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Chapter 11: Rise of the Magic Beasts 1 Blue Lake City Crisis

Witt Empire has both the largest number of water magicians, and the most bodies of water.

Certainly, I'm talking about fresh water, for now sea water is another issue.

Although I heard that on the ocean to the south there is another empire of water magicians, but they are allied with fish people who are hostile to those on land, as for the reason, I didn't find out and don't want to know.

This rippling and sparkling lake gives a relaxed and pleasant feeling though, when you look at the blue-green waters it feels as if the scene of the mutilated bodies last night has been swept away.

The feeling of nervous tension from killing off the boss, game companies used similar layouts.

For convenience though, the city in the lake doesn't need a boat, rather passing above on a bridge, it is a major landmark in the Witt Empire, they have the best bridge construction technology in the continent.

With the help of magical engines, the bridge can even move.

The bridge can rise, although, the immediate bridge extended 300 meters to the front, without the 7 engines working at once, the bridge cannot move.

"It's really impressive looking, I didn't think Lake City would be so spectacular."

Tusk lamented on the side as he drove the carriage forward, the horses looked weak though.

It's natural though, they ran for the night with the aid of our magic, that they can stand is a miracle.

Tusk has returned to normal though, otherwise we wouldn't know who in the city would receive the goods.

It's not the same as a general city, the first layer of wall appears to be a ring of metal material, it reflects the shimmering sunlight.

"What is that? Is the city made out of metal?"

"Ah, that!"

Tusk smiled

"I heard that to prevent rock erosion they installed a special layer, it can be changed if it corrodes, saving them the cost of maintaining the stone walls."

"So that's why..."

I looked behind where Purewhite and Oyado had fallen asleep, and then turning to Tusk.

"Can the delivery mission be considered completed? We arrived early, even skipping the transfer point."

Right, originally we were supposed to spend tonight at a rest point in the middle, coming to Blue Lake City tomorrow. But we were too fast, arriving a day ahead of schedule.

"Also, I'll report to the Mercenary Guild immediately."


Like that, our group entered Blue Lake City, the guard just glanced at our documents and let us go, there wasn't much vigilance.

Although the city wasn't very busy, shortly after we arrived, cavalry from the inner city rode out, and rushed out of the city.


"Something happened?"

Tusk asked worriedly.

"Something important seems to have happened, that cavalry was part of the Royal Guard."


I looked strangely at Tusk, then turned away.

"All right, we are here, the Mercenary Guild."

We stopped in the square in front of the Mercenary Guild, but...

It looks like no one is here, compared to the Mercenary Guild of the Ice Empire, it was empty.

"Hello, we came to report on our mission."

Tusk said to the counter.

"Oh, that's great, finally a team came back, you originally had... 25 people? This..."

The person responsible for reception looked at our information.

"You have only 6 people left?"

"Altogether... yes."

"You encountered a high level magical beast?"

"Yeah, a Hellspider Flower."

"What! You encountered the Hellspider Flower! You managed to escape!"

"No, we exterminated it."

I said quietly.

"Exterminated... you killed it?

"Well, I brought back its core."


The person who said this was Bai Yueguang, he took out a green ball from inside of his pocket.

So I got the equipment, and he got the core?

"Oh god! You really... I will promote you to the A rank! You were really great!"

"I already have an A rank..."

I said with a smile.

"Oh oh, that is the A+ rank! I'm sorry, I cannot give the S rank, I am just a S rank mercenary."

Wait, the receptionist is a S rank mercenary?

She is only level 48... no, that's right.

"Say... what about the rest... "

"This one..."

The other's face immediately became worried.

"They went... to exterminate the nearby magic beasts... but... they didn't come back."

Oh my god...

Is more troublesome than I thought, and after everything that happened?