to repel them, but there was too much difference between the levels of humans and the monsters. If there were more of them then humans might not have been able to stop them."

"My apologies."

The Elf Queen was completely apologetic.

"Although we are using monsters for our protection, there is no system to manage them. In regards to the reduced number of monsters, last night a guard reported to me. In the beginning I was worried that there was a dark elf secretly killing them, but today I heard Eli's report and linked the two together."

"The Queen is truly perceptive."

"Call me Sylvia. You also helped us solve the puzzle, so you will be treated as a guest. I heard from Eli before, when she was captured as a slave you rescued her. Your kindness towards the Elves is no small thing."

"It was nothing, I had been merely lending a hand in passing. That's all."

I looked at Eli, she was actually happily giggling on the side.

"However, is there any way for Queen Sylvia to block those monsters from entering human lands? If you don't solve the problem, sooner or later a human city will be destroyed."

Although she hasn't been that serious, it hasn't been a problem.

"Of course."

The Elf Queen nodded.

"Those old guys are coming in the afternoon. When they get together and you go back to where you appeared, we will probably know whats happening."