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Rise of Magic Beasts 10 Last Cards

Coming out of the sleep state, it somehow felt like there was a heavy object on me.

I struggled to get out of the covers, only to find Oyado lying on the quilt.


Are you a cat? You actually curled up on top of the quilt?

"Ah! Big brother is awake?"

As soon as I got out of the covers Oyado jumped up, circling to the side she said.

"That's wrong, it should be good morning big brother~"

"Good......I have to ask, why were you curled up on top of the quilt?"

"In order to be able to find big brother at any time, I need to be familiar with big brother's smell."

"Smell......that was poorly worded, I feel it gives a bad impression."

"It does?"


"But, I had tried to wake big brother, but you didn't wake up when I called to you, so I went on top of the quilt to protect bit brother."

"You did that much...... what? I didn't wake up?


Eh? Shouting at me didn't wake me up? Isn't this is dangerous? If I don't pay attention it would be easy to kill me.

Forget it, in the future, it's best not to drink it.

"All right, anyways, thanks for protecting me. Oh, where is the guildmaster?"

I just noticed that the guildmaster wasn't on her bed, there wasn't a trace of her here.

There aren't any compartments in the VIP room aside from the toilet, could it be......

"Big sis Maristu returned to the mercenary guild, since uncle James sent someone early in the morning to say we were free to leave jail, we can leave anytime. But big brother wouldn't wake up, so Maristu was the first to leave. She also said she was very grateful for our help, she hopes we can come to the guild in a bit."

"She said...... well, if we don't go how are we going to pick our missions?"

Reaching out and spreading my hands, I got out of bed and changed my clothes with a tap of a button.

I think Oyado was surprised by my clothes changing instantly, well, that doesn't matter.

To get a balance of defense and weight, I'm wearing a black lightweight soldier armor, there's a magic shield installed in the shoulder along with magic armbands.

The size of the magic rods has dropped significantly from before, in addition plant and dark magic enchantments have been added in, so it's gotten a bit better.

I equipped Bloodmoon and the sleeved blade, along with the Magic Guide Book hanging from my waist, I feel rather nondescript.

I give up, these days I generally mix, I still need to look for equipment that can give additional effects.

To be honest, I think the white robes used by the nobility looks cool, but since this isn't a real game, wearing that would just cause trouble most of the time

"Say...... where did Purewhite go?"

I don't see Purewhite right now, don't I remember her on standby next to the bed?

"That's because Bai Yueguang asked over the headsets for what we should do next, they talked and came to the conclusion that you should wake up first, big sis Purewhite went to show them the way."


I circled around to the window and saw green names walking towards us in the distance.

"Nevermind, we are leaving, it would be stupid to stay in jail, I also don't want to continue to terrify the guards."

"Me too."


Leaving the prison where the guards were looking at us with fear and awe, I don't know if the fear is from understanding our strength or because of Mr. James orders.

Well, I don't know if this good or bad, after all people were afraid of the strength of that famous pig, if someone talked about Fir and recognized me from the description, I would have to get a new identity.

"Yo, morning, I heard you had trouble getting up?"

"I don't want to sigh, but the extreme effect was from a potion that Mary sensei gave...... looks like Hei Luoli woke up."

Hei Luoli was yawning behind Bai Yueguang, hearing us mention her, she waved her hand.

I looked a Bai Yueguang, he immediately put their hand out.

'It was the reward for completing the quest.'


'Didn't we have the task of turning James into the Duke? We are already able to select rewards, so I chose this one, because it would allow Hei Luoli to wake up.'

'This is really random......'

I opened the menu, the dialog box did indeed show that the mission had been completed, but I didn't see it because I was sleeping.

I opened it to look, then said.

'I intend to complete the Extremely Hard goal of the quest, it would be best if I didn't select anything for now.'

'Extremely Hard? Hey hey hey, you like play more difficult games? You still want the hardest challenge?'

'Well, in the past the hardest difficulty was just to get achievements, but isn't it obvious this is different? A harder task should give better rewards.'

'Saying that much......'

'Anyways, you have already gotten your reward for joining in.'

'That too......'

"You guys, doesn't it sometimes feel as if you are using telepathy when you suddenly stop speaking and stare for a few minutes?"

Hei Luoli suddenly came in between us. I really have to give it to her, it is telepathy.

"What are you saying, we are thinking about the problem"

I said quietly.

"James has most likely taken the position of Duke, then the next thing to do, is to help the youth Durst seize the position."

"You are really overthinking it, James is really terrifying, how can the kid win."

Hei Luoli said with a smile from the side.

"I listened to people just now when I was walking down the street, last night James arrested Faust for corruption, and wiped out his subordinates as well, listen, they were all killed. The people on the outside fled for fear of punishment, but screams could be heard everywhere last night."

Sorry, I had fallen asleep and didn't hear.

"Eh, this is a huge mess, I had hoped to use Faust's faction to deal with James's influence, it has gotten really difficult...... by the way, Bai Yueguang, did you send the message to Princess Anne?"

"Eh, oh, I forgot, because it took a long time to steal the magic projection device last night, I went straight to sleep after I was done, I had forgotten that."

"That's good, originally I had planned to use Princess Anne's strength to deal with Faust, I didn't think he would be so weak."

"That's because his side was a major source of danger."

"And he had no self-awareness, that's interesting...... well, we didn't need to talk about nonsense. What should James do next? He just arrested Faust? Someone else is now the Duke, but unless the Emperor waived his noble status, James can't casually kill him."

"I don't think James is so excessive."

I spread by hands.

"Then we need to get rid of the last of his cards, but to do that we will need solid evidence."

"What cards?"

Hei Luoli asked curiously.

"That guy......his father, he killed the previous Duke."

I smiled and replied.

"But I need evidence to prove it."