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Rise of Monsters 17 Internal Troubles and External Aggression

"Father, you're joking!"

Before I had time to reply, Samantha had struck the table.

"I'm only 19 years old! I haven't ...... haven't......"

"Haven't reached the age for marriage? Don't joke. The children of the Empire enter into society at 16, do you think you are able to escape from everything you left at home four years ago?"

"But I......"

"Don't be ridiculous, you've been gone for four years, who knows what happened to you? Do you know what those people call you? 'She-wolf!' I'm glad you didn't bring back some bastard!"

"How is that possible! Am I not such an unruly person!"

"I hope so!"

"Cough cough!"

I coughed twice.


James looked at me apologetically.

"Sorry, that was rude, we let Feil see our family problems......"

"I don't mind James being a parent, we didn't pay attention. I was just drinking water."

I continued to drink another mouthful, the said.

"Well, we aren't joking around. Lord James, I'll say it now, do you want......for me to become one of your men?

"Ha ha ha, You are indeed as others said, you like being direct in conversations, such forthright characters are hard to find."

"In my opinion, it's not what makes a person good."

"No no no, less nonsense can reduce wasted time to a certain point, I appreciate that. Why can't I get less idle chatter from people?"

Because it's useless for me to engage in idle chatter. Either I can get information from your titles, or I don't need to know.

"Right, however......I am more of a low key person, I don't want to get involved in something things that get out of hand, I personally want to be free. So......"

"Oh oh oh, don't anxiously refuse, give it more thought. You might want to change your mind."

"No, I'm not refusing, I just won't join you directly or the the nation's forces. But you could tell me more......difficult missions, and I will choose which ones I want to complete, what do you say?"

"......Low profile?"

"Yes, lower profile."


I hadn't thought they would unthinkingly agree, but he looks satisfied or......was it expected?

Interesting. It seems that this guy is more aggressive than I imagined. It won't be am easy matter to handle him.

It seems for now it won't be simple to deal with.

"Well, this is your first mission...... as a consultant join the[Wild Red Rose]mercenary corps, the most important thing you have to do is......protect my daughter, don't let her do anything stupid, especially life threatening things."


I looked towards Samantha, she had already started to get up.

"Even if you are my father, there is no reason for you to send anyone inside my mercenary corps!"

"Are you going to say that you don't want funding for this year? Well? 5000 gold coins is not a small amount!"


She was at a loss for words, then turned to look at me.

I shrugged, however I slipped some small folded papers past her.

"I think you want me to do more than that?"

I turned my attention to my side.

"Yes, for now, report what my daughter is doing. From now on there are going to be a lot of things that will require my attention after all. Although I'd like to force my daughter to stay, however......I know that my daughter is the type to escape. Compared to that, I'd rather her have some freedom. But before that, I want her to be protected."

"Right......How do you feel, Ms. Samantha?"


She raised her head to me and nodded.

"But that's the limit, I won't allow any additional conditions."

"Oh, like making him your husband or something?"

"Father! Please don't joke!"

"Hey......fine, we can talk."

She sighed and helplessly shook her head.

"Then we......"

As he was about to continue someone knocked on the door.

"Really, this timing......"

James had an upset expression, but he still pressed the button on the side.

"Lord James!"

As soon as the door opened a man wearing black plate armor came in.

The side of his face was scarred, but since there was no sign of suture marks, it must have been just a scratch.

He walked over to James' side and whispered something into his ear.

James' expression changed several times but he finally stood up.

"Sorry, you go ahead, there are things I need to deal with first."

"What's going on? Do you need any assistance?"

"......This time we won't be relying on the strength of the mercenaries, I am going to let the people know that they can rely on us to protect them!"

"Are monsters attacking?"

"Un, two bird-shaped monsters and a sub-dragon type monster, there isn't much to say, so I will go first."

Finishing with that, he and the man quickly walked from the room.

I turned an eye to Samantha and saw that she was looking back at me.

"Go Ms. Samantha, your members are waiting for you."

"I guess so......well, now you are going to be staying at my side as my assistant, but you......"

"No no no, that is too much trouble. You tell her Aliyah."

"Hmm, I thought you hadn't seen me."

A piece of the ceiling opened, and the shape of Aliyah jumped down, her two white ponytails swinging in the air.

"Aliyah, how are you......"

"She was probably worried about you and came to take a look, but for now I have a new proposal."

I smiled and looked to Samantha.

"Let me become Aliyah's assistant? We know each other really well."


Aliyah nodded her consent from the side.

"Well......so be it. Go, we still need to solve the monster problem."

"Yes, got it."

It seems more interesting events are going to happen. I looked at the new information that appeared in the tip menu and smiled.

Individual Intelligence Update:

Samantha: Members of the Empire's nobility have given her the[She-Wolf]title, although ridiculed by most nobles, there are some female nobles that have a high opinion of her.

James: Used cruel means to seize control of the conservative nobles, but didn't use such methods on his daughter, he is trying to control his daughter while suppressing the nobility's negative opinion of their family.

Seeing these messages, I felt like reaching towards the sky.

World-chan......you've come up with a very strange game......is it, that a game beyond our expectations going to start?