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Rise of Magic Beasts 5 Exploding Magic Beast

We arrived at the west gate at the same time, it was already possible to see the figure of the monster in the distance.

A red circular monster that looked like a fireball that had grown eyes and mouth, stepping along the bridge it walked towards us.

No wonder it needed the bridge, it was a fire magic type monster originally.


It would be serious if this thing got in the city, because the name of this guy is remarkable.

Palace Class Exploding Magic Beast LV50

The fire attacks through explosions, after the explosions it becomes weak, but has a strong defense before the explosion.

How do I feel as though an atomic bomb is approaching the city? Was the bombing of the school due to this thing?

And then, will [Snake Eyes] relocate people from their homes? Do they intend to demolish all of the buildings and rebuild them?

This is a great ideal!

A great wind! It isn't great right now!

You want to make a great change with a slight attack, it's the same as reclaiming a wasteland!

"City defenders, once it gets into the city it will detonate! Try to keep it from moving forward!"

"Ex... explode?"

"Do you know how the Grey Magical Academy and disappeared?"

"My god, that's not right..."

"That's right, if you don't want this city to become history, then obstruct it!"

"But... how can we obstruct such a huge thing?"

"If I ask, can I blow up the bridge?"


"Blowing up the bridge, will cause the monster to fall into the water, it will lose mobility, the bridge is doomed though."


Upon hearing the words the captain didn't have an immediate rebuttal.

"This... might..."

"Can you say that this bridge is more important than the lives of those in the city?"

"I know, yes, destroying the bridge would doom that monster instantly, but......I don't think the lord will agree."

He swallowed his saliva, then continued.

"I will consult with the lord immediately, you try to stop that monster."

"This is really hard... ok, I can only say that I tried."

"Thank you very much!"

Finished, he immediately turned to the horse stable, then rushed on a horse towards the castle.

I shook my head helplessly, then looked to Oyado and Purewhite.

"There is no way, just try a bit and see."


They both nodded.

Just why are you so happy, I thought about it for a bit though it didn't matter......yeah, really.

In the meantime I contacted Bai Yueguang's hotel, of course, I didn't make him help, but let him prepare, to escape if the monster broke the defenses and entered the city.

After all that, won't it be too difficult to defeat it if I can't use a sword?

Tapping on acceleration, we quickly rushed to the bridge, crossing there we saw two large waves from the sides rise up towards the monster, hitting and causing white smoke to come from the monster's body.

The monster didn't loose much blood though, and it's rate of progress didn't slow.

"Damn! Even[World Extinguishing Rushing Flood]can't stop it? What exactly is this monster!?"

A woman in deep blue robes complained while drinking potions.

"Where is your captain!! This is obviously unable to stop it!! We can only blow up the bridge!!"

"We can't make that decision, otherwise we might get decapitated."

"If that guy went into the city, we would end up all getting decapitated!"


The guards and I looked at each other, without speaking.

"Guildmaster, don't force them, they won't all agree, and all of them are waiting for another to agree first, so the others will not have to bear the responsibility."

I said while walking over.

The soldiers seemed to hear what I said, but they either stayed quiet, went into thought or looked to the side.

"Oh, if it isn't Feil, it's good that you came to help."

"Don't count on me, I might be strong but I can't fix everything. But I will make an attempt to avoid trouble."

Finishing, I took out the wand the Hellspider dropped, then facing the monster and spoke aloud.

"... Super Arcane * Pale * Freezing Snow!

In front of me a large seal appears as I blindly say the incantation, I don't want other to see me using instantaneous magic.

Releasing the magic, three deep blue magic circles enclosed the Exploding Magic Beast and its surroundings, then, with a cracking sound, the Exploding Magic Beast, the bridge and the nearby lake were all enclosed in an ice block!

"Oh oh, he's finally come to a stop!"

"This magician is really powerful!!"

"No no no, the mercenary magician is strong, for those lazy national magicians, I can't see this happening!!"

Immediately the surrounding soldiers cheered happily.

They are generally happy for the monster being obstructed, and partly glad that they avoided the title from destroying the bridge.

However, things aren't over yet in my opinion, because the health of the monster hasn't dropped...

After its body was encased in ice it entered a frozen condition which should accelerate the loss of health, but the monster is showing no such signs.

Is it because of its fire magic nature?

If that's the case, it may be difficult as the fire magic speeds up the melting of the ice.

In addition, the magic that Maristo used was very high grade, if the water covering the fire cannot defeat it, then does any other way remain?

Even more annoying is needing to ask for instructions, this big thing just doesn't die.

"Brother brother."

"Yes? What is it?

Hearing Oyado calling out, I turned to look.

I saw her point towards the magic beast and said.

"The magic beast seems to be able to use magic."


I immediately turned to look at the magic beast, indeed, It's body is slowly glowing red!

"Run! The magic beast is trying to explode!"


Hearing my words, the soldiers immediately ran back, and I pull on Oyado, Purewhite and went next to Maristo, then accelerated to 100 meters back.

By this time, a wave of heat came from behind, for a moment I felt my body shake, there was an obvious burning sensation on my back!

My body laid on the ground while the heat wave passed, after about 5 seconds, the burning sensation subsided.

Turning around to look, behind me was a sea of fire, both sides of the bridge were burning, and those soldiers had turned into piles of hard ash on the bridge.

It's impossible to see anything in the center of the heatwave, only a red light can be seen, it looks as if even the lake has caught fire!

Is the inside of the monster's body oil?

Nevertheless, I can still lock on to the monster in the center.

It's already become very weak, it has only 10 health left, approaching isn't simple though, because it is at the center of a sea of flames.

Letting it live would be endless trouble!

"Arcane... Rock Spear!"

Unfortunately, I can use any type of magic~

A long spear rose from the ground piercing the magic beast in the middle, the magic beast breathed out one last time, and disappeared into red dust.

The battle is over

10000 experience gained

Items gained: Core of the Exploding Magic Beast

Learned skill: Summon Exploding Magic Beast (small)

Before I could relax, a roar came from behind me.

"Oh my god! Come, take down these bastards! They actually destroyed the century old Blue Lake Bridge, that's a crime punishable by death!"

I turned and looked, behind us stood several groups of knights, in the center was a middle age man in beautiful clothing, a closer look showed that he was the governor of Blue Lake City Castle, one of the three Dukes of the Witt Empire, admirable Duke Randall.

Really, trouble seems to constantly come back.