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Rise of Monsters 22 Meeting an Old Acquaintance

"No way. Even extremely lazy people can't sleep for too long, right?

Aliyah's expression was doubtful.

"What then, why haven't we seen a god?"

"What do you think?"

Aliyah thought for a while, then confidently replied.

"You think about it, generally in fiction a god's presence is in the interface, right? Perhaps they supervise the world, so they aren't actively present."

"That was quite reasonable......but we don't know, we've only been in this world for a few months time."

"Un, I guess so......If I had known earlier I would have researched relevant information, like miracles or something."

"Putting it that way, I ought to compare it to what Yerbil knows. I'll say I'm interested later, and ask about it."

"So next time you will get the title of[Saint]?"


I gave a small smile and pointed ahead.

"Anyways, we still need to hurry, this temple seems to be extremely large. If we continue to dawdle there's no telling when the search will be finished."

"That's true, compared to the Treasury we can break through much easier. Of course, there are a lot of strange things."

"And we can easily gain experience points......Right?"

"More or less."

After walking through the channel for fifteen minutes, Aliyah's and my face became heavy.

"I think......"

I wanted to say something but Aliyah interrupted.

"I know what you want to say, but I can tell you I have used the precision of the Wolf Eyes to investigate the channel. We've never hit a trick wall, the small designs on the walls haven't repeated."

"Right......there are no trick walls...... could it be that we are on a circular path?"

"I'm saying that's impossible. If the path really was circular, it would be likely we would see the same designs."

"That's true......then what?"

I stopped walking, looking at the surrounding walls with the flashlight,

Staring at the wall for a while, I knocked on the walls.

Sure enough, the indestructible notification appeared.



Just after the notifications appeared, I suddenly noticed a something that didn't fit. On the sides of the indestructible notification, the lines should be parallel to the ground, but right now, the lines and the ground were making about a 10 degree slant......


The thought flashed in my mind, and I suddenly felt strange!

I lost my balance, and our bodies fell down away from the slant!

I quickly pulled out a dagger to stab into the wall, but instantly despaired at the sight of the indestructible notification.


The dagger brought out sparks from the wall but my body kept flying ahead!

No, rather than flying ahead, we were falling down.

Because at that moment, I felt that gravity wasn't coming from the floor, but at the end of the corridor.

Falling quickly, I quickly summoned an ice board, and tried to reduce the falling momentum.

I felt that my speed had gradually reduced, but my flashlight had fallen down.

So I summoned a ball of light.


With the ball of light flying above my head, I looked up and saw a shadow falling down on me!


Unable to finish the sentence before crashing into me, we fell straight onto the floor!

That's right, I had managed to stop, but I was probably about five meters from the floor. That was lucky and then I was struck from mid-air onto the ground.

"Oh! Oh my god!"

There was no way the ice board could withstand the impact because there was no time to decelerate before hitting the ground!

Naturally, the ice board was smashed to pieces in the crash!

I didn't expect that this girl would fall on me twice in a day. This was some form of punishment!

"Seriously! Didn't I tell you to catch me?"

She roared while sitting on my body.

"Please, you need to ask me at least ten seconds earlier alright? You suddenly made a noise after falling, how could I possibly catch you!"

"Maaa, anyways we've almost finished this.

This time she willingly got off of me, patting the dust off of her body.

"You're right, at least from your point of view."

I also got up, then walked over to pick up the flashlight.

Shining it around, there is nothing nearby aside from a stone gate.

"We're unable to fly......there is nothing around us except walls, apparently we have only one way we can go."

"You can't use your ice board?"

"I can, but watch."

While I said that I summoned the ice board and jumped on.

The winds that move the ice board already reached full power, but I slowly began to fall without any sign of rising up.

"So that's why, it can only cushion, but not fly."


"In that case we can only beat on the door, watch this."

Hurrying over to the front of the stone gate, Aliyah quickly looked it over.

"Un......it doesn't have a keyhole, there is no button to push, there isn't even a way to open it......just what is this?

"......In other words there is no way to open it?"


Aliyah thought some, then took out the chainsaw and started to work on the top of the door!

However the chainsaw didn't make anything except for a splash of sparks,

"Damn, it's still indestructible !"

Aliyah put the chainsaw away and got up.

"Yeah, it seems we have to stay in this dull place for a while."

Just as I said that, the stone door suddenly opened with a boom!

But that wasn't what surprised us the most, what was most startling was......


"Hi~ Weren't you already dead Fir? Long time no see ne~"

Yes, it was our old friend, Kelany Momiji, who was also Falan, our senior at the school.