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Chapter 7: All of Us Are Weird People

PoV: Tai Shixi


So troublesome...

This Fir, the guy that doesn't idle around at all, really gets on my nerves, huh...

Sitting in the airship, while playing a game of Gomoku by myself, I could not help but think of this in my heart.


Speaking of which, currently, is it the white piece's turn, or is it the black piece's? After thinking for so long, I have forgotten about it.

It's definitely that Fir's fault.

Why do we have to fly here and there just to do a quest? Clearly, Skybreak City can be considered as a relatively good mob grinding area.


Actually, I'm just more concerned if there's really a God in that abyss under the Skybreak Academy. I might even be able to obtain some kind of secret martial arts scroll.

Although I might not be able to train in them now, after a period of time, I might be able to do it.

When the time comes, I will definitely be able to experience the thrill of carrying everyone!


Unfortunately, everyone's battle abilities right now are very terrifying. Even though in the beginning, their levels were not as high as mine, now, any one or two of them could defeat bosses as though they were cutting vegetables for dinner. They're simply too frightening, I absolutely can't interact with them at all.

Haah, if only I'm able to trigger some sort of questline, in that case, I will definitely be able to surpass them.


So in the end, is it the white piece, or the black piece?

Ah forget it, let's start a new round.

And just when I had just begun to collect the pieces, suddenly, I saw a weird phenomenon.

And that is, the name of a person I have never seen before was slowing moving forward below me.

I recall that... this should be lowest level of the airship, and below me should be outside the airship.

Could it be that there's someone crawling underneath our airship?

That's impossible. This airship is flying at a high speed of 800 kilometers per hour. If someone's hanging outside, that person will definitely die.

But just when I was thinking as such, the HP of that person underneath me decreased by a little, before slowly refilling itself.



[Evil] [Cold] [Cold-blooded] [One-Hit Kill] [Special Jounin] [Inheritor of the Dragon Sword]

A ninja is hanging below our airship?

Are you kidding me?

Looking at Aliyah and the rest who were still fighting and arguing among each other in the airship, I pondered for a moment.

Could it be that this is some sort of an unique quest?

Has my opportunity finally come?

Calm down!

In times like this, I have to calm down!

Think, if Fir saw this situation, what would he do?

In usual cases, if there's someone lying on our airship, either that person is following us, or that person is simply trying to hitch a free ride.

And this girl is even a ninja, so the possibility of him following us is much higher.

But why is she following us then?

And according to this situation, he had begun to follow us since Skybreak City. Could it be that he's related to the incident earlier?

Then what should I do?

Why don't I... try and stab down towards her?


Just when I decided to do that, suddenly, I realized the titles under the airship had disappeared!

I hurriedly swept my gaze at the entire airship, yet, I completely could not see any trace of those titles!

Oh my god...

My quest ran away!

"Tai Shixi... What happened to you?"

Suddenly, someone beside me asked. I turned to look, and it was actually Fir's Shikigami, Purewhite.


I hurriedly said.

This is bad. Earlier, I was playing this board game alone, and then, was frustrating here all by myself. I must have looked very strange, right?

However, I really can't think of any topic I can converse with them with.

They must have definitely taken me as a strange person, right?

"Is that so? Earlier... You looked very confused. Is there something... worrying you?"

"I... Umm..."

Why is she talking so gently? Clearly, she's a shikigami, however, she feels no different than an ordinary girl.


The white kimono she's wearing is completely exposing her collarbone. However, if I were to help her adjust it, I will definitely be tagged with a strange label, right?

Ah, why am I frustrating over this!?

"Un? Why do I feel there's a subtle aura being emitted from here?"

That young girl called Lois actually ran over to join the crowd. This girl, why has she been following us this entire time? Clearly, Oyado only cares about Fir. Isn't it about time for her to give up?

I ruthlessly stared at Lois, and she shivered. Then, she ran back to her former position.

"Tai Shixi, if you're like that... people will be unable to approach you, you know."

Purewhite laughed.

"So what? It's fine this way."

In any case, in the past, I was a solo. However, now... because I wish to have people to rely on and have each other to take care of one another, I'm here with you guys.

"Umm... If you don't mind me, let's play a round."


I looked at the young girl in front of me with a shocked expression.


"Because aren't you playing it by yourself? I know a little about it. Want to play?"


Fir... Even your Shikigami is weird.