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 Rise of Monsters 23 Strange Labyrinth

A will-o-wisp was floating in the air on one side, on the other side a ball of light is floating. With the two different colors of light rotating about the dilapidated room, the entire room was completely illuminated.

Naturally, we can't let these light sources come together. The two magic types...... while they don't completely repel each other, but the large amount of magic in the spheres are capable of triggering an explosion that's not a joke.

I've seen the explosions from water and fire magic colliding before and it's not funny. Granted it doesn't have the power of a bomb, but the effect of the power from the two elements on the human body is significant.

Of course, as a magician I can control it, so I don't worry about it.

But that's not the point, the key point is this dilapidated room, there is nothing here aside from a stone table and a broken chest.

That's right, there was nothing else, in other words this place didn't connect to an exit.

There is no way to get out except from the way we came in.

"It seems you have gotten a lot."

I said while staring at the broken chest on the floor.

"But wasn't the way you unlocked it was too direct? Perhaps something better would have come out if you didn't damage it."

"Exactly, that's basically blasphemy to my profession as a thief."

Nearby Aliyah looked at the wreckage and said with dissatisfaction, I had gotten the Rogue Main Quest line from her.

Facing Aliyah's words, Falan continued to smile.

"Is that so, there was glass artwork, but it wasn't something that I liked~"

Falan smiled and looked at the corner, I looked but only saw a pile of broken glass.

"Hey, that was worth money."


Aliyah and I exclaimed at the same time.

"Haha~ If you did some of the tasks the Momiji give out you might be able to get more."

Falan laughed and winked at me.

"Speaking of that...... there were a lot of missions in Skybreak City, how to say, I got to kill a bunch of bastards."

"Skybreak City......"

Falan closed her eyes and thought for a bit before showing recognition.

"So that's why, that's right, you were part of the student exchange with Skybreak City~"

"Maa~ I don't remember how many I killed, so let it go."

"Next time please record their identity...... Speaking of which, did you also get the task of exploring the ancient ruins?"

"There was such a mission? Not really, we came following a Giant Eagle, because it was probably related to [Snake's Eye]."

"Snake's Eye...... I see. I remember some time ago that the Momiji had updated a high-level mission that was related to [Snake's Eye]."

"Really? Can you tell me the details of the mission? Perhaps I can help."

I looked at Aliyah, she put up her hand showing indifference.

"Yup...... while your level is still very low, we haven't gotten any information about Snake's Eye, it would be great if you could give any."

"I don't think I will be able to finish in a short time, but in summary their technology and magical capabilities are a level above this world's, and they......are similar to me."

"Um, a bunch of crazy people?"

"Hey hey hey, the way you describe is too......"

"I thought you knew."

Looking at the grim smile on her face, I could only helplessly shake my head.

"They are at least beyond ordinary people."

"Haha, that much is true."

I spread out my hands.

"Well, we can talk about Snake's eye information later. What are we waiting around for?"

"Oh, yeah."

Falan pointed at the door we came in.

"I'm waiting for the time."


"That's right."

Falan was holding a watch in one hand, the time had just gotten to the 12th place.

At the same time the floor vibrated slightly and I quickly squatted to stabilize my body.

"What the hell!"

"It seems the temple can move on its own? It can change positions?"

Aliyah responded immediately.

"We are in a channel in a automatically changing maze?"

"Yes, it changes position once an hour. Last time I saw the treasure chest and didn't pay attention, I missed the time to leave and was trapped for an hour......Although I don't know how you did it, but it seems you've found more troublesome things."

"Yeah, this place doesn't just transform but also has a lot of restrictions. I can't fly for example."

"That's nothing, right?"

"No, there is also Illusions. In the beginning we thought there we were walking a long corridor, actually, we were probably on a sloping road until I noticed this. The entire channel automatically switched direction of gravity. It probably was aware that I had noticed the hidden slope and activated a defense mechanism."

When I said that, the vibrations stopped.

"It seems to be over, we can probably get a route out."

I stood up and quickly pushed open the stone door.

But when I saw the scene infront of me, I could only bitterly smile.

"You don't want to see this, it is impossible to survive."

"What do you see?"

Aliyah quickly walked over.

"Oh, oh my god, people would never believe this. Whoever designed this place decided to be crazy."

"What do you see?"

When Falan looked too, her smiling face distorted into a grimace.

"Oh my god, I count...... how many passages are there?"

"16......and probably more?"

That's right, there were dozens of passages infront of us, and every passage seemed endless.

"There is 22 total. Let's go down the 5th channel on the left.

Aliyah said while actually relaxed.


"Because only that passage is giving off the smell of carrion. Let's go."

I suddenly felt great admiration to Aliyah. This surely wasn't my imagination!