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Chapter 13: Rise of the Magic Beasts 3 Empty City

10 minutes later, after Maristo had finished accepting the goods behind the mercenary hall, she was surprised to discover, we had disappeared from the hall during that time.

On the other side, returning to Lanya's airship she was surprised to see us visiting the flight deck.


Lanya looked somewhat surprised, but quickly recovered.

"Indeed, the voice of a missing person, someone who refuses to die, turns out you five had rushed here."

She continued after looking at each of our faces.

"After what had happened, it's not incomprehensible. Ok, I would like to thank you for letting me set up such an interesting trade group, to be honest, this is more interesting than school, and gets me closer to my goals."

"Your goal?"

"Yes, my goal... but I can't say it now, but according to my judgment of you, I believe one day you will know it."

"Eh~ It sounds interesting, I'm kind of looking forward to it. All right, that's enough idle talk, I have something that should please you."


Lanya looked over with great interest.

"I still need three more headsets to talk with, of course, the latest model. I hope you can find out about a name for me, [Snake Eyes]."

"Snake Eyes? Yeah, I remember hearing this name a long time ago, again recently, but I don't remember where..."

"It seems that the actions on their side have slowly become more frequent... ok. I want you to create a special channel for our headsets, so we can talk without interference."

"Yeah, of course. Originally I had intended to include that in the next version, but in this version there is a way to adjust the channel. You only need to hold down the power switch, while pressing the button to decrease the volume, after three seconds press the volume increase button, then the left side you adjust with the rotary knob, with that you can adjust the channel, push it again and you can continue to use it."

"I see, thanks for designing this."

"Yes, the next version should be more direct. Here, I'll give you a headset."

Saying that, she walked to the side of the airship, pressing an upper button, a compartment hidden in the side shot out, hanging in it were the same type of headsets we had just gotten.

"Pick a color you like."

Lanya said while pointing at the headsets.

"We can actually choose the color... ok."

I put a black set on my head, then pressed the switch.

'The communication device activated, already connected to communication terminal'

A sound unexpectedly came from the headset, sounded like an electronic source, impressive.

"Word... that thing is Mari-sensei's idea?"

"Yep, that's right, the applicability of this general design is high, it will easy to sell!"

"That's true... "

If the cell phone is actually developed, the real thing will sell well too.

"About Snake Eyes, I will watch out for you, however you... plan on becoming mercenaries? I can't get in touch with Mary sensei, Sion's Door has been aimless, now I even have to go out on deliveries, I'm almost dead from the work."

"That makes sense, the people behind the appearance of magic beasts have antagonized the entire mainland."

"Yes, the war between the East and West is about to begin, but the magic beasts that appeared might delay it a bit... who knows."

I completely have no idea what Snake's Eye wants to do... I don't understand at all...

It seems there is a lot to investigate.

"Ok, you need to continue shipping cargo? We need to finish our affairs, hopefully we can contact you directly after the terminal is installed."

"Yep, of course. Perhaps there are troubles on your side still... say, if possible you could help me look for something."


"A knight's sword with a black rose, in the middle is the letter K."

"Sounds like the weapon of a strange person when you describe it that way, all right, I will watch for it."

"Yep, please do that."

After the short chat, using the porter that transports cargo from the airship to get down, we took the opportunity to leave the cabin, and mixed with the street.

But there weren't that many people in the streets, it seems business has decreased with the appearance of the magic beasts, resulting in many shops that are unable to open their door for business, so the citizens didn't dare to come out.

But there more guards out, they nodded to us as we passed by, it seems that the relationship between the guards and mercenaries has become warm after yesterday's battle.

"Originally I would like to find a place to eat, but looking at the situation, if we can't solve the problem here we can't eat. What do you think Fir?"

"Seems like that, let's get rid of the nearby magic beasts first, we'll leave now, head along the main road, see how many we can eliminate."

"Hey, we clearly just arrived at the city..."

"Resting here is somewhat a luxury huh... all right, let's go."

I took a look at the map just bought in the street.

"First, we will go east of the city to look for magic beasts."