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Chapter 14: Rise of the Magic Beasts 4 Magic Beast Attack

Blue Lake City's entire floor is black straight rock fit together, I heard this was to prevent heavy water erosion. Therefore, the entire city floor has a dark gray appearance, it gives people an impression of weight.

There are few people on the streets additionally, I almost want to call it a ghost town.

The walls are thankfully reinforced with additional materials, this place would be called the Black City otherwise.

We entered from the city's west side, we passed across to the east side. These are mostly residential streets, the lower levels are civilian residential areas, with aristocracy and lords in the higher levels, naturally, lords mostly live in the castle to the north, the houses here are mostly for formality.

"Eh~ The buildings here look like steps, there's clearly a lake in the city."

Bai Yueguang said looking around while carrying Hei Luoli.

It sounded like he had calmed down from his words, the next issue then is the problem of getting Hei Luoli to wake up.

Although Bai was able to carry Hei Luoli, but Bai Yueguang insisted on carrying on his back, like it was natural for him.

"According to my observations, the castle should be in the center terrace in the lake, the whole city only accounts to 4/5ths of the land, thus they set distributed it like an inclined ramp."

Purewhite very happily explained.

"So that's why, it's tilted to one side..."

I nodded, then said.

"Right, we don't really care about the architecture, investigating why the magic beasts attacked the city is more important. Although we know someone is controlling them, but, since it is man made, I should be able to trace the remains, through those traces, perhaps we can learn information about Snake Eye."

"I think you are getting more and more into the drama, the other party is... well, although I don't know the reason, but it doesn't matter if we care about them."

Bai Yueguang wanted to say they were people from another world, so it didn't matter?


There are so few interesting organizations out there that can be villains, not doing anything always feels boring. The other group leveled the academy we were playing into the ground anyways, this made us into people without any status, but we'll just ignore their enmity with us.

"It would be boring to do nothing though, don't you think it would be interesting to know what they are doing?"

"... If you really say so, that's true too. Think carefully, additionally there is nothing we can do."

"In that case~ instead of looking for an event, it's best to deal with the present issue, it's uncertain if it is more interesting than this."

"Yeah, I agree, following master has been very interesting."

"I'd follow big brother anyways~"

Those two are very indifferent...that's good, if Aliyah talked, would she ramble on for a long time?

Say, it's unknown if this city has a black market terminal, I'll contact Falan, maybe I can get some information from the Momiji.

"All right, let's go, otherwise we won't finish today's investigation. Anyways, Bai Yueguang, do you want to find a good place for Hei Luoli to rest, and not come with us?"


He thought for a moment, then looked at Hei Luoli.

"You are also saying that, I can be considered to be slightly lacking."

"It's isn't good for you to be careless, you are dealing with a girl though."

"Hey hey hey, do you want to be saying that to this person... it's all right, I'll find a hotel to set down Hei Luoli, you go investigate first."

"Great. Remember to use the communication equipment to contact me."

"Yes yes."

All though it is true that anyone who wants to contact us would us the terminals, the greater secrecy is better.

Watching Bai Yueguang carry Hei Luoli back to the downtown area, I turned to Oyado and Purewhite.

"Come on."

"Yes, good master (brother)!"

------------Search Start------------

Arriving at the east gate, I thought for a moment before heading to the soldier by the door.

"Hello there."

I greeted one of the soldiers.

"Greetings, you must be heading out to fight against the magic beasts? You seem pretty young, Be careful."

"Eh, please don't worry, don't see us like that, we are actually very strong."

I smiled, then continued to ask.

"We are actually dispatched from another city as reinforcements, but came to see guildmaster Cheeru first, but she seemed very busy. To be more help though, we want to know what the magic beast attacks on the city are like, if you can, could you please describe it?"

"Oh oh, I know! I can tell!"

Another soldier came over and said.

"You don't know eh, it was just before dawn, the lake on the east side of the city began to bubble, it looked like it was boiling! I was on duty at that time, so we immediately informed the captain, then..."

"So all of the guards were already alerted."

The voice came from behind, a soldier with a red cloak walked over.

"Wha, captain!"

The two soldiers said, saluting immediately.

"Yeah, you want to understand the situation, I can talk, you go back to guarding outside."


The two guards saluted at the same time, then went back to the gates.

"All right, what do you want to know? I can give answers."

"The number of magic beasts, ordering and types."

"Oh, asking really sharply. Let me see... although I don't know the name, the enemy looked like a giant crabs and lizards, there was probably more than 500. The crabs rushed rushed first from the lakefront, followed by the lizards. Luckily we had been alerted beforehand, otherwise they might have suddenly broken through the city gates."

"It's true... the enemy was all water and land amphibious creatures, passing through the lake was the foundation of the attack, really was a lot of trouble."

"Yes, that time happened to be when the soldiers were the most tired, the enemy almost went over the wall several times, we held out for a long time until the mercenaries came to mount a surprise attack on the magic beasts from the side, enemy started to retreat inside the lake."


"That's right."

"In addition to the east side, were any other places attacked?"

"No others, south and east of the city weren't attacked."



I thought.

"That is really strange, what did they want to do?"

"It's completely incomprehensible, but because we also received reports of attacks, so negotiating overnight, a plan was developed to fight against the magic beasts, several groups of punitive expeditions were sent out last night and this morning."

"Have they reported back?"


"In that case..."

Not able to finish, I heard distant footsteps coming.

"Report! Captain! It's not good!"

A guard quickly ran over, running and shouting.

"The Blue Lake Bridge Authority is unable to move, the bridge can't be disconnected! A giant magic beast is coming through the bridge!"

Looking at the captain's surprised expression, I tightened my brow.

Exp has come!