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Rise of the Magic Beasts 9 Night Bloodbath

This place is a cell, so there was only one room.

However, since it was a vip-level room, it was unusually large, there was even large beds that a person could lay across.

Yeah, the room contained 8 beds, each one was extremely large.

Who came up with this crazy design, I really want to talk to him about life.

One of us doesn't need a bed however.

Purewhite just stood at the side of the beds in her own sleep state, I didn't notice how she slept before, but she can unexpectedly stand while sleeping?

Oyado burrowed under a blanket and went to sleep, but is it ok to not change clothes?

I remember that Oyado has been wearing the same clothes and killing the mercenaries for over a day...... at least take a shower.......she was motionless in bed though, I could only silently change clothes and get into bed.

The cloth on the lights was closed, and the lamps only gave out a slight glow.

Light is still shining through the window, it seems that many things are going to happen tonight.

However, that is James's problem, I am just a spectator, I will watch their actions before making my next action.

That 18 year old child though, since they didn't come to look for me, they might not need my strength, or he may not understand he isn't winning. Whatever the case, it's meaningless to find him.

Because there isn't a way to insert myself, finding one would allow me to get onto his side.

Since there wasn't any opportunity to talk to him, helping him now will only bring suspicion, this naturally won't give a good outcome.

Therefore, it's best to sit and watch what changes.


Suddenly, the guildmaster's voice came from the side.

"Today......Thank you very much, if it weren't for you, perhaps the entire city......"

"Really, don't be so polite, anyways you are our guildmaster, I'm just a mercenary."

I laughed in response, then looked towards the guildmaster.

Although there was a bed between us, there was enough however there was enough light from the pearl lamps to see the guildmaster looking at me.

"No, you are strong, that's enough for me to respect you, why not use polite speech?"

"Okay okay, you are free to do that. Anyways, why are there no high-level people in the city that can defeat the magic beasts? When this situation happens, how do you generally deal with them?

"That's also something you don't know, although Blue Lake City is a border city, it is an island city, from its design, there has never been an attack of magic beasts. A long time ago there were skirmishes with Beastmen, but after the city wall was built there were no more battles, because of that there were no defensive assignments."

"You slacked off because of all this peace......"

"Yes, and we are at the western end of the Witt Empire, we won't be impacted by the eastern continent, the country's main force will not be stationed here."

"So the magic beasts choose to attack here......."


"Ah, I'm just making guesses. Guildmaster, before you assumed your post, during your time as a mercenary, you participated in wars?"

"Well, some."

"The attacks of the magic beasts, can you tell if they are being coordinated in their attacks?"


That's obvious, in order to have the greatest effect, they picked the worst cites so they would have the best chances of success, the weak defenses of Blue Lake City made it a preferred choice, am I right?"

"That's right......it's too much, what do these people want to do? Attacking with so many magic beasts, did they want to occupy this place?"

"No, they used explosive magic beasts, it seems they don't want to occupy this place, but rather destroy it."


"That's right, transforming a place is generally troublesome, but if you just have to rebuild it, the process goes much quicker."

"This......who would actually......"

"Well, let it go, get some early sleep. Looking at the efficiency of of Mr. James, I think there are going to be a lot of things we need to do tomorrow."

"What you're saying...... makes sense."

The room went quiet down again, I looked at the ceiling, and silently took out the potion Mari sensei had given me before.

Sleeping potion.

We can't sleep in this world, even if we close our eyes at night we can only daydream,but sleeping potions are not the same, it put us into sleep state, allowing our mental state to recover.

It has limited effectiveness, without disturbance, it will let me sleep up to 6 hours, not more, or less, a perfect drug.

Tapping on the button, my vision gradually s over.

I hope I have good dreams.


At the same time in Blue Lake City's Castle

"Damn! Damn mercenary! Who the hell! Who recorded that!"

Faust, the incumbent Duke was roaring in his meeting room, the people at the table next to him didn't dare to speak, out of fear that the anger would be directed at them.

"Also! That damn profiteer didn't tell us! Where did that bastard hide my battle doll!"

"This......on this point, he says they were hijacked on the road, so it may have been taken away."

An official gingerly said.

"What? Why wasn't the core stolen then? My most expensive battle doll was stolen!"

"Probably......because they didn't find those things valuable, thinking they were common decorations......"

"Simply damn it! It's too late to order more! You, hurry and load the core into the old battle doll, I want them ready to fight in an hour!"

"Yes! I'll do it."

"What...... what about the merchant?"

One of the officials asked in a small voice.

"That trash, kill him! Do you want to pay him? No matter how many of those low-lifes there are, there is no need to show mercy."

The Duke's face had turned a crazy color, it seemed the problems had pushed him to his limit.

"That group of mercenaries, tomorrow we will behead them! Along with their guildmaster, we will say they tried to escape together! Understand!"

"This...... we......"

The officials instantly went into counsel, they effectively knew of the strength of the magic swordsman and the guildmaster from their subordinates, for those people, there were insufficient forces here to attack them.

"What are you afraid of! Put the latest core into the battle doll, are you afraid of those mercenaries!"

After hearing that, the faces of the surrounding people immediately lit up with delight.

"That's it, those dolls are very strong, how can we be afraid of some mercenaries."

"Exactly, our Duke has great foresight."

At this point, the room's door opened suddenly, 10 soldiers came into the room carrying different weapons.

"Ha ha, my soldiers, you are my main weapons, you......"

Before he finished, the battle dolls suddenly pulled out their weapons, and massacred the officials in the chamber!

The Duke didn't react, he was the only one left alive in the room.

He touched a splash of red on his white face, softly, fell from his seat.

"My dear brother, you are so naive~"

The door opened, and James came in smiling.

"Congratulations, now, I now have treason, you are under arrest for blasphemy and treason, you are very fortunate......you will spend your entire life inside a jail cell!"

Then he turned to his own men.

"Kill! Kill all unnecessary people!"


The bloodbath had begun.