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 Rise of Monsters 32 Elf Queen


They actually laughed when I didn't respond.

"Don't be afraid, I won't call for the guards. You don't need to be agitated. Though I don't know who you are, but our goals are the same...... probably."


Even if I wanted to talk to you I can't speak......

At this point I don't know if I should say anything and could only stare at them.

Although there are some people where I can get information from their titles, but this person clearly isn't in that group.

Shina · [Skill Shield]

[Career information cannot be displayed due to skill shielding]

[Title information cannot be displayed due to equipment effect]

Is this some country's intelligence officer? But their appearance is similar to an elf.

At the same time, isn't this person's skills and equipment too strange? They can actually shield their personal information?


I'm so envious! I want one too!

Only, I am unlikely to get it from this person......ehhh......I don't know if I can snatch the equipment from this loli or cute boy's body. They aren't normal.

In addition to that, I can't see their level. They might be at the level of boss characters.

While I was thinking of these issues, they were talking to themself.

"Ah, Right. This doll shouldn't have the capacity to speak. It's the Smuu Household's battle doll right? Then you should be from the Ice Empire or Witt Empire right? Even though there are small countries that have Smuu Household's stock, but those countries shouldn't have spies with the ability to steal information from inside the elf city....... Ah, sorry, I talked so much and didn't introduce myself."

They made a royal curtsy, then continued to talk.

"I am Shina · Mendelin, a spy with many faces. Since this is a fated meeting I would like to say greetings. If we can meet in the future let's take care of each other~"

I nodded in agreement and they smiled happily, then turned and took down a thick elementary book.

"Yeah, this is the book on the latest Elven magic theory. In addition, this one is the latest Elven magic annals. It's useful for collecting intelligence, but I think that your goal isn't these two books, right?"

They said while putting the two books into their ring.

I shook my head. Shaking and nodding were the only two actions that I could do, but it is simple and clear.

"If I'm not mistaken, you are copying the Elves' magic? While I don't know why you are doing it, it's not the same as human magical techniques. Humans can't use it...... well, I think you already know about that."

Of course I know. But if I can get some of the exotic magics outside I should be able to study it......



It doesn't matter, I still need to collect it first.

"But it looks like you aren't very proficient in the language of the elves. That magic is basically defective magics. While it is strong, it has flaws...... well, I don't know what you intend to do. I'm saying this out of kindness too. From left to right, these two shelves are fire magic, water magic, ice magic, plant magic, and earth magic. In the next room, there is time and illusion magic, but that room can't be unlocked without the Elder's key. Light and dark magic types......that sort of thing wouldn't be stored here. I'm also looking for them. If you find some, please get me a copy. I will pay a good price for them."

Finished, they turned and walked down the stairs, leaving me standing dazed and confused.

What was their goal? Although I appreciate the kindness in my heart, but their conduct felt a little too much like an intelligence officer's nonsense, alright?

This was a good thing for me though.

But when I turned and looked behind the bookcase I felt like crying.

There are so many books, how many years will it take for me to copy them all?

Depressed for a bit, I turned and walked towards the ice magic books and put the books into my ring.

I'll wait until I've read it before looking for a chance to put it back. There shouldn't be anyone who pays attention to the number of ice magic books, right?

But when I was quickly borrowing the books, I suddenly heard Aliyah's voice.

"Eli seem to have come with the Elf Queen. Hurry back!"

When I heard that I took an ancient thick book from the shelves and turned to the windows.

Grabbing the walls of the tree building, I quickly climbed like a spider to the dense foliage at the top. Looking down at the surroundings, I noted that the village had a pond when I squeaked down. Seeing that no one was paying attention, I quickly climbed to the tree top next to the water and jumped into the pond.

When I was in the water, the first thing I did was to have the doll tightly grasp the bottom of the pond before cutting off my control of the doll.

After cutting contact, I felt a flash. Opening my eyes, I had gone back to the prison.

Looking around, I could already see Eli and another woman's titles outside the walls.

Sylvia · Doran · Leonardo

Female Level 98 Elf Archer Level 88 Elf Priest

Kind · Melancholy · Arcane Bowman · Elf Queen · Dream Chaser · [Cannot be displayed due to equipment]

Okay, another unable to display. Where did these people get this amazing equipment?

I got off the ground and patted by body dejectedly.

"Thank you."

"Don't mention it. As long as you remember to tell me when the time comes. At that time I'll also steal some things.

"There is almost no defenses, they totally don't care. It wasn't even locked. Of course these were the general books, and some high level books were hidden in a locked room. The door was very strange, and there was something like a vine twisting over the tree."

"That kind are really simple."

"It's not simple. I glanced at it a moment ago and the door's lock appears to need magical element identification to open. Carelessly trying will trigger an alarm. It's no joke."

"Then I'll also have to find the magic elements it needs, how troublesome."

Just as we were discussing on how to steal someone's skill books, the prison cell door opened.

"That one......"

Eli didn't have time to say anything. The Elf Queen rushed over to the cell door and with a handwave she struck open the door lock!

Regarding me and Aliyah, it's not a big problem to open this cell. But these magical chains were cut with a wave of her hand. This isn't funny.

Well, I don't care about the terrifying battle capabilities of the Elf Queen, her anxious eyes revealed everything.

While there isn't the same overbearing pressure like Pryn. But the unique qualities of the older sister type Elf Queen, along with the prim and elegant long white robe, matched her royal image perfectly.


She didn't show the behavior of a queen and instead rushed over and grabbed me.

"You said that you are investigating the monster situation?"


I was frightened by this sudden event.

"In other words, the monsters that disappeared were transferred over to the Humans' side?"


"Okay, you will come with me."

Finished, she went straight out of the cell. Aliyah and I peeked our faces out.

"You......Sorry, our Queen is impatient.

Eli said apologetically.

"Haha......It's nothing......"

An impatient Elf Queen? This world is certainly full of wonders......