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Chapter 30: I Don't Want Credit, Just Give me the Goods

Even if we were surrounded by ice walls, we were still having a hard time inside.

But, other than Ms. Mari who could reinforce with new ice walls, none of us at the center could use defensive magic spells which produce physical barriers. Hence, we could try our best to keep ourselves together, and then, constantly use defensive buffs to resist.

After about a minute, the trembling finally stopped.

All of us looked at each other. After waiting for about half a minute, we were finally able to feel at ease, and released the defensive magic spells.

Everything outside had already turned into ruins. Not just the Divinesaint Lighthouse, the entire Mitchell Kingdom had gone into history, to the point where, we were unable to distinguish what kind of buildings should be located here and there.

"Great Saint! They're over there!"

From afar, a soldier wearing white armor shouted loudly. After looking closely at his titles, I realized he was actually someone who belonged to the Church's[Light Elemental Knight Squad].

The rescue squad which we called for earlier has finally arrived? This is a little too late, isn't it? We have already completely topped the enemy's base here.

"Saint? It's actually not someone from the Judgment Department? Did something happen within the Church?"

Yybril at the side, began to mutter to herself.

"What's wrong, Yybril?"

"Ah, it's nothing much. It's just that, usually, when such a serious case appears, the[Divinesaint Judgment Department]will lead the[Light Elemental Knight Squad]to lay a siege. While[Saints], who belonged to the[Sanctuary], are usually executives who act alone. Very rarely will they appear in person, unless... it's that person."

Hearing my query, Yybril turned to explain to me.

"That person?"

"Un, you should have seen him before as well. Uncle Baer, a nonsensical person who is a resident of a broken-down church near Gray Magical Academy."

"Yo, you actually call me a nonsensical person. I'm so upset now."

Unclear of when it happened, he had already appeared at the wreckage in front of us, and then, he slowly walked over to us.

I say, what's with your stage appearance? Your name and titles clearly came charging here from far away, did you think I wouldn't notice? Did you think that if you're not panting, I wouldn't know that you ran all the way over here?

"I'm merely a part-time priest at that church, because there hasn't been anyone there for a long time, after all."

"Tch, clearly, the moment that position was opened, you did not wait to snatch it for yourself. Then, you kept insisting that you wanted to stay there and not leave."

"That's obviously not the case, I'm simply trying to do my best..."

"Alright, alright. I don't want to know about the problems within your Church, but the both of you, stop arguing."

I hurriedly interrupted the conversation between Yybril and this white-bearded old man, then, I looked towards George.

"Mr. George Baer, long time no see."

"Un, around half a year, I guess?"

George said with a smile as he stroked his white beard. Then, he patted on his white robe which was filled with creases.

"How is it? Have you not considered it yet? You're already someone who can spread open his Angel's Wing. Once you join the Church, I will definitely recommend you for the position of [Saint Disciple], how about it?"

"Although I don't know what's that, it sounds very low-class, so, forget it."

"What!? Low-class!? Although it's the lowest position in the[Sanctuary], you will be paid the wage of a captain of[Light Elemental Knight Squad], and you will possess the authority of a commander of the[Judgment Department] as well. It's a position which many people can only dream of getting... Wait a minute, could it be that Yybril has never told you about the matters regarding our Church?"

After saying that, he looked at Yybril with a helpless expression, while Yybril simply turned her head, shifting her line of sight.

"I told her not to talk about it. In any case, I'm not really interested."

"Aaaaah, what a pity! Why!? As long as you continue to study Light Magic well, you will definitely be a new star in the future!"

"Alright, alright, stop advertising already, for now, deal with the situation at hand. Look, that Necromancer had already been completely eliminated by us. Isn't the Church going to reward us?"

As I said that, I stretched out three fingers and waved them about.


George bitterly smiled.

"That's of course, that's of course. I will definitely help you people explain to the Pope..."

"No, no, no. That's too troublesome."

After seeing that the number of people of the Knight Squad had increased, I continued.

"Look, just give us the rewards in private, for example, things like gold, treasures, or maybe secret magic records, and then, you people will be able to claim the credit for the incident this time. How about it? In any case, the ones writing the report will be you people, right?"

In any case, World-chan will naturally give us the credit for this incident, so as to how they wish to report this incident, it will be up to them to decide.

Also, the credit will be on them, along with the accountability of losses, and they will be in-charged of the repairs as well.

Seeing that a few of the eyes of the knights in the surroundings had been moved a little, I said with a soft voice.

"If you people claim such a huge credit, I bet promotions and wage increases will be matters that are set in stone."

"Great Saint! This is a great idea!"

"That's right. Just promise them. They were the ones who suggested it, after all. So there shouldn't be a problem."

This time, all of the surrounding members of the Knight Squad had their spirits raised. You can't disagree to it now, right?

George looked at me with a bitter smile.

"Alright, alright. I will consider this matter. And this place has already turned out like this, there's no way to solve this problem in just a short time..."

"Don't worry, we're not in a rush anyway."

While just as we finished talking, a few members of the Knight Squad ran over.

"Reporting to the Great Saint, in an abandoned building at the outskirts of the city, we captured someone whose body carries the aura of an undead!"

As expected, behind them, there was a group of men and horses, bringing an unkempt man over.

And this person was even someone we're familiar with!

"Ara, isn't this your majesty, Silesveir Mitchell? What is it? You wanted to experience the life of your citizens, so you decided to become a beggar?"

With quick steps, I charged right in front of him, and held him up!

"Didn't you want to conquer the world!? Look at you, forget about conquering the world, you even abandoned the entire Mitchell Kingdom, haven't you!?"

"So you were the one causing trouble? I say, according to Henry's intel, that two trashes of mine would have taken at least another few weeks before they decide to act. So they changed their plans after your appearance!? Hahaha!"


"Great! Great! Great! No matter which country you come from, don't forget, you were the one who destroyed Mitchell Kingdom!"


"Why are you laughing!?"

"I'm laughing at how you basically know nothing at all!"

I bitterly held my face, and then, restored my former hair color and eye color. At the same time, fixed the small characteristic of westerners which I added in before.


After I released my hand, the King looked at my face for a good few moments, and then, his expression turned pale.

"You... Why... Didn't you die in the ruins..."

"That's right, but, I came back!"

"I see... It's because of Irlin, isn't it? It was actually because of a woman...My great ambition was destroyed because of a single woman! Hahahaha! Heavens, why must you do this to me!?"

"Hmph, the moment you dared to lay your hands on my friend, you no longer have any future!"

I threw him strongly onto the ground, and then, I stepped right on his thigh.


The sound of bones cracking could be heard, and then, following after, was his painful scream.

"Aaaaaah! Ahahahaha... Kill me! I lost! I lost everything! Kill me then!"

"George, can I deal with this guy by myself?"

"Un. Seems like the problem between the two of you is really complicated, huh. Look, I can't write a good report with him still lying around here with us, so I hand him to you then."

"Thank you."

And then, I continued to stare at the screaming King.

"Look, if I were to kill you immediately, how am I going to help you daughter re-establish the Mitchell Kingdom in the future? Although she really wants to kill you as well, I think it's not really good for the future if it goes down like that. Also, it's a little too boring to simply kill you just like that. So, I made a very interesting decision."


The King was already in a spasm, and was completely in a state where he could barely say anything clearly.

"Just wait and you will see..."

I smiled, and then, grabbed the little toad."

"Throw and lock him in the Dungeon of Death!"

"Oh, master, as I thought, you're a bad person!"

"Enough with the chit-chat!"

I glared at the little toad, and then, looked towards the King.

"Alright then, farewell~"

Right after, with a flash of light, the King's figure flashed into the disc that was in the little toad's hands.

The surroundings were quiet for a few good moments, and then, George spoke up.

"Seems like you have encountered quite a good number of things recently. Alright, leave the rest to us, you and your companions can go ahead and have a good rest. The nearest city is most probably..."

"Don't worry."

I pointed to the airship far away.

"We naturally have a place to rest."

"What? That airship actually belongs to you people? This... This feels even more advanced than the[Warship of Light]our[Sanctuary]possesses!"


I shrugged.

"Because we have a lot of money."

And at this moment, the battle results appeared.

Battle Concluded

Eliminated: Necromancer Henry

EXP Rewarded: 10,000

Title Unlocked: [Judge]

[Judge]: Mark unique enemies with the Judgment Imprint,[Heresy]. User and party members are unable to harm unmarked enemies. User and party members are able to deal 120% damage to marked enemies. (Note: Ineffective towards[Neutral]and[Kind])

Conquered: Lighthouse of the Divinesaint Empire

Ability Unlocked:

Secret Skill: Lighthouse of the Divinesaint Empire

Summon the ancient empire's lighthouse to attack. The lighthouse has a height of 10m.

With the lighthouse as the center, HP and MP will be restored over time in a radius of 15m. (Including the air)

The lighthouse fires off a fan-shaped wide-range Divine Light for a continuous 5 seconds to the front.

When skill is activated in the state of Max MP, the lighthouse can be maintained for 1 minute.

Divine Light Cooldown: 50s.


After looking at the results, I could not calm down for a long time.

Should I smash the Dungeon of Death and turn it into a skill as well?