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 Rise of Monsters 20 Chase

"You guys should let me join in the kills!"

When I was putting the body of the magic beast into my ring, Aliyah's distant roar came in. When I spun around, Aliyah's wolf form shot up the clock tower and rushed to the edge. With flames rushing from her feet, her body turned into a flaming wolf and slashed towards the other eagle!

But it looks like she has bad luck. Seeing its companions were killed, the Giant Eagle had already began to turn before Aliyah had jumped off the tower, as if to flee.

Aliyah couldn't pivot while in mid air. Watching the Giant Eagle escape, she ground her teeth. Swinging her hands, her burning wolf form suddenly rushed away from her body. Although I don't know its principle, it seemed to be alive and bit directly on one of the Giant Eagle's wings.

Swirling flames burst over the Eagle's wings and its hp decreased by 20%, the[Burning Wounds]effect appeared as well.

But that magic beast didn't stay still and began to flee into the distance.。

I drank another potion to slowly restore my MP, jumping into the air, the ice board appeared beneath my feet.

After using the ice board a few times my skill with it has increased, accelerating, I rush into the air and pursue the fleeing Giant Eagle.

Of course, I took the time to rush over and catch Aliyah.

"I have to say, if you fall at this height you might die or be partially disabled."

"Hmph, I didn't ask you to catch me. Seriously!"

Aliyah said as she broke from my grasp, however, she consciously stood behind me on the ice board. I smiled, behind me the ice board elongated a little bit so that Aliyah wouldn't easily fall.


Aliyah had noticed the board had extended but just grunted.

It seemed Aliyah didn't want to hold onto me, but when she tried to take her hands away she almost fell off, so she quickly hugged onto me from behind.

"Don't take this the wrong way! I was forced to hold onto you!"

"Yeah yeah yeah......"

I can only helplessly shake my head, your small body won't be blown back, don't you understand that?

"Hold on, that guy is fast."

I said and added another storm under the board to accelerate, the two of us were covered in a green light and rushed towards the Giant Eagle.

"Tch, this guy is really fast."

Aliyah said uncomfortably and began to pout. I laughed and said,

"This is nothing, we are following a wind type magic beast, it's speed bonus is much higher than ours."

"That too, but it's a Giant Sandstorm Eagle. A group of 30 mercenaries tracked one and fought it for a day before killing it."

"Is that right?"

"Who else aside from you would think of using such a strange way to attack? First you want to track it, find the right terrain, and prepare for the attack. I am a melee attacker, so I can't put up a strong attack."

"Un, your commander is also a knight, it seems your long range attack power is really lacking."

"Nothing can be done about this. These people all choose their profession based on their income so their strength is uneven. Aside from those I personally picked out my[Red Wolf Squad]an effective fighting force can be organized. When others look they basically go for appearances and don't distinguish mercenaries any other way."

"Red Wolf Squad? That's quite a name."

"By the way, of the 30 people in the squad 20 of them were people who had escaped from the academy. While mostly magicians, there are some warriors."

"What? Why would they become mercenaries?"

"It seems some of the civilians used up all of their money to study at the school, they weren't able to finish their studies there and were unable to find a job working for a nation, so they ran off to become mercenaries. We were in the forest north of the Grey Magical Academy and found them there about a week ago."

"That's after the college was destroyed."

I nodded.

"Fine by me, I'm now a member of your mercenary band, so what comes next shouldn't be too hard for you guys."

"Well, we don't always go big every time, otherwise they won't be able to train, and we'll end up taking on too much later on"

"You've already turned them into part of your fighting force......forget it, we'll talk about it later."

I looked at the Giant Eagle in the front.

"First we need to stop this guy,"

"I think you can keep following it as it runs."

Aliyah laughed.

"Maybe we can find their base or something."

"Speaking of that......"

I suddenly thought about it and quickly shared a quest with Aliyah.


Aliyah tapped the air a few times and her eyes lit up.

"I see, the Broken Jade plan. I've heard of this [Snake Eyes]. I don't know what happened, but it seems it has effected the rulers of every country...... speaking of that, although our commander seems a passive member of her family, but she is more popular than her dad. While she doesn't have have a good reputation among the aristocracy, but the people in her home understand the commander's troubles, so she was able to get a lot of information through her family."

"That's very good, it just happens that, it's another quest I can share with you."

"......This quest, it isn't something that's easy to do."

Aliyah smiled bitterly.

"You want to kill the commander's father?"

I don't intend to do that, I just hope that with Durst and your commander's influence I can make James step down from the position of Duke."

"Maa, anyways this isn't something I am good at. You should go about this slowly."

"That's good, there's no time limit anyways, I can take it slowly."

I took a look around, it seems no one is coming, and the Giant Eagle is showing no sign of stopping.

After thinking about it for a while, I quickly picked Aliyah up, and canceled the ice board.

"What are you doing!"

Aliyah shouted with a red face while she struggled.

I spread my wings, and continued to fly after the Giant Eagle.

"I'm running out of mana, naturally I can fly slightly faster.

"Yes that's true......"

Aliyah turned her blushing face to the side and started to ignore me.

I sighed, applied acceleration to my body, and continued to chase.

Originally there had been prairies and woods scattered along the way, but after half an hour of following I was unable to see the edge of the forest.

Could it be that we have already arrived in the great forest of the Elves? But I have the feeling we didn't pass through the Rupture Mountain Range?

Could it be that the forest expanded?

Snake Eyes has the technology to turn farmland into forests? You guys really don't want to be that public?

"Eh? Fir, the Giant Eagle has began to go down."

Hearing Aliyah, I look carefully, sure enough the Giant Eagle is going down, it was heading to a temple like place in the forest.

"The seems really weird......"

I said, slowing down and following in.

--------The return of the dividing line--------

Half an hour ago in Blue Lake City

Watching Fir and Aliyah's figures disappear into the sky, Oyado quietly sighed and stretched with her arms crossed behind her head.

"Eh~ Big brother went off on his own to play without Oyado, but he brought Aliyah. Is that troublesomegirl really so good?"

"I just think master didn't want to take you so you wouldn't be injured."

Purewhite said, smiling on the side.

"Oyado can deal with such a trivial matter......Really Big Brother. Say, Why didn't you go with Big Brother? Didn't you also want to protect Big Brother?"

"Because master had told me before, that if he leaves your side, I am responsible for your safety."

"Eh......Big Brother is an idiot."

"You don't have to care, that's just the way he is."

Bai Yueguang and Hei Luoli came over next.

"He probably went to find the enemy's stronghold, we also shouldn't be idle. We still have a job to do after all."

"Ah, do you really want to go help Durst?"


"Big Brother told me, but didn't give any details.

Oyado had an indifferent expression

"Yep, so we should go visit the commander of the Wild Red Rose."

Bai Yueguang looked while looking at his terminal he said on the side.

"Their family matters is something they should solve."