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Chapter 12: Pitiful Mitchell Kingdom

Although I can't really say that I'm able to do them perfectly when it comes to other things, but, something like raiding a house, I think that I'm able to do it really proficiently.

Firstly, it's a very basic skill for every RPG player, and adding that I have already emptied out a couple of places with Aliyah, raiding a place like this isn't really that hard to me.

Leaving Henry, who seemed to be doing experiments upstairs, alone, I first plundered all of the Necromancy spell books, then, I began to put all of the tools in the magic tower into my ring one by one.

Although I don't what they were, since I managed to see them, I would really feel sorry for myself if I don't take them all.

In less than three minutes, the entire magic tower, excluding those things that are embedded in the walls and could not budge, the rest of the items had already been completely packed into my ring.

That's about it, I guess. It's best to not move everything away, otherwise, he will definitely go crazy, right?

Although that's the case, I could no longer see anything valuable that was left in this room.

And just at this moment, I received a message from Dale as well.

'Yo, this city has actually yet to be destroyed by you. This is really a miracle. And here I thought that after taking our time to casually get here, we could see Mitchell Kingdom in complete ruins. I didn't expect nothing to happen... According to my understanding about you, I believe that something even more dangerous is happening right now, right?'

'To actually be able to receive your message here, in other words, you guys have arrived, right?'

I used [Shadow Sneak] to quickly flash out of the magic tower, and then, returned to my own hotel room, and replied.

'Everyone has been sent out because of you, you know. Of course, it's to save our companion, Irlin, as well. How's the situation?'

'Irlin is currently kept at the tower at the western side of the castle. I have already given her a weapon to protect herself, so for now, she's not in danger. Alright, let's find a place to meet up then. We can discuss the next step of our plan there as well.'

'Plan? Just what are you still plotting at when it's a level 15 area?'

'Hey, hey, hey. I kind of feel that you're misunderstanding something. Firstly, I'm a honorable and upright man. I will never do such a lowly violent act of setting a city ablaze. I have always been someone who works with reasons. And, who was it that determined that a LV 15 area doesn't have a quest that can be completed? Don't you know that some areas are separated into Easy, Hard, Extremely Hard, and Abyss difficulty modes? ... Hey? Are you listening?'

Before I even finished, I could no longer hear a voice at the other side of the call.

Only after a minute, did he finally speak up.

'Alright, I have been defeated by you. Give us a location for us to head to.'

'Then... the entrance of the Mercenary Guild.'

- Henry: Oh my god! My collection! Fir: Do you want your money, your life, or your collection? -

Before I reached the entrance of the Mercenary Guild, I had already turned into a magician wearing a blue magician robe.

Although those people who were monitoring me have yet to wake up, if anyone else were to see me leave any traces behind, it might caused the King to recall something. Hence, after meeting up with them, we entered a teahouse at the side, and found a private room. Finally, I did not forget to cast a sound isolation spell. This way, there's indeed no leaks that could happen.

"Just what the hell are you planning? You're making it all secretive and mysterious."

The moment we sat down, Dale instantly asked.

"Obviously, revenge. Back then, he caused us to suffer so miserably. How can we not teach this King a lesson?"

"I didn't expect that Fir, who is usually calm, would actually seek vengeance as well. I'm really curious as to how that person really is."

Tai Shixi at the side said with a light laugh.

Looking at her expression, I helplessly smiled.

"After all, he's the master of a country. Even if our strength is much higher than theirs, we still have to act carefully."

Hearing my words, everyone in the group instantly could not settle down. Especially those few who were inhabitants of this world. Although the reactions on Hei Luoli's and Oyado's faces were not that serious, Lois evidently became a little scared.

"Lois, if you think the pressure is too big for you to handle, you can drop out, you know. We won't mind at all."

"I... Umm... It's fine. In any case, you guys are really calm about it, so I will trust in you people."

"Really? Since you're willing... But, speaking of which, just what's the use of you following us all the time?"

"Of course, it's to have all the girls understand the true essence of yuri!"

Hey, hey ,hey! Just what the hell did she tell everyone while I'm not here!? So, you will not feel shy and bashful only in times like this when you bring details like that up!? Are you really a mercenary!? The reason why you joined us is so that you can kidnap away all the girls in our group!?

"Don't worry, big brother!"

Oyado slapped on her chest and said.

"I will definitely always follow big brother."

"Un, master is definitely right!"

Only my sister and Purewhite will unhesitantly say these kinds of words... Wu... I really too moved!

"Alright, since everyone is so supportive of me, then, let's make this ruckus even more interesting. I suddenly thought of a new scenario~"

"A new scenario? What was your initial scenario? Setting the city ablaze?"

Bai Yueguang who was at the side, retorted.

Naturally, I nodded.

"My original plan huh, is to support the Prince and Princess in exterminating the King, and then, take away the things inside the ruins."

"Oh, so you're actually such a kind person? The Princess and the Prince, is that right? Could those two actually be in a forbidden sibling love relationship?"

This time, it's actually Hei Luoli who retorted! Bai Yueguang, look at what you have thought to an inhabitant of this world!

Ignoring Bai Yueguang's innocent expression, I continued.

"I have yet to meet the Prince, and I'm making preparations to get an opportunity to make contact with that guy, so as to know what kind of person he really is. Furthermore, I only said I'm going to assist them in exterminating the King, and steal the things inside the ruins. I didn't say I will help them with anything else."


Everyone became silent, and then, they looked at me with terrified expressions.

"You're trying to start an internal conflict?"

"Haha, what are you guys thinking about?"

I smiled.

"I simply wish to have their government sink into chaos, their decision to fight among themselves is out of my control. However, seeing that all of you have arrived, I suddenly thought of a new scenario. Before that, I wish to have a chat with the Prince."

"Prince Deli, huh..."

Dale suddenly sank into deep thoughts.

"I know where he is."

"Hah? You know?"

"Of course."

Dale pushed up his glasses.

"Back then, I'm a teacher of the Magic Academy of Mitchell Kingdom. I have even taught the Prince then."


All of us went silent again.

"What... Is there something wrong!?"

"A Prince of the country was actually taught by Dale... Gone. His future has been destroyed."

Hei Luoli at the side, sighed.

"That's right. Let's just turn him into history then, before he brings harm to the world."

"Hey, hey, hey. You guys seem to be a little too much!"

Dale could not help but refute.

"Alright, Dale. Bring me to the Prince, then. This way, the scenario will be complete."