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 Rise of Monsters 18 Harsh Battle with a Flying Dragon

We quickly left the restaurant and were greeted with the sounds of screams on the street.

At the same time, a crowd of people were rushing through the street. This was because behind them a massive eagle was swooping down from the sky!

Bai Yueguang rushed out, in the nick of time his blade blocked the claw of the eagle that was about to snatch the fleeing residents. The giant eagle screamed, then flew up high.

"Giant Sandstorm Eagle!"

I glanced at the monster bird's title and shouted out.

"Isn't this monster native to the Rupture Mountain Range and the Dusk Desert in the far north? Also incredibly rare?"

"It seems like these monsters aren't appearing out of thin air, someone intentionally brought them over."

Bai Yueguang elegantly swung his sword then sheathed it.

"What should we do? Fight them individually or as a group?"

"There isn't any difference? The three monsters can fly, their actions cover the whole city, there would be no difference in the fight if we tried to separate them."

I looked at the three monsters in the sky, then turned to Aliyah and Samantha.

"You two head back to your corps command center, we will try to find a solution here."


Samantha wanted to say something but Aliyah just nodded.

"All right, you guys be careful."

When she finished saying that she unhesitatingly pulled Samantha away.

"Master, I can fly up......"

"But aside from you the rest of us can't fly. No, although I could fly, but my identity would be exposed if I flew, I'm trying to keep a low profile."

"That's all right. I use a bow and arrow anyways, as long as they don't fly too high I should be able to deal with them."

Hei Luoli said with confidence.

I nodded, turning to Bai Yueguang.

"Good, Bai Yueguang, go with Hei Luoli to to high ground. Hei Luoli is responsible for sniping."

"And you then?"

"I will have to use some special moves. The Ice Totem movement is basically unique to Lin Fir, it's too dangerous to use now, so I had to come up with a simple and effective method."

While I was saying this I took the Magic Guide Book out from my ring.

"Oyado, last time you flew in an airship...... did you feel dizzy?

"No~I didn't feel anything."

"That's good, let's go, Arcane · Windstorm!"

A burst of wind came up from our feet, in an instant, Oyado and I were lifted by the storm into the sky!

"Big brother big brother, you've thought of another strange method."

"This......I call it bold innovation."

I bobbed in the sky for a bit before I stabilized, but the power of the winds had died down, with the last of the wind I can stay in the sky and adjust my direction.

"Master! Only you could do this, using attack magic on themselves, what other magician would dare!"

Purewhite was floating in the air by our side, however she isn't using the power of the book but rather her own spiritual power is lifting her up.

Shikigami are really good......even I have to rely on wings to fly. When will I be able to fly with spiritual power?

"Un, all right, change the direction a bit and we can ascend!"


I spotted a monster heading for our location, a strong wind hit our backs, then Oyado and I accelerated towards the monster!

When we were close I could see its name, Elegant Spear Flying Dragon, a kind of sub-dragon, despite having the blood of a dragon it is only a flying lizard, it's not the same as the pureblood dragon race.

It greatly resembles the pterosaurs of our world, but with black skin and three horns on its head. This guy can use wind magics and has a strong resistance to them as well.

When the monster saw the three of us it rushed over quickly, did a hard stop in midair, then quickly shot upwards!

"Oyado, Purewhite and I will find a way to stop it from rising, you try to get close enough to grab on."

"That's fine!"

"Ice Fall!"

A huge ice cube gathered together instantly above the dragon's head, and quickly fell down!

The dragon saw the ice gathering above its head, screaming loudly while flapping its huge wings, it turned its body to try and fly past the ice!

"Greed Wolf · Storm of Purple Thorns!"

Purewhite's voice rang out, hiding behind the ice cube quickly formed 8 hexagram arrays that shot out purple light, directly striking the flying dragon's head.

Loud shrill screams came from the mouth of the flying dragon, its body stopped climbing in the air.

At the same time, a dark shadow flew out and stabbed its leg, then it felt as if she was holding me by the waist and it felt as if my entire body was being pulled over!

"Eh? Oyado?"

Oyado was actually holding me from my waist, this feels really awkward.

In just a moment we had flown over to a spot on the dragon's legs, I quickly pulled out my assassin's dagger, stabbed it in the leg and took the chance to start climbing on it.

Immediately, Oyado also started to climb up the side, I don't know when she put a black claw on her left hand, and dug into the flying dragon's body.

The pterodactyl began to shake it's body from the pain, it seems to want us to fall, however Oyado's claws don't look like cheap goods, five claws hooked painfully into the skin, it needs to tear the skin off, otherwise it won't let go.

I directly froze myself to its body, I wasn't hurt in any case.

This is really tough, I think I should try to get to its mouth an throw a bomb in there.

Thinking like that, I aimed towards its midsection, and suddenly stabbed in with the sleeved dagger!

But surprisingly, the sharp blade didn't even pierce in three centimeters.

Are you kidding? This guy's defense is a bit excessively high? I remember using to before to instantly pierce three centimeters of steel plate?

Monster Intelligence Update:

Elegant Spear Flying Dragon, low attack power, extremely high defense power, monster uses mid-rank magic spells.

Monster Special Skills: Windy Town Song, air around enemy bodies quakes, causes 30 damage a second.

Ha!? There is no chance it will use this skill?

Generally the probability that a skill will take effect is shown, but this doesn't show it, it must be about to use it.

I abandoned attacking directly, quickly disconnected my ice from the dragon, and Oyado sprang out to grasp my waist!

"Big brother big brother, what's wrong......"

While stabbing into the dragon Oyado had been shocked to see me jump, but at this moment, a green circle spread out from the dragon's body, I quickly turned Oyado away and faced the dragon directly, putting up an ice shield!

But the green ring ignored the ice shield on me, it cut through it and flashed across my body.

My hp suddenly cut by a third, at the same time, the Ripped state appeared next to my name, and my hp began to decrease by 30 every second!


"Big brother big brother! It's ok!"

It seems that attack only effects the first body it hits, just now it did no damage to Oyado.

"Allright......Are you okay?"

"Un un."

Oyado shook her head.

"Please don't do this again big brother, I will cry if big brother protects me again."

"Even if I say anything, the protection of his sister is an older brother's obligation."

"Master, I heal you now!"

Purewhite flew over to me, three pieces of paper appeared around my body.

The torn state was immediately canceled,but my hp was slow to recover.

"Don't worry, I can manage some light magic."

I reached out, and a platform of ice appeared under my feet, at the same time I send the winds under it, enabling it to float.

I'm so smart, this is a practical use of simple wind and ice based magic, this will go down in history!

Then, using treatment magic, my hp filled in an instant.

However, I can only use one bottle of MP recovery potion now, because my MP was almost wiped out.

At the same time, a new prompt appeared.

Successful Magic Combination, New Magic--Combination · Storm Board

Title unlocked: Magic Creator

5% chance of a prompt appearing if magic can be combined

This title......nevermind. This is also fun, alright?

At that moment, the ice beneath my feet became a perfect circle, seemingly smooth. I pulled Oyado directly onto the surface, with a wave of my hand I commanded the platform to head towards the flying dragon!

The dragon was clearly very angry, it screamed at us as it rushed over.

Green light came out of its mouth, I hurriedly raised a finger while grabbing onto Oyado, and the platform quickly did a 180 degree flip, while a series of wind blades struck the bottom of the platform.

"Are you ready?"

"Un, big brother, I'm ready to be thrown out!

"It's too dangerous, Purewhite, find a way to attract its attention, we will attack from the side."


Purewhite rushed out, with a hand seal, sixteen white dots appeared around her and shot towards the dragon!

"Army Breaker · Flash of Sixteen Jade!"

The sixteen lights directly hit the dragon's head, but it had the surprisingly good effect of causing the stun status to appear!

Accelerated around the dragon again and Oyado jumped out when we got near the flying dragon!

Flipping in midair, the black claw caught onto the dragon's body and pulled her over.

As I got close to the dragon, the weapons in Oyado's hands changed into two black daggers and struck the dragon's body in a flurry of stabs.

This attack......it was useless?

However, I realized that as Oyado continued to attack her daggers were slowly turning red, after three seconds her daggers flashed and glowed red.

"Super Arcane · Sanctioning · Judgment Cross!"

The two red lights in the air neatly made four slashes, dark red blood came out from the cross wounds and its hp dropped quickly.

After the attack the daggers in Oyado's hands cracked, it seems they couldn't handle the energy.

Oyado's body moved back after the attack and she began to fall.

I rushed to catch her and put her on the platform, then rushed over to the dragon and threw three bombs into the wounds of the dragon.

"Fall back!"

Grabbing the dazed Purewhite, we flew under a roof.

The surroundings immediately roared like a million fireworks, its body was blown up and the pieces began to rain down.

I laughed, rushed in a put all of the body parts into my ring.

"Eh? Big brother, why did you put this giant monster away?"

"I think its skin can make a good armor, its meat can be turned into ingredients, I decided to not let any of its body to go to waste!"

"Well, okay big brother."

"Can I call it fully utilizing its resources?"

I looked at the other two monsters and smiled.

"Next is you~"