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Rise of Monsters 14 Mission Select


The guildmaster hesitated when she heard my words, I smiled and said.

"Our team is very free group. There are also things I want to investigate, and I can't say that they aren't related to this."

I turned around and looked at the mercenary corps representatives, then said.

"I believe you all understand, we aren't facing humans that can communicate, but monsters that can attack at any time. I think, each mercenary corps that is blocking the monsters is important, it is impossible to casually transfer them around. So let me and my team investigate."

"Yeah, I agree with him."

One of the mercenary representatives nodded their consent.

"Indeed, in the face of large monsters, a small team would avoid them more easily. Also, Feil is strong enough to defeat both the Hellspider Flower and the Explosive Monster, this shows his real strength. Otherwise, like our mercenary corps exploration team, once the source is discovered it will be a very big blow."

"Un, little brother Teng is right, I also agree. By the way, I have a map of the mainland, it shows most to the routs between cities as well as non obvious paths, I thing it would be of great use to you, rake it."

"How is this being conservative?"

"This is nothing, it isn't worth much money. If Feil can find the reasons the monsters attacked it would greatly help us perform our tasks as caravan guards and mercenaries."

"Yeah, that's true."

The surrounding mercenaries nod in approval.

Although it is good that they agree, they clearly have their own opinions.

Helping us gives them an advantage, and they don't lose any manpower, so why not?

"However......wouldn't this be too dangerous?"

Guildmaster Maristo said worriedly.

"If the monsters are really coming from there, then Fiel going over ......

"Don't worry, I will just go along the road, if it is true that Beastmen are involved report it immediately."

"Um......no one has any other opinions?"

Looking at their reactions, guildmaster Maristo nodded.

"All right, I formally use my position of guildmaster of the Blue Lake City Mercenaries to issue a special mission. Find the cause of the monsters that are attacking the city."


Special Quest

Look for the origin of the monsters and the reason they are attacking Blue Lake City

Quest Objective: Get the Snake Eyes Broken Jade Plan

Quest Reward: Unknown

The quest seems to have been successfully triggered.

I nodded, then shared the quest with Bai Yueguang.

"I've managed to trigger the quest conditions, let's strive to complete it quickly."

"Yes, please."


After the meeting quickly ended, each mercenary corps was already set in the regions they needed to protect, so we continued according to the plan.

When we were about to walk out the door of the mercenary union James came in from the side with two men.

"Ah, if it isn't Feil? I was just looking for you!"

They said in greetings as they came over.

Really, I don't want to say that I knew you would be looking for me, but you are unusually late.

"Hello Mr. James."

I responded with courtesy.

"What reason did you need to find me?

"That's...... how about we talk in another place?"

They looked around, then whispered in a small voice.

"Well, yes, however I want to complete my tasks, can I call my companions together?"

"Certainly, so be it, then we will next meet in the restaurant ' Darius', just use my name when you arrive.

"Well, that's not a problem, we'll meet there."

Watching them leave, I immediately turned on the communication headset.

"Hey, Bai Yueguang, are you around?"

It feels like when I was playing games with others on the same voice channel, this is feels more convenient than using the terminals, after all, using the terminal when fighting will cause trouble.

"If it weren't for the storage ring I would have died from the weight."

"Is that so? Do I understand that the stroll is finished?"

"Yeah, we were waiting to hear from you before getting food, what do you want to eat?"

"Thanks a lot, head to the 'Darius' restaurant entrance, I'll be right there."

"Oh? Is someone treating us?"

"How did you know?"

"I don't have the feeling you would treat someone for dinner."

"That is really too much, but you are right."


"Well, see you later."

After ending the talk, I looked at the small map, once I found the route I began to slowly walk over.


Blue Lake City overnight hotel

"The vice-commander has come back!"

Just when Aliyah had returned to the hotel two mercenaries in red armor greeted her.

"Musi, Leiyue, You're on duty today."


"Is the commander in? I have something for her."

"The commander? Her father came a little bit ago, and she went out."

"Her father? She hasn't talked about her father before."

"We also didn't know, when they showed up it really shocked us."


Aliyah shrugged, then continued to ask.

"Just who are they?"

"It shouldn't surprise you, James · V · Smurandol, the Duke's younger brother."


Aliyah froze for a moment, then she quickly turned away.

"Just now at the Mercenary Union's door......that's bad!"

"Did the commander say where she was going to?"


"Ah, this is really troublesome![Magic Wolf True Eyes]open!

Aliyah's vision turned purple, in the distance several pillars of green light shot into the sky.

"Found you~"