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Rise of Monsters 26 Harassment

They seemed to be filled with goodwill. I had only just wondered what these strange things were before the skulls swiftly combined together.

Once they had combined, their eyes all lit up at the same time. In their eyes were red lights that seemed to squirm around.

The monster's name also appeared when they combined.

+Inferior Second Order Demon+

Death Union LV60

"Inferior Demon? Could this place be the hell?"

I wiped away my cold sweat. This is the first time I've seen their subordinate name appear, could this be a special camp?


"Yeah, I saw it. It seems they aren't from our area."

Aliyah lowered her body and took out two chainsaws.

Red light flowed from the chainsaws. With the magic saws quickly spinning, two flames leapt over the chainsaws.

"Oh, while I summon undead this is the first time I've seen a demon~"

Falan was calm. The skull in her hands slowly lit up and two grey fogs flowed out condensing into two skeleton soldiers in front of her.

[Dead Follower], you can summon a variety of undead based on the user's level. These two undead were of a relatively low rank, another magic will directly summon a demon.

Since Falan can summon two undead her ability is relatively strong.

"Undead to deal with the demon, is that useful?"

"Undead actually are demon's predecessors, they just aren't self aware. The presence of upper level demons may suppress them but they should be fine against a lower ranked like this."

"Didn't you say you hadn't seen this Demon? How did you know?"

"Naturally......That's why I said 'should be fine'."

"Well...... fine then."

I gave a small smile and pulled out [Purgatory Lord's Staff].

"It seems that we are going to have a good talk with this demon."

Although I have talked with demons a bit and also the Demon Gods.

Speaking of that, at that time I didn't see the their area marked...... is it new features that were added with a system update? But why not for the general magic beasts?

Don't tell me...... it's the dividing line between regions? The World, Hell and Heaven?

But then why didn't I see a '+World+' appear over our heads?

Is it just for races of different regions?

While I thought about this, Aliyah and the two undead soldiers rushed past me.

This demon looked like a bug made from bone. Except that this bug...... was a bit too big.

The demon's body took up more than half of the channel but that didn't restrict its movements. The passage seemed to be in line with its needs. Even though its body is large, it easily rushed passed by Aliyah.

Both undead servants turned and stabbed swords into the insect's abdomen. The swords cut across, seemingly cutting through a few skulls in the abdomen.

But in the next moment, the demon knocked out the broken parts and replaced it with an undamaged section.

Its regeneration is more enviable than a gecko.

"Arcane · Double Cut."

Two red slices went straight through the demon's body, but like before, it split off the broken parts and returned to normal.

What a troublesome guy. I looked at its HP, the rate of loss is too slow to imagine......that's not right. It can't be described as slow, the attack just dropped its health by a sliver.


However......I have discovered a point of attack. This thing's HP only decreases when it hasn't fully restored.

That is......it's body can't react in that circumstances, and can't always stop the blood?

No matter what, we need to try.

The demon spun and dove through the air towards Aliyah!


Aliyah turned to slash the demon.

But at that moment, several arms reached out to Aliyah!

"What......What is this thing!"

Aliyah quickly swung her weapon and cut off the arms in front, but the next wave of arms grabbed onto her!

"Let go of me, damn it!"


She is obviously a DPS but ran in to Tank, she doesn't learn......

I waved the staff and blue light gathered at its tip.

"Arcane · Frozen Light!"

Blue light shone on its body encasing one side in ice.

I pulled out Bloodmoon, rushed to the bottom of the Demon and aimed at its deformed arms.

"Arcane · Iai Slash!"

A single black strike flew up chopping all of the arms off!

"Ice Totem!"

I used the Ice Totem to shoot up and catch Aliyah as she fell.

At the same time an icicle stretched from the side of the Ice Totem. It pierced through the side of the Demon and it fell, breaking a chunk off.

"Really, it's seems you can quickly get rid of it."

"Don't complain too much Aliyah. Didn't you see the HP of that thing? It basically didn't drop at all!"

Indeed. The demon abandoned the broken section, recombined and crawled into a narrow crack!

"Damn it!"

I immediately fired Frozen Light but it fled from the spot!

Then I heard a muffled boom. I quickly stopped the Frozen Light and saw that the walls had closed on the other side of the ice.

"......It seems that there are many mysteries in this temple."

I knocked on the joints of the door.

"I think it can't be destroyed. We might get a lot of harassment like this."