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 Rise of Monsters 21 Temple

"This temple gives me the feeling of an ancient Mayan Temple."

Keeping a constant watch on the ancient building, Aliyah whispered to herself.

"Perhaps there were Mayans that passed through."

"You aren't saying the people from ancient times or the Black Gold age were from our world?"

"I feel that our world is a higher dimension than this one, crossing back is probably impossible?"

"Well......who knows."

Just when we had been chatting for a bit, the Giant Eagle folded its wings to its sides, and quickly dived into a sunroof like hole in the temple.

"Keh, this is really troublesome. Hang on, we are going there."

"Hey hey hey, are you a roller coaster?"

"What's wrong? I am ready......Ah ahh ahhh!"

I was just about to say that I am ready to drop down, but I only slightly dropped a little, when the feeling of controlling the wings suddenly disappeared, followed by a feeling of weightlessness!

That's right, the sense of weightless that comes from jumping from an airplane. Like Aliyah said, we are experiencing the same feeling of speed as a roller coaster.

But this wasn't intentional, I had simply approached the temple, when the state [Flight Restriction] appeared next to my name.

That's right, in this place like the dungeon from before, my ability to fly was directly limited. It seems that this temple is indeed not normal, because in this place I was put under rules that restricted my abilities.

"Don't move, hold on!"

I quickly summoned the ice board. A tornado running a maximum speed appeared under the ice board, I can even see the green storm bombarding the floor with the air pressure!

But we are falling too fast, plus the ice board had been summoned so suddenly, the wind output wasn't not perpendicular to the floor. While our speed was reduced, but we still rushed past the Giant Eagle into the hole in the roof and crashed onto the floor below.

However when I fell I rotated by body a bit letting me hit the floor first and Aliyah landed on my body.

My hp became less than half with a snap, I don't know if the hp loss was from the fall or Aliyah landing on me.

Or both of them combined.

"It hurts......Isn't the way you land too strange?"

"It's clearly not my fault......you didn't see this region has[Flight Restriction]?

"I saw that, why do you think I am talking to you and not putting a sword in you?"


This person is really violent.

"Well, I really should thank you for your great kindness."

"Thank me, I am a reasonable person.

"Yeah yeah, can I ask you to get off of me? You're very heavy"

"Say anymore and you will die!"

Raising her voice, Aliyah pulled out her magic chainsaw.

Watching the chainsaw swing I raised my voice. I quickly started shaking my head.

"Ok ok ok, could you please get off of me? Aren't we going to build up experience? Also this looks like ruins, perhaps there are a lot of treasures we can plunder."

"Hmph! Look for the monster."

Aliyah flipped backwards onto the floor, then took out something that looked like a flashlight.

Turn after turn, that flashlight thing is actually really similar to a standard one.

"Hey hey hey, where did you buy that flashlight?"

I painfully got up from the ground, at the same time adding my own magic.

"This thing? Currently they are sold by the Church. I took one apart, their actual design is very simple. The front end has a light magic crystal, in the back end there is a magic extraction device, the middle has a circuit for the light magic flash, then every 30 seconds touch the back end of the device to keep it lit."

"......Un, next time we meet Dale lets have him use electric power to make one. This is simply a waste of a light crystal."

"I guess so."

"But look at its design. The person who designed this should have also come from our world, that means there are people from our world inside the church? Hopefully they aren't people sent by Snake Eyes. We already have more than enough trouble."


Aliyah's flashlight swept in a circle around the area, based on what we saw, the temple's interior is made from stone, there wasn't any light sources aside from the passage above, there wasn't even a lamp.

The straight passage went to the sides. The passages were lit up with the flashlight, but we couldn't entirely see the end.

"It seems that this is a strange place."

While Aliyah talked she took another flashlight and gave it to me.

"Thanks, what should we do next? Flip this place upside down?"

"That's of course, otherwise I clearly wouldn't have come?"

"Which way should we go? I didn't see which way the Giant Eagle went."

The passages on both sides were spacious, the size of the passages were probably five square meters.

The Giant Eagle from a moment ago wouldn't be able to fly and would need to directly walk in the passage. However, I couldn't see where it went.


Aliyah sniffed the air, then said.

"This temple seems to have been opened to the air for a long time. Last time I went to an ancient temple the inside smelled strongly of mildew, but that basically isn't the case in this temple......by the way, that Giant Eagle went this way."

Pointing to the left passage, Aliyah started to go that way.

"If you changed into a wolf wouldn't your sense of smell become stronger?"

I quickly followed.

"The difference isn't that great, it's both a good and bad thing. Now a small noise will cause me to wake instantly, I simply can't get a good rest."

"That......is indeed an issue."

I touched the stone wall as we walked.

The stone walls gave an icy air, it appeared as if they were some sort of cold metal. But they clearly didn't feel like metal to touch.

I struck the walls as hard as I could, though the stone wall gave out a dull sound, however there wasn't any sign of damage. I increased the strength, punching down hard. The wall surprisingly wasn't broken, instead an indestructible notification appeared on the wall.

"Aliyah, you see this thing?"

I pointed at the wall where the word indestructible was displayed and asked Aliyah.


Aliyah turned to look at the walls, shining the flashlight on it.

"......There's nothing, what do you see?"

"In my vision, it says the wall is indestructible."


Aliyah went skeptically over to the wall, with a twist of her waist she stabbed her dagger into the wall.

"Eh? It really is! Has this place's rules surprisingly reached such a high level?"


No no no, keep thinking. The walls are unable to be destroyed, this isn't similar to conditions in the games we played?

The walls are indestructible. Can't to start the plot if you are unable to unlock a door. An obviously lenient prison cell that you can't escape, and so on.

Since coming to this world, although a lot of things are similar a RPG setting, but we can do things like destroying walls.

And if we think back from that......

"Maybe......it's not that the rules here are too strong, we can't destroy the walls."

I said to Aliyah.

"Perhaps...... the god of this place is too strong and our terminal is unable to interfere, so we can't destroy the walls of the temple."


"Yeah, generally isn't there gods in this world? Why haven't we seen a shadow of a god until now?"

"......They went on a vacation?"

"I actually think......"

I thought, and with a laugh said.

"They might not have woken up yet."