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Chapter 4: Plot and Invitation

"[Arcane - Divine Descent]!"

The moment those words fell, illusory forms of angels descended from the sky one after another. Surrounding Princess Anne, white light was released from their bodies, and they flowed onto Princess Anne's body. The open wound on Princess Anne's waist began to quickly close, and her HP slowly began to recover as well.

The illusory angels slowly dissipated, and Princess Anne opened her eyes as well.

"Princess, you're awake? That's really wonderful!"

The guard beside her said excitedly.

"Un? What happened earlier? Fir, why are you here?"

Princess Anne looked at us strangely, and then, she saw the bloodstains on her clothes around her waist area.

"Just now... Ah! Right, I was suddenly attacked by a black-clothed person, and then, he ran!"

"I'm really sorry, Princess. Earlier, this surbodinate had failed you. I completely did not notice that black-clothed man or whoever approaching you, and then, I don't know when he left either. I only noticed when Princess collapsed..."

Oh my god, you still have the face to say that? Then what's the use of you being a guard?

"Indeed, I never noticed that person either. That black shadow seemed to have appeared in front of me in an instant, and then, he disappeared immediately after his attack."

Princess Anne pondered for a moment, and then continued.

"Un... My vision seemed to have shaken for a moment before he appeared. Well, I don't really remember it that clearly."

"Is that so..."

Her vision shook for a moment? Even if you tell me that, I still have completely no idea what that thing is... Or could it be considered as a quest hint in disguise?

Unique Quest - Unlimited Illusory Shadows

Find the unknown assassin.

The moment I finished that thought, the quest immediately popped out. However, the information regarding this quest was completely different compared to the quests before.

The most important thing is...Why aren't there details of the quest objectives and quest rewards?

Are you trying to make me work for free?

However, this quest even carries such an epic-looking name, even though the quest itself doesn't look that ridiculous?


Ah, if you attacked someone else, I won't even care about it. However, since you dare to attack one of my friends, naturally, we have to settle this score. Even if there's no EXP or rewards, I will still have to take you down.

And, the name of this quest is really weird.

Illusory Shadows?

Could it be a Wind skill? After all, in Wind Magic, there are spells which can produce clones.

But why did he want to attack Princess Anne? Although Princess Anne is the princess of Witt Empire, according to my understanding of her, there shouldn't be anyone who has hostile intentions towards her.

Could it be that something had happened at Witt Empire? In a time like this... Could it be that the enemies in the Eastern Continent are thinking of attacking the important figures from the empires in the Western Continent in advance?

But I kind of feel that the Eastern Continent is in a big trouble itself. Although I can't deny that we have a part to play in that incident in Skybreak City. But without a triggering condition, even if we try to intervene, we won't be able to succeed in doing so.

For now, it's still best to not frustrate about these problems. What I need to do now is to investigate just what the hell happened here.

"Alright, in any case, the Academy War has ended. For a short period of time, there shouldn't be anything happening. I shall have the people of[Tea Party]investigate this, please be at ease."

"Un... Un, thank you."

"Oh right, take this, and apply it on your wound."

I took out a medicine bottle from my pocket, and handed it to her.

"Although I have used a healing spell, it's still possible to leave scars. So, if you don't wish to leave any scars when you get back home, just apply this medicine on your scar and it will be fine."

"Is that so, thanks."

Princess Anne smiled as she took the medicine bottle.

"There's actually such a mystical medicine? If it can be mass-produced, it will most probably sell for a good price, right?"

"Indeed, but we can talk about it again after a period of time. Also... I kind of feel that someone has already begun to sell it."

Although it's establishment was but a few weeks ago, according to the current situation, I believe that the services of[Bluemoon]Cooperation had already expanded to a very terrifying degree, right?

I just knew it by seeing that armor Merun was wearing. They have actually already sold quite a bit of them, right?

If they were to scout out someone that specializes in economics, then wouldn't it be completely insane?

Ah whatever. In any case, I don't specialize in that sort of thing.

"Alright, then I shall head back now. But I doubt the investigation will be completed in a short span of time."

"No rush, no rush. I think the one that should be anxious should be that assassin, right? He actually alarmed the academy's strongest[Azure White Wing]."


I looked at her weirdly.

"What's with that strange name?"

"It's your title, don't you know? Right now, the rumors of you saving people with your Light Magic in the Eastern Continent and eliminating the Necromancer in Mitchell Kingdom, have been going around. Right now, you're probably considered as one of the more famous people in the continent."

"Title... Are you referring to things like Merun's[Eraser]?"


"Is that so... Well... But just who came up with this name? I kind of feel it sounds like a..."

It sounds like a name for a gundam. I hope that it's just my imagination.

"Is it really strange? Probably because the people with titles you encountered are all very strange people. Don't mind it. In any case, on my side, I will have my Empire's intelligence unit gather intel. When the time comes, we can trade intel."

Seeing how Princess Anne said these words, it felt as though the one who was attacked was me instead of her... But I still nodded.

And at this moment, Yybril and George had rushed into the scene as well. After seeing Princess Anne who was completely fine, and then, looking at me, they revealed an 'I see' expression.

"Ah, I'm sorry, I stole your work."

"What do you mean! It's our mistake for not being able to rush here in time. Speaking of which... Were you the one who cast that[Divine Descent]earlier?"

Uncle George asked as he looked at me with an earnest look.

I sensed a bone-piercing chill. This guy can't be gay right?


Even my voice carried a questioning tone.

"It's really as they say! The younger generation will really surpass the older generation, huh! In this day and age, not many people are able to use such a spell at your age! Kid, do you want to be youngest Saint Disciple?"

Oh my god, is this guy planning to spend his life savings to recruit me?