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Rise of Magic Beasts 12 I Just Wanted to be a Low-Profile Guy

It seems Mr. James is really busy, we didn't see him even after waiting for some time.

Maristo was somewhat apologetic, she had been the one to ask us to come, because of that she allowed us to attend the expedition meeting.

I saw Aliyah curling her lip at this but Purewhite said nothing, I nodded to the guildmaster.

"It seems you and Aliyah are acquainted, so it would be good to sit you together."

"Who would want to......well, I'm a grown up, so I don't care."

Aliyah seemed to want to argue in the beginning, but agreed with guildmaster Maristo after some thought.

"Hey~ If it isn't Fir......"

I didn't even wait for Lois to finish talking before covering her mouth.

Seriously, she almost exposed my identity.

"Eh eh eh? What's wrong?"

Seeing their confused looks, I grabbed their shoulders and pulled them aside.

"Shush, I'm using "Feil" as my name while I investigate some things, I can't let the name Fir show up, understand?"

"Feil......Isn't that the name you used when you registered as a mercenary?......all right, I understand, but you have to tell me what you are investigating. I heard that there was a large amount of magic beasts destroyed here, is this related?"

"Look, you've returned after a month and changed this much......all right, there is a relationship, but we'll have to wait to talk about it."

"Yeah, I heard a lot of things happened on your side."

"Yes yes yes, we will talk, but we have to finish their meeting first......Lois, did you hear over there?"

"Understood understood~I will listen to what the vice-commander says~"


I looked a Aliyah's titles.

Right, she actually has more than one new title [Wild Red Rose Vice-Commander]and the second was [Twin Bladed Red Wolf].

"Eh, [Twin Bladed Red Wolf]......"

"Hmph, isn't it[Azure White Wing].

"That isn't a title my identity has right now~"

"Right, those illiterate mercenaries will give you a new title soon, don't worry."

"Hey hey hey, I think I was very subtle......"

I wiped away the cold sweat, and then said.

"I remember that Lois wasn't in the Wild Red Rose Mercenaries, why did you two join this mercenary group?"

"That's because the mercenary group she was with before was almost entirely wiped out on a mission. The survivors canceled their registration, so we joined another mercenary group."

Aliyah's speech was indifferent, but a look of sorrow appeared on Lois's face.

"Well, we shouldn't have any more small talk, look, they've already called us to the meeting."

I pointed to the side, guildmaster Maristo was waving to us.

"Well, let's see what magic beasts are in the area, and quickly earn kills......destroy the evil, yeah, destroy evil."

Aliyah said cheerfully from the side, thinking of the meeting while going in.

I had to give a wry smile, then followed her.

There was a lot of people in sitting in the meeting room. Looking carefully, I saw that almost all of the were commanders or vice-commanders, they were different from the common mercenaries, most of them were at least B rank, two were S rank, at about level 60.

Aliyah is an A rank mercenary come to think of it, she must have been unhappy when she saw the title.

"First, as guildmaster of the Blue Lake City Mercenary Association, thank you very much for taking the time to help fight against the magic beasts, I thank the members of the mercenaries corps on behalf of the citizens of Blue Lake City."

"You are too kind. We, the[Boreal Canyon Wind], have been under your care. How could we not help with this?"

An uncle wearing heavy knight armor was speaking, looking at his armor traits, it should originally have come from the military, this guy effectively retired from the army to become a mercenary.

"That's right,[Black Blade]Mercenaries in Blue Lake City were lucky that they were given work that suited them by the guildmaster. It is normally very difficult to receive work.

This speaker was wearing an assassin's mask. Looking at his titles, it seems he became a mercenary after a long stay in prison, the person following behind him was the same. It seems their mercenary group is made of former criminals. No wonder it is hard to get missions, publicly announcing the missions they have completed, isn't something that they can do.

"Well, don't say that, it's making me embarrassed."

Maristo said with a red face, then cleared her throat.

"Now let's get to the main topic. Each mercenary group report their condition."

" [Boreal Canyon Wind]Mercenary corp, we encountered and destroyed a group of large magic beasts south of the city[Multi-Fanged Serpents]."

"[Black Blade]Mercenary corp, we encountered and destroyed a group of large magic beasts east of the city[Blue Falcons]"

"[Turquoise Elves]Mercenary corp, we encountered and destroyed a group of large magic beasts west of the city[4 Leaf Magical Flowers]"


Each mercenary group reported their victories, it came next to Aliyah, I watched her stand up, and she said in a loud voice.

"[Wild Red Rose]Mercenary corp, we encountered and destroyed a group of large magic beasts southwest of the city[Flower Twig Mimics]."

After she finished, everyone turned to look at me.


This is depressing, I was just pulled in here, I don't represent any mercenary corp.

"Um, I'd like to introduce these people, they're......"

Guildmaster Maristo reacted, turning to us, she stood up to introduce us, but I moved first and stood up.

"[Neet] Mercenary corp, we encountered and destroyed a large magic beast west of the city[Hellspider Flower], also exterminated a large magic beast west at the city's west gate[Exploding Magic Beast].

Finished, I silently sat down, and looked to the next person.


I saw that everyone was still looking at me.

What does this mean? Did you see a ghost?

I looked over at Purewhite, but she also had a puzzled expression.

"Could it be......"

Someone suddenly broke the silence.

"The captain of the mysterious 5 man squad[Neet], Sol Feil?

"[Magician's Hidden Blade Feil]was so young, this is really inconceivable."

Hey hey hey, what are you talking about? Is our small team really well known?

We just completed a mission?

And what is going on with[Magician's Hidden Blade ]? Which bastard came up with that stupid name?

Isn't this worse than[Azure White Wing]?

Aliyah was laughing on the table by my side, all right, you win.

Title Unlocked: Magician's Hidden Blade

While casting spells with the Magic Guide Book, Mana cost reduced by 20%

Even World is trolling me? Hey......

I just wanted to live a low profile life!