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Chapter 8: Illusionist Child

Although I have no idea what Princess Snow knows, seeing her expression when she said those words earlier, she should know quite a bit of information that we haven't been able to gather.

And, looking at her expression, the information seems to be kept under wraps as well. It might really be intel that can't be found on the network.

But... That's really weird. Even the Church has sent a part of their information in the terminal network, so why is the amount of information related to Illusions so little?

However, I believe that I will be able to get an answer soon enough. Because we have already arrived next to Princess Snow's personal airship - the[Ice Snow Princess].

I really wonder who came up with the idea. Why do you like to give names to your airships? Especially that painting of the word[NEET]which Dale pulled off. It looks just like an advertisement!

"Umm... this is considered to be a hidden secret in every Empire. So, even if Fir knows about it later, at the very most, I will simply tell you the method to defend against my illusion. As to the way of how the illusion technique works..."

"Un, for now, I don't have an interest in it. So don't worry."

"Then that's good. Also, although the person I'm introducing to you is around our age, she's one of the true experts in our Empire. So, please, be a little reserved."

"Alright, alright. I know. I'm not bored to anger someone that's capable of using Illusion techniques anyway. Won't I simply be seeking trouble if I do so?"

However, I still silently opened up the voice-sharing function. This way, everyone is able to hear all our conversations as well.

Following Princess Snow and Irlin from behind, we entered the airship. The decorations inside simply looked as though they were from a different grade. Various artistic pieces that were shining with brilliant gold, those paintings which looked extremely valuable, and those exquisite-looking Ice Magic crystal sculptures that were placed everywhere, it looked as though the decorations inside the airship were more expensive than the airship itself.

There were two female attendants in the airship. One was currently sweeping, while the other was currently sitting on the airship's control seat, tweaking with some things. Seeing us enter, the two attendants instantly bowed towards the princess.

"Is Yonar here?"

Princess Snow asked one of the female attendants.

"She's here. She has been in her room for an entire day, and she has yet to come out till today."

"Haah... She's like that again. If she continues like this, it will be bad for her body."

Princess Snow looked as though she was very worried.

Seeing this situation, I asked Irlin at the side, with a soft voice.

"Just how is this Yonar person like? Why do I feel that she's... very mysterious?"

"This... I didn't really meet her that many times either. Because, other than eating, she basically doesn't leave her own room."

Oh my god, then isn't she a hikikomori? There's actually someone like that in this world as well?

"Although I have heard that many incredible Magicians like to stay in their own territory and not come out at all... Ah, of course, I'm not referring to you, Fir. Because you're completely a counter-example among the Magicians."

"This... It doesn't sound like a compliment at all..."

Wow, so I'm still considered to be a low-leveled player, huh.

"Fir, don't mind about it. Because Fir is very strong physically, so there's no need for you to act like those Magicians who stay in their own rooms to research."

"Well, if you put it that way..."

"I can only use skills and spells, not create them myself. If I'm able to create them, then I will casually bring out some Ancient Magic spell from other games, and my battle power will definitely increase exponentially.

While I was having such crazy thoughts, Princess Snow had already climbed up to the second floor of the airship. After following after her, I coincidentally saw Princess Snow opening a door to a room and walked in.

"Yonar! Why aren't you eating your meals properly!"

Hey, hey, hey, what happened to the promised 'respect'!? How are you being respectful here!?

But, when I caught up, I indeed saw a few plates placed at the doorside. There were sandwiches, cakes, and tea. And they don't looked like they have been touched at all.

From the door, I looked towards the room, and I saw Princess Snow currently hugging a blanket roll... That's right, a blanket roll. Or should I say, she was hugging someone who was covered by a blanket. That person seemed to be holding something in her hands, and when I took a closer look, it was even connected to the mini-sized terminal at the side.

And on the screen, several blocks were dropping down.


The hell, you're playing Tetris!?

"Yonar! How can you play your games and forget about your meals again!"

"Ah~ Stop bothering me. I will eat when I'm hungry~"

A very tender voice could be heard. I was startled for a moment, and then, I saw a bunch of amethyst-colored hair coming out from the blanket.

Could it be...

Before I could finish my imagination, Princess Snow had already been pushed away by the person under the blanket. A young girl holding a simple handle with one of her hands then rolled out from under the blanket.

"... Eh? A guest?"

When Yonar saw us, she instantly flipped her body and crawled up from the ground, as she threw the handle to the side.

However, she completely did not mind the fact that she was merely wearing pink underwear. Though, that flat-chested figure didn't look that much different from a male's.

While Princess Snow at the side had reflexively put over a magic cloak over her body.

"Eh? What is it?"

"At the very least, Fir'a guy, so, can't you wear some proper clothes!?"

"What's there to be flustered about? You people are really too mindful about such meaningless things."

After saying that, she snapped her fingers, and a mist enveloped her body. Then, in the next instant, she turned into an adult figure similar to Ms. Mari's. What even more frightening was, her body was actually only being wrapped with a towel!

"Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing!?"

Princess Snow looked even more agitated than me. In an instant, she pushed me out of the room, and then, slammed the door shut.

I helplessly looked at Irlin at the side, and she gave me a bitter smile as well.

"As expected, among the incredible people, other than crazy perverts, there's hikikomori's as well, geez..."

"Well... Like I said, Fir, you shouldn't mind it."

"I don't mind at all, I'm simply curious."

And inside the room, they seemed to have settled the problem. The door opened with a swoosh, and a panting Princess Snow stood at the door, looking at us.


Princess Snow said while looking rather fatigued.

"You can enter now."

I shrugged, and then entered.