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Rise of Monsters 15 Deluxe Restaurant

After waiting infront of Darius a bit I saw a depressed Bai Yueguang come out of the crowd.

"Looks like you're tired~"

I said smiling.

"No kidding, next time you do it!"

"Well~ I've never tried it."

"And yet you still said that?"

"I'm in a good mood~"

Bai Yueguang's face immediately distorted.

"It seems I need to teach you a lesson and correct that marvelous personality of yours."

"Next time, people are waiting and we cannot make others wait on us."

I smiled.

"Someone else is paying for it after all."

"Ah, that too."

Bai Yueguang nodded, but Hei Luoli excitedly said from the side.

"Ha ha ha~ I will eat three days worth of food!"

"Hey hey hey, don't exaggerate so much. Pay attention to your manners!"

"I know that! I used to be a princess!"


"What's wrong? Why are you giving me such a strange look?"

"That's natural! I don't see the temperament of a princess in you at all, you are more like a hoodlum girl."

"Bah, you are a hoodlum, your entire family is hoodlums!"

"......who taught you to say that?"

"Eh? Little Bai."

"Look at what you are teaching! Someone else's princess was taught by a hoodlum like you!"

"Why are you taking cheap shots at my innocence! Doesn't it make you itchy? Come on, show me your weapon! I'm calling you out."

"No, I just want to eat."

I refused him with a very noble reason and entered the restaurant.

"You guys......"

Bai Yueguang wanted to say something but everyone followed me into the restaurant.

"Hey! Ok, you win."

Sighing helplessly, he could only follow us in.

The outside were dull white walls, but the luxury of the inside was several levels higher than that. I mean that as a commoner, I don't recognize the paintings on the walls or the decorations along the sides. But I can clearly recognize the crystal necklaces and and the gold jewelry, and the chandeliers made of different types of magic stones that accent the dining room.

If I look closely, the pitch black walls are made of a rare alchemical obsidian! Wouldn't Lanya try to take the whole wall if she saw this?

"How do you do, are you looking for someone of here to eat?"

An attendant walking out from the next room asked us with a smile.

They were dressed similar to the waiters from our world, I don't know if this was the attire for western restaurant waiters or if it was something that came from our world.

"Oh, there was a service to find people?"

Faced with his questions, I smile in response.

"No no no, I refer to meeting them here, mercenaries rarely come here to eat......not that I am saying they can't eat here, but when comparing the wages of mercenaries to the prices here, it isn't good for them to eat here."

He elegantly answered my question, it seems that the store has trained its staff to be professional when dealing with problems.

It isn't just behavior and speech training, they let a level 40 assassin work in reception. This treatment might be too much.

Is the owner of the store a 100 level boss?

Impossible, otherwise the affair with the magic beasts would be fixed in under a minute......wouldn't they want their shop open after all?

"It is true, from you it sounds as if I have said something ungraceful. All right, I am looking for Mr. James, my name is Sol Feil.

"Please wait a bit."

They said politely, looking into a book behind the counter.

"Yes......right, Mr. James is in room 1, Feil and companions were listed as guests......ah, Mr. Feil, can you have your companions put their names down? Otherwise the registration would be incorrect."

"Yeah......Bai Yueguang, you figure it out."

"Maa, don't just name me immediately."

'Scribble on the line.'

I said it out loud, but that guy sent me a private message. Seriously, and no one checked your ID or anything......

After we all wrote our names the waiter nodded, we began to move.

"Please come with me everyone, another guest arrived a moment ago, I think that Mr. James also just arrived."

"Another guest?"

"Another mercenary, but her relationship with Mr. James is not normal."


Hearing my response, he replied from the side.

"Well, although I don't know what you are imagining, but it is definitely not what you would think of."

"Oh, is that so? Now I can't judge, but if I can get a glance, I could probably guess."

"It seems Mr. Feil is confident about their eyesight."

"Oh of course, Mr. Kolf Maddos. You are still wanted in Orvia. Although it's important to be hot-blooded, if you can't hold back your desire to kill, the outcome will be very terrible indeed."


They suddenly stopped

Pausing for a second, he turned slightly.

"It seems that Mr. Feil is not only confident in their eyesight, but also in their abilities."

"Actually, they aren't that great."

I opened my hands.

"I'm not that knowledgeable about assassins, but my partner is skilled on that subject, there, be good and don't move, otherwise Oyado's will stab you with her dagger."


At this point he realized that the dagger in his sleeve cuffs was gone, and where was it? Naturally, Oyado was holding it against his neck while hanging from his handkerchief.

" When did you......it seems I still need to practice, it's surprising that I was stopped by a small child."

"You shouldn't care, some people who died didn't realize what had happened. My little sister is very strong and people are generally unable to detect anything."

"That so...... haha, then I should be grateful not to be directly attacked, or just beheaded."

"I don't think she would have done it. The carpets and walls are so expensive here, we wouldn't be able to pay for their cleaning."

"You care about strange things......fine, could you get your younger sister down? We are almost there."

"Certainly, Oyado~"


Oyado jumped down from the wall and moved behind me.

"Cough. Well, this is room 1."

Continuing forward, we arrived at a door decorated with a '1' made from precious stone. Lightly knocking first, he pushed the door open.

"Please enter."