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Rise of Monsters 16 Once Again......

Entering the room I felt that the luxury decorations here were merely mediocre. What was more exaggerated was the size of the room. The size of the room is about the same as an entire apartment from when we were at the Academy.

The style of the room was also different, the gray walls were lit with magic stones, there were leather sofas on both sides of the room and in the middle of the room was a round table set with silver tableware.

At the other end of the table was a young girl in the armor of a knight. Her reddish-orange hair was tied in a bun in the back, seems it was that way to be convenient for the nearby helmet.

When I saw her she looked at me with a puzzled look.

When I glanced at her titles it suddenly became clear.

Samantha V Smurandall

Spear Knight LV 45

Neutral · Rebellious · Witts Empire Duke Family · Former Royal Knight · One Hit Kill ·[Fiery Wild Rose]· Multi-Weapon User · Strong Rider · Runaway · Red Rose Commander

So that's why, she should be...... James or Faust's daughter. Generally, people of the duke's house wouldn't have anything that could stop[Phad's Eye]investigation? After all I can see that this person and Durst were different.

And the Wild Red Rose title...... Isn't that the mercenary group Aliyah joined? It seems this is going to be more fun than I thought.

"Ring the bell if you have a problem."

Kolf bowed and left, closing the door.

After the entrance and table stared at eachother for a while then I smiled and said.

"Are you Ms. Samantha? It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Eh? How do you......"

"You are the chief of the Wild Red Rose Mercenary Corps [Fiery Wild Rose], is it better to call you that? I am the NEET Mercenary Squad leader Sol Feil, this is my ream."

"So that's why......oh, by the way, you're that Fiel that used his magic to stop the Explosive Magic beast![Magician's Hidden Blade], a mercenary who combines powerful magic and swordsmanship, although no one has seen you use a sword, so they call you the Hidden Blade."

"So that's why, no wonder the title sounded strange, that's what it meant......Ok, before I ask more questions, your relation to Mr. James is......"

"I am his daughter, well, I haven't seen him for a few years."

"Right, then......"

"Why did I come back? Well......It's difficult to run a mercenary corp, so......"

"You have problems with your income?"

"Actually......that's not it, most of our people are very young, we aren't able to complete tasks, so......"

"Yeah, so that's why, it seems that your mercenary corp is very caring."

" Look, after......you can't always ignore it? And after they become members they can contribute to the missions, right?"

"So you are making long term investments."

It seems Aliyah found an interesting mercenary corps......

"However, a new member came recently who is really strong, we recently completed the extermination of monsters.

"But you still need money?"

"Well, in order to make up for last month's losses......are you going to continue to stand while talking? Please sit, although I'm not treating today."

"I guess so."

Just as we sat down, the door to the room opened.

James came in with his guard, he looks radiant today, it seems that last night got him what he wanted.

"Good afternoon, I believe...... you've understood each other's identities?"

Seeing our nods, James sat down satisfied and had his guard left.

"Good, then we can start enjoying dinner."

Saying that, he pressed the button at the front.

"Let's get started."

Releasing the button, he turned to us.

"This place's foie gras isn't ordinary, especially since they recently received fresh[Thunderstorm Goose]. I believe that it definitely is not a common delicacy."

James smiled as he introduced the strange sounding dishes.

It seems the foie gras is also a luxury in this world, but to hear[Thunderstorm Goose]with it, I think my appetite has decreased several percent.

Ahh, never mind, I will just treat it like an ordinary meal.

However, when I turned to Bai Yueguang it felt that his face was covered in black lines.

But it feels at the same time...... if Lanya were here she would find a new market. Let's go to the monster forest and search afterwards.

Forget it, let's eat.


I have to say, the taste was beyond my imagination. Carefully thinking about it as I ate, I didn't have any preconceived notions on the bodies of monsters, this delicacy is definitely a notch above.

"All right, I believe we all enjoyed that dinner."

After dinner, James took a sip of red wine and continued.

"Then let's get down to business."

I knew the meal wasn't free, but it's a shame to think about it now.

I know I ate a lot earlier, what appeared to be a roast chicken earlier was very delicious.

"There are no outsiders here...... I'll just say it openly."

He paused.

"Thank you very much for the intelligence you provided Feil. I believe His Majesty the Emperor will respond quickly and punish those who disregarded the lives of the people."

Right, I get the feeling that you are similar to that.

I still politely nodded.

"Whatever, I just did what I needed to do."

"It seems you are a talented person Feil. Don't you intend to get a position? I think, it would not be too much trouble for you to become a National Knight."

"This......I think......"

"Of course, it isn't impossible for you if you wanted to become Samantha's husband either."


I was drinking water! I almost spat it all out!

You've started to joke with me!