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Rise of Monsters 24 Loathed Labyrinth

"Wait up!"

Falan suddenly stopped us.

"That's wrong! The path that is giving off the smell of death, shouldn't it be that we don't go that way?"

"What you are saying is right eh......"

I agreed and Aliyah broke from the path.

"Tell me which way I should go? The others have no smells, isn't it clearly strange? Couldn't it be that only one is a dead end and every other path leads out of here?"


Falan was at a loss for words.

"I also don't have any good plans."

"In that case let's change to a different plan right now!"

I was suddenly struck by a thought. I took out the dolls I had taken from the Eastern Merchants and the Smu from my ring.

"Although they are mismatched, they are all finished products."

I looked at them and nodded with satisfaction.

"Oh my god......"

Falan stared wide eyed at the dolls.

"Where did you get so many dolls? All of the types of various humanoid dolls are wanted by both various mercenary groups and individual countries as important resources, you actually have...... 12 of them? This is simply incredible."

"Is it? I borrowed them from various places......maa, never mind the details."

"That's not a detail? Right now to buy a human doll intended for cleaning you need 500 gold. You are basically a mobile vault."

"This...... it seems that the Smu Household made a lot of money recently."

"Okay, the continent's production of humanoid dolls isn't limited to the Smu Household. The Smu Household is only good at making short-range battle dolls and ice magic dolls. They aren't really good at making Heavy Knight Dolls as well as Camouflage Dolls.

"So that's it, there are different types......"

Looking at what I had, of the 12 sets, 7 were the latest model of warrior battle doll, two were magical dolls, and 3 were assassin type battle dolls.

Grated, I also have Purewhite, although she is a shikigami rather than a humanoid doll.

"In short, let's use them to explore!"

As I said that, with my mind I began to control the dolls' abilities.

Seven wires connected to seven of the dolls, their eyes lit up, and one by one they stood up.

I aimed at the other dolls, but they didn't move when I pressed the skill button.

Only a prompt came out!

Maximum Control Limit Reached

There's actually an upper limit to the number that can be controlled? Are you kidding me?

Controlling dolls also had a skill level? I need to raise my chakra limits?

I hurriedly opened the skill bar and pulled it to where the doll skills were. Seeing the brief explanation caused my magician robes to be soaked with a cold sweat.

Skill: Doll Control LV1

Activating dolls, current control limit 7.

Next level requires:

Doll Master LV2


Human Form Master LV2


Spirit Magician LV2


Puppet Onmyoji LV 2

I haven't heard anything about these classes? Of course, I had heard of the last one but hadn't seen them in action.

Isn't this a rip-off? How can I learn it without a class? There are skills I can't learn? There are class requirements? World-chan, are you kidding me?

Although I can learn the skills, there are some special skills that I can't level up? That's terrible. These classes look very powerful, the more I can't learn the more my curiosity is aroused!

I will have to make sure to ask World-chan the next time we meet.

"Why are you frozen?"

Aliyah suddenly hit me. When she attacks I can't get hurt, but it still feels like blood rose up in my chest and I was almost thrown against the wall.

"Can't you just start with a light tap! I can only control seven dolls at the same time."

"Seven? It's incredible if you can control seven with your mental power."

Falan seemed to know what was typical, folding her arms across her chest she spoke.

"Only people with high mental power can control dolls, compared to me, I can only control five."

Finished speaking, she reached a hand out and the remaining five dolls shakily got up from the ground. They were trembling like the body of a middle-aged and elderly person that had not eaten and was suffering from osteoporosis.

"These things......are very difficult to control."

Just as she was saying that two of them crumbled down. The other three stabilized at the same time.

Falan nodded in satisfaction, directing the three to jump a few times and stretch.

"This feels really good, like having extra hands and feet."

"I'll try next!"

The warrior Aliyah went up to the two dolls and gestured in the air for a while without getting either of them to stand up.

Really, how could she control them when she doesn't have the skill?

Saying that, where did I get my skill from? I don't remember......

"No matter, I'll make them walk."

Finished, I waved my hand. Seven dolls ran into the channels on the right.

"I'll also come!"

With a decent amount of control, Falan sent the three into other passages.

From here I can sense the status of the seven dolls, at the same time, my minimap showed the passage routes.

This is exactly why the dolls are so good. Since I can control them with my mind, so they can observe and use magic powers. Not needing a lantern is pretty good too.

The dolls began to quickly dash into the passages. Although I don't know what is ahead, but if it's the dolls, exploring the whole thing at once should be okay.

The directions in the passages were also really strange. Quickly going up and down, the twisting passages intertwined and crisscrossed.

The layout of passages is really weird, OK?


Suddenly, Falan shouted out in surprise.

"What's going on?"

I immediately asked.

"My dolls...... hit the same place?"

"Hit the same place?"

I had barely asked the question, when a doll suddenly rushed out from a passage on the left. It looked like one that I controlled!


Aliyah saw someone running out and nearly pulled out her sword to slash, I quickly released control, and the doll crumpled down to dodge Aliyah's attack.

"Wait-wait-wait up!"

I quickly stopped the dolls.

"These passages...... most are linked together?"

I really hate this sort of Labyrinth......