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Rise of Monsters 25 Skull Rain

Three minutes later, the dolls came out from the passages. I looked at the minimap and helplessly spread my arms.

"Only the passage with the rotting smell and the sixth passage on the right aren't connected, all other paths are connected. Is this a joke? Are the people who designed this maze psychopaths?"

"Perhaps they just wanted to waste time~"

Falan said smiling,

"Because the labyrinth changes every hour~ If you didn't finish walking in an hour, it probably would change appearance~"

"That makes sense. Putting it that way, there is also that sort of setting."

I nodded.

"Luckily we had the dolls explore, otherwise it would take a really long time."

"Hmph, so we can take the fifth passage on the left."

Aliyah seemed unsatisfied that we hadn't taken her opinion immediately.

"Okay, just check to confirm it's safe. But then again, the other is a dead end, could it be that the two passages are related? Of course, I'm referring to before."

"In any case~ We should move quickly~"

"Falan is right, the one hour time limit is coming up, and yet we are here talking nonsense. The labyrinth is about to change."

Finished, Aliyah went over to the fifth passage on the left.

"Wait, let's at least lead the way with a doll?"

But Aliyah didn't listen at all, and immediately went into the passage. I helplessly shook my head, put the dolls back in my ring and followed her.

Falan followed after me.

The passage was very long, the end wasn't visible even under the two lights.

However, as we continued to go deeper, the smell of rotting flesh became increasingly intense.

When we arrived at a spot, I glanced at my minimap.


I touched the wall on the right and knocked.

The stone put off a hollow sound, like there was a cavity behind the wall.

From the minimap I could see, behind it was just the dead end.

"Completely unnecessary designs, why make this kind of route?"

"Maybe they were incredibly bored. Walk quickly, or else I don't know when we will be able to leave this place."

Just as she finished the entire labyrinth suddenly shook. I quickly jumped towards Aliyah and the wall on the side turned sealing up the passage.

"So that's how it is."

I looked at the exposed passage, nodding.

"The 22 passages will always have an exit, and the other passage is connected to another route, this is a really frustrating design."

"I guess you would have to keep going until you were worn out? Well, we got here anyways."

"That's true......be careful though, the atmosphere here feels stranger. It might be more dangerous here than we thought."

"Yeah, I'll go in front. I can somewhat detect traps and not trip them, because of that......"

"You be careful Aliyah."

Aliyah crouched and slowly walked forward, I also used the Eyepiece of Truth,

Falan was comfortable staying in the back, it seems she wasn't bothered about getting attacked.

"Falan, did you come here before?"

"No, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, but it seems that you don't care about the dangers here."

"There is no reason to pay attention. Since there is a dead body nearby, I don't have to worry about anything."

"That so......"

"By the way, you haven't seen my typical appearance?"

When she finished, she reached out, all of her cloths turned black in an instant and a white crystal skull appeared in her hand.

That outfit......

"There is the feeling that you are a necromancer but it isn't obvious."

"Because I don't look like the undead?"

"No, it's just because you spend the day grinning without a sense of being serious."

"Ha ha, there's that too."


Suddenly, Aliyah reminded us to quiet down.

"There's a strange noise."



Aliyah paused for a second before saying,

"There's a sound of something moving......"

Just then, there was a bang, and something I couldn't get a good look at fell from the ceiling!

We pulled out weapons and took a closer look, it was actually a skull.

"Oh, I thought there was danger."

Just as I said that, a succession of skulls fell from the ceiling, blocking the way with a bang.


What's this toy?