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 Rise of Monsters 27 Treasure Chest

Although we were harassed by the monster it didn't affect our actions.

But after we walked a short distance, Aliyah suddenly called out.

"Hey, there is actually a treasure chest here."


I looked at Aliyah with surprise but she had ran to the walls on the side.

"I said I found a treasure chest!"

Aliyah shouted while kicking a wall. The extremely strong wall had a small hole knocked out of it exposing what seemed to be a very old box.

"Wait wait wait! Wait for me, how did you break the wall down?"

I quickly rushed over and examined the walls.

"The wall wasn't indestructible, and there isn't any visible difference between it and the walls on the sides, how did you know you it could be destroyed?"

"Um......because of my intuition?"

"That was a question?"

I think Aliyah has chosen skills that can discover treasure chests. Special skills, like marking treasure chests, and can even see them through walls.

"Let me guess, before we came to the labyrinth, there were actually useful treasure chests hidden away in the walls but we didn't find them."

"Yes, that's it. So I went and took the time to go over it again, there was a handful of these treasure chests all over."

"You really have a lot of free time......"

Went over it again? Over the past month? Isn't your efficiency terrible?

"This is the problem with too much freedom, you can't find anything to do if you can't find work."

"That's true......"

"Well, let's see what's inside."

Aliyah laughed and kicked the treasure chest open.

"Hey, hey, hey. Don't you have any way to do this without violence?"

Aliyah took a necklace from the treasure chest, glanced at it and stuffed it into a pocket.

"Violence isn't an issue, the problem is knocking it open. The lock is iron and has oxidized after all this time, I kicked to get it open. Also, the necklace doesn't have any practical use. Beyond the gold in it and the finely crafted gemstone that is......"

"There's no use aside from selling it. I get it. It's good though, we can still get rewarded for doing this. I am curious as to who put the chests here, though."

"Don't mind the details, I don't think you would find an answer even if you worked on it your entire life."

"That's true too."

"It seems you guys are talking about some strange things~ But Fir, did you notice the mana inside this place is strange?"


I glanced at Falan curiously, but she gave me an odd look.

"Excuse me, in any case you are also a high level magician. That you didn't notice that the mana content is significantly less than before is unimaginable. Something that I haven't felt before is stopping the mana that should be in this place.

"......Something else?"

I opened my menu bar and saw that the status above my MP amount had turned red.

The rate of MP recovery had been significantly slowed. Staring at it, even after some time there was no change.

"It seems......it really is that way. Do either of you know anything about this thing?"

"Most likely...... it's something we don't know about's magical abilities right?"

"That's really interesting. In other words this place has been completely locked up by someone else?"

"Is that right? Just like how you couldn't fly, I tried to summon nether beings to bring me out, but it couldn't fly."


I thought after saying that.

"Could I think of it as an upgraded version of the college's[Battle Enchantment]? In the Battle Enchantment the damage was limited so that the opponent couldn't die."

"Yes, that's why the teachers were on the edges of the fight,. The enchanted core would control the combat effectiveness."

"No wonder the Battle Enchantment would sometimes fail, that was why."

"Haha, if you teachers knew you said that they would be sad."

I gave my assessment.

"That means we are in a very large enchantment and the people who control this place are more than a little bit stronger than us."

"A temple, maybe it is under a god."

"God? I don't think it is necessarily a magical deity."

As far as I know, the demon gods stay in the Abyss. They wouldn't stay in a place that seems like a grave.

"It shouldn't be them, or this place is a passage to Hell."

"That's seems fascinating,"

"That is not fascinating, all right?"

This passage? It is troublesome. Originally Snake Eyes and the monsters were really annoying, if it brings back the demons then would it be never ending?

Why did the monster bring me to this place anyways? If it was controlled by Snake Eyes then they wanted me to come here.

Why? To make me go on a trip?

I looked around.

These walls don't just seem to be indestructible, they block my sight. I couldn't see that demon's name just after it escaped. It was really awful.

It was a really bad problem. This place practically sealed up my abilities.

Also, the rate of MP recovery was so slow while I had so few recovery potions.

"Anyways, we've searched this entire way. Hoping to find that damn Storm Eagle."

"Yeah, completely searched, it was no good."

Aliyah said ecstatically. Apparently she is the type that, as long as she can rake in money, will pay others no mind.

I've begun habitually using god's viewpoint to walk around the labyrinth. This strange labyrinth's paths are intertwined.

Fortunately the minimap shows nearby routes. Otherwise, I think no matter how good their sense of direction was, these identical passages would cause a person to collapse.

"There's another treasure chest here~"

Aliyah shouted, rushing past with excitement.


Do I dare to fall behind in replenishing magic potions?