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Rise of Magic Beasts 7 Affairs of Dukes

"You......you watch them closely! Don't let them escape!"

"I'll change shifts with you! You still owe me 10 gold coins!"

"Stop it! 10 gold coins is not enough, sir, I didn't mean to insult you, I know you saved the good people of the city, but...... above that, please don't vent your anger on me."

"Yeah, we just barely scrape by."

Having arrived at the prison without speaking I was unable to endure any longer.

"I told you that's enough."

"I'm sorry sir! I will shut up now!"


I turned around and saw the group of guards covering their mouths.

"Hey, don't treat us like monsters, also don't think that we are monsters. You've done a good job so far."

I said as I entered the cell, and sat on the sofa.

Why a sofa? Because this cell was intended for the aristocracy when they committed crimes, we originally would not be here, however the former captain of the defenders and the guards recommended that we put here.

Certainly, there was nothing natural about having us wear handcuffs, furthermore, we might have accidentally freed ourselves from them while getting a cup, so we let it pass.

"Right, shouldn't it be supper time at this point?"

"Yes yes yes! We will go prepare it!"

One of the soldiers immediately replied.

"Yeah, ok, you don't have to be so nervous, we are too lazy to run around, if you don't want to look at us you don't need to be here."

"Certainly! Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding.......we will retire first."


It feels like we entered an international five-star hotel and not a prison.

The renovation of the cell was even more advanced than the hotels we had previously seen, high-grade carpets, a soft leather sofa, carved wood tables and chairs with expensive crystals and lit with bright pearl lamps.

I can only silently lament the pains of being in the aristocratic class.

The respectful appearance of the guards kept me from following them, there doesn't appear to be an majestic appearance when the guards become so timid, from what's happened there is a strong feeling that a rebellion will happen.

An idea formed in my subconscious, could[Snake Eyes]be planning a genocide to fix all of these issues? Like me were usually silent at the treatment of the aristocracy but were extremely angry, so they planned to kill all of the nobles?

Why else would the blow up our school?

This seems increasingly reasonable.

Watching the guards leave the room, I turned to Maristo.

"Say, guildmaster, why did you want to come with us? From your strength and position, you could have pushed all responsibility on to us and left......"

"What are you talking about! I saw you stop the magic beast from destroying the city, if the bridge wasn't destroyed, countless people would have died! It wasn't a situation where I could act as if I didn't see anything!"


I feel as if the guildmaster giving off a saintly light, it felt glaring to my guilty conscience......

The guildmaster said it as if it were natural and talked with overflowing love ? Such a rare creature to raise to level 48 but still so pure, definitely super rare.

"Ok, guildmaster, I am very grateful that you did not abandon us."

"Really! Don't say that! It should be this way!"

She became embarrassed because of this, and I began to feel seriously guilty.

"Ok, then for the time being. Oyado, Purewhite, for the time being we have to stay in this dull place, understood?"

"Of course it is all right~ any of brother's decisions must be correct."

Oyado had started using a work of art on the side as a target for her throwing knives......

"Yes, as long as master is happy~"

Purewhite stood still at the side, I don't know what she is thinking......

"It looks like the Duke will not let us leave easily, so how can we get away from the criminal charges, otherwise we might get stuck with being punished by that damned Duke."

"That...... they won't be able to kill us anyways, in the worst case where we run away he won't be able to catch us."


"Well, since the guildmaster came with us, we should naturally find a a better way to solve this, afterwords the guildmaster has to continue running the Blue Lake Mercenary Guild.

"Then you are planning......"

"Correct, can you give me an description under a minute...... what is the political situation in Blue Lake City?"

"Political situation?"

Seeing the guildmaster's confused expression, I rephrased it.

"In other words did Blue Lake City change owners recently or is the Smurandol family not the owner?"

"Oh, that's your question, indeed, the beloved former Duke of the Smurandol family died last month, the eldest son inherited the position of Duke, Faust C Smurandal, well...... everyone's evaluation of him isn't good. They have two sons though, James V Smurandal. While they had 3 sons, before dying on the battlefield, he is 18 years old. Following the old Duke Smurandol's intentions, there was no indication of an heir, their children fought, hence the oldest son inherited it."

"Hmm, that was expected. If that is the case then the Duke family interests...... it isn't hard to understand, while I don't know what the 18 year old son is planning, I suspect Mr. James will meet with us soon."

"Eh? Why?"

"Although I don't know Mr. James strength, but from this morning's observation, Mr. Faust does not have the qualities of a Duke. If Mr. James does not intend to become a Duke, we need a way to threaten Mr. Faust, he can become a shield against trouble."

I stopped to think.

"Though, Mr. Faust's intelligence is more likely to cause trouble, it's basically a waste. Rather than let him become the Duke and cause trouble, better make a big incident, and prevent future trouble."

"I do not know what Mr......"

"Guildmaster doesn't need to care, if Mr. James wants to become a Duke, this incident is definitely a good opportunity. So......"

"And so, you anticipated my visit, right?"

The door suddenly opened, a man in purple entered, followed by 3 men in black.

However all of their names were yellow, but I was too lazy to look at them for more than a glance.

But the person in front's name was very obvious.

James V Smurandal

Water Magician LV 34 Lightning Magician LV 34

Neutral · Suspicious · Politician · Conspirator · Framer · Patricide · [Deep Water Paralysis] · High-Tech Enthusiast


High-Tech Enthusiast? An Apple computer fan?