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Rise of Magic Beasts 6 Treating Others As They Treat You

Incredibly an important lord came, this is really rare.

That's right, the person who lead the army was the governor of Blue Lake City Castle, this is a territory of the lord, as well as being one of the three major lords Duke Smurandall.

Ok, I look around, there isn't even an introduction to show how important this guy is.

That's right, such an important person is in front of the soldiers before us, and wants to take us down, I feel flattered.


Ok, just kidding, I've been mixing with a crowd of princesses for so long, I am already immune to this type of person.

But this is really troublesome, although I didn't break the bridge directly, but this guy will obviously put the blame on us.

But I can't be reckless here, in the end this guy is still a Duke, if not handled properly, he can be very troublesome.

We are civil people, we can't just kill any noble that we come across can we? Otherwise the aristocracy will one day become extinct.

"Cough cough, elder Duke, the bridge was not destroyed by us, wipe your eyes and look, if we had not just stopped that monster, the whole city would have caught fire from the monster's explosions.

Next to the duke Maristo argued, but the duke was completely indifferent.

"You can't let that monster get into the open! Given either on the bridge or in the city be happy where it detonated."

"That magic beast is not something that we can easily deal with, it was difficult to keep it from entering the city!"

"Hmph, that is your problem, the army can certainly stop it, your arbitrary actions caused it to explode on the bridge, this is your problem."

"What! If the monster had gone forward it would have obviously deepfried the city, are you that shameless!"

"Notice your status! You are just a mercenary! The guildmaster of your association isn't that powerful, so long as I say a few you people have to fall to the ground!"


Really troublesome......it seems this guy isn't the typical nausea source.

Looking at Maristo getting angry, I don't know what to say.

We really can't communicate because of different values, in my heart the impulse to kill him grew stronger.

"In summary, you are unable to escape the charges of destroying blue lake bridge, Guildmaster Cheeru, you don't need to give excuses . In any case, these soldiers are everywhere, you don't have to give them a reason. You are only the mercenary association guild head, if the Emperor puts the blame on you would you carry it?


Maristu was silent, shaking their head.

"As for me, every mercenary's live is important. Not to mention, this was to protect the citizens. I also have a certain responsibility since I couldn't stop the magic beast, if you have to arrest me!"

"Beside the point!"

The Duke was clearly unhappy with Maristu's response.

"Good, but you brought this upon yourself! Come, take them back."

"So that's it, such a waste of a lord is really the misfortune of the people."

When he finished with that, I immediately said.

Seeing looks on his face began to turn blue, I nodded in satisfaction.

"You are such a coward, were you so clearly hiding behind the city gate? We tried to stop the magic beast, you stood there watching, thinking about how to avoid responsibility? The people of the city dare to let you protect their lives, yet you simply treat human lives as grass!"

"Hmph, well well, what you are saying is useless, from now on you will be spending your days in the wall's prison. Or, you will go to hell after that, ha ha ha"

"You aren't denying it in other words, fine then. Go, I'd like to see your prison."

"You......you're the type of guy who likes showing off, come, give him handcuffs."

The guards immediately came over, wanting to put handcuffs on me. However Oyado moved sideways to block me.

"You would dare to try to touch big brother!"

"Don't worry~"

I smiled and touched Oyado's head, then took the handcuffs from a soldier.

Pulling to the sides, the handcuffs were torn apart!

"See, it's kind of a waste for me, lets go straight to the prison. Purewhite, Oyado, don't make things difficult for the soldiers, it already wasn't easy for them with this idiot leading them."

"You......you people! Good, arrest his two female companions too, you're strong, but I have many ways to deal with you!"

However, before his words had finished, I suddenly appeared behind him, and placed my sleeved dagger against his neck.

This guy is obviously trash, the sleeved dagger pressed against him just enough to break his skin.


Watching the blood come down, he starts to tremble all over.

"You listen to me, I am very interested in your prison, but I am not being arrested by you, and if you dare to do anything to my companions, your head will definitely become feed for the magic beasts in Blue Lake, do you understand?"

"......Fine, I understand, all right."

"This is more reasonable."

Looking at him continuously nodding, I let him return back into the group of soldiers.

The soldiers began to distance themselves from me.

"All right, where is the prison,guide me quickly."


The duke ground his teath.

"Go! Look closely after him, don't let him run."

It seems that this guy has no IQ, well, it doesn't matter. This will be a good drama!

While walking, I sent a message to Bai Yueguang.

'Yo, what are you doing?'

'Why, I'm reading until you come back. You did some big movements, is the bridge destroyed?'


'Haa......ok, you win.'

He was silent for a while before saying.

'When will you come back?'

'I can't come back today, because we have to go to prison.'

'It's because the duke is really unpleasant, all right,I have something that will make you happy.'

'What's the matter? This is absolutely not a good thing.'

'It would be interesting, go to the left side of the city gate and take the video crystal I had hidden there,let the people inside the city see it's contents, yeah, then send a copy over to the palace, while you are at it send a message to princess Anne, saying that we were good visitors.'

'......you are a demon.'

'No no no, I didn't immediately kill him...... I was like an angel.'