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 Rise of Monsters 19 Double Sanctions

We managed to kill one of the monsters, but the battle left me feeling exhausted.

While I'm controlling the board it was difficult to attack that monster, but that wasn't even the worst part. Skin that thick really is a nightmare. It's hard to freeze the bones and muscles so that it comes under a frozen effect.

This time, if it weren't for Oyado making those cuts in the skin, I wouldn't have been able to get the bombs in. If they were detonated next to it, the monster would have just been bruised, they really needed to be inside of its body to kill it.

Of course, I have skills that can throw hidden weapons into an enemy's body, but if I can't break through its defense, it obviously won't work.

And now......what is more troubling is that I've run out of bombs.

It seems that I need to face the next battle head on.

"Oyado, your daggers broke?"

Remembering the fight, I looked at Oyado.

She shook her head, reaching out, two new daggers appeared in her hands.

"Don't worry, as a skilled assassin I have plenty of spare weapons!"

"It seems you are well prepared~"

"Yeah! In order to protect big brother I prepared for everything!"

Oyado replied with confidence.

I patted her head, then put a dagger on the body of the dead dragon.

"This is an ancient weapon, it should be easier to use......and this."

Watching Oyado look over dagger, I put the sleeved dagger in her hands.

"This is[Harbinger of the End's Sleeved Dagger], a excellent assassin weapon, I think it will be more useful to you."

"But big brother, I think you've used this weapon frequently."

"It's not my best weapon, so I don't use it that well. I should focus on becoming more proficient with these."

I smile and pointed at the Magic Guide Book at my waist.

"My origin is a magician after all, I use a greatsword and a long sword as well, so I'll give up on the sleeved dagger."

"Then I'll gratefully accept~"

Oyado smiled while taking the sleeved dagger and equipped it.

"Could you tell me what weapons you are good with, Purewhite? I'll help you look."

"This......master do not worry about me, I can use spiritual power to make weapons."

"But having an actual weapon could save strength?

"......That's true, then if possible, I would like a hand crossbow."

"A crossbow?

"Well, mechanical weapons better suit me."

"Okay, I'll help you look for one."

I looked to the sky, the two monsters were still circling. This is truly frustrating. If you have the ability to fly, then you have the ability to come down!

But Hei Luoli was continuously firing arrows towards the sky and harassing a Giant Sandstorm Eagle. And when it dived, Bai Yueguang would be there to push it back with his sword. After all, in front of that sharp blade the Giant Sandstorm Eagles can tell that that they can't escape without consequences.

Naturally, in addition to Hei Luoli, there are many mercenaries and soldiers on the ground constantly firing at the Giant Eagles, and the non-combatants are hiding inside their homes to avoid accidental injury.

After all, several arrows have struck the ground near me and embedded deeply in the wall. Although, I feel that these arrows shouldn't be able to hurt me, but they would hurt if they hit me.

At the same time, a variety of colorful spells were being fired into the sky like fireworks, all kinds of magic exploded in the air, it feels like a celebration.

"Don't loose to those mercenaries, fire! Target the monsters! Imperial magicians, cooperate and form a rotation!"

The sound of the captain's voice was transmitted from the city walls, that guy is firm compared to when he hesitated against the Explosive Monster, it could possibly be considered progress.

Yeah, let's end this fight quickly. Otherwise I don't know when I will be able to rest.

The sun is setting, there will be less advantage for us to fight in the evening, after all our archers' night vision might not be able to target the Eagles well. The Eagles would suppress them instead.

There is no helping it, let's take them out of the skies.

"Bai Yueguang, try to restrain them when they come down, I'll find a way to slow them down."


"Watch mine!"

Hei Luoli pulled her bow, a black and white arrow appeared on the her bow and instantly shot out!

The arrow flashed through the wing of the Giant Eagle, its body twisted in the air and we could see that blood shot into the air from a spot.

The Giant Eagle roared in anger, it seems to have become totally enraged, it dived swiftly towards Hei Luoli.

A green halo appeared around its body, but I couldn't read its skills.

Even if it called out the skill name I wouldn't understand it, after all.

However, since you've come down you shouldn't go back up!

"Arcane · Tremor!"

Before Hei Louli could be attacked, Bai Yueguang appeared in front of her, rushing forward, he struck the Eagle in the stomach with the hilt of his blade.

While it didn't cause any damage, its body flew back 5 meters.

Magic from my hands followed, in a flash of blue light, the eagle's body was frozen.

"Arcane · Eternity of Frozen Grief."

When the magic hit, I stretched out my hand, and a red cross appeared in it.

"Super Arcane · Punishment · Tearing Cross!"

"Super Arcane · Punishment · Judgment Cross!"

In my hand is a red cross, and Oyado beside me was holding two red daggers.

"Combination Dual · Punishment Cross Cut!"

Oyado and I rushed the ice at the same time, leaving a red "" in the front and a red "X" in the back,

Double Kill!