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Chapter 1: It's Sure Good to Use Money

"Hah? The Great Demon King Lucifer is telling me not to slaughter the city... Hahahahaha! Are you kidding me?"

As I laughed, I stood up.

However, my body was still a little unstable. It seemed like in the state where the stamina bar completely depleted, no matter how much force you use, it would still be hard to unleash your entire strength, huh...

But, no one can stop me!

"Kid, stop fooling around. If you don't wish to become the same as me, you best not destroy the Mitchell Kingdom."

The black figure warned me solemnly.

"The same as you? Becoming a Demon King?"

I smiled and shook my head.

"What's so bad about becoming a Demon King? Aren't there many Heroes who became Demon Kings in the end? Ah, I know, you're worried that I will fight over your Demon King position, right?"

"I don't have the leisure to do that...Do you really think it's fun being a Demon King? I had no choice but to become the Demon King either."

The Demon King sighed as he said.

"Seems like you don't understand. If your title turns from[Kind]to[Evil], then, you will no longer be able to recover it. And if you were to slaughter this entire city, you will definitely turn from[Kind]straight to[Evil]."

"So what?"

"Then you will no longer be able to rise to the realm of a God and become a God. Rather, you will only be able to become a Demon King like me."

"...... Is that a strategy guide in disguise? Alright, alright, I understand."

And then, I once again drank a bottle of Consciousness Potion.

"Move away! Otherwise, no matter how strong you are, I will still eliminate you. And then, I will step pass your corpse and head over. I, will definitely save my friend, no matter the costs!"

Hearing me say as such, Laila suddenly gripped the sword in her hand tightly, her deep green eyes stared straight at me.

"Haah, I already told you not to be agitated. What's so good about slaughtering a city? Think for a moment. When you played your games in the past, when you felt like it, you would slaughter the cities. After that, you would find that there's not even a single NPC that could sell you items, as they had already turn into empty cities. What's the point of an empty city? They were single-player games in the first place, if there's not even a single person that can converse with you, there's completely no point in playing at all."


This guy's words are actually really logical. I'm actually unable to rebut him at all.

"Haah... Alright then. Then forget it. Do you think slaughtering an entire city is easy? And here I'm thinking that it would be tiring for me to do so."

"Un. Then that's good. Are you calmed down now? Earlier, your pair of red glowing eyes were very scary, you know."

"Red eyes?"

"Un. You Undead Angels, when in the state of extreme anger, your eyes will turn red. And then, using the stimulation from your anger, your battle strength will be increased."

"Hah? There's such a setting as well? I didn't know of such a thing at all. But this also meant that I was never angry in the past, huh."

"Probably because you don't usually spread out your bone wing, I guess."

"Bone wing?"

Only then did I realize that, my bone wing was actually spread out as well!

Crap. If this look of mine had been seen, I would definitely be tried for heresy.

"Alright. Then I will take your suggestion and not slaughter the city. However, I have other questions. Firstly, how did you know that I will be coming over to slaughter the city?"

The time I took to fly here were but a mere few hours, and the Demon King actually reacted so quickly and came to stop me.

"Well, about that... Just treat it as I have countless spies in the human world."

"Spies? I see. Seems like you're peeping on the human world as well."

The messages your spies have are relayed really quickly, huh. I took but a mere few hours to fly here, and you actually instantly sent someone straight towards me. That sure is fast, huh."

"Haha. I'm already bored from playing with the underground world, naturally, I have to find a new location. Also, I was initially a human, after all."

The Demon King said with a happy smile.

"Alright, then, next question. No matter how it is, I still have to save my friend. However, since you appeared, at least, you should have some ways, right?"

"Oh, then why don't you make a guess?"

"Stop fooling around! I'm rushing to save someone here! Don't you have spies? Tell them to help me gather intel then."

"Don't worry, I have the intel, and the time you have is very sufficient as well. The companions of your friend heading to seek help was something that had happened only six hours ago, so it's only been six hours since your friend has been captured. And, she's someone that has been named as the Prince's fiancee, so no one dares to do anything to her. I will tell you the location as well then. She's at the top of tower at the western side of the castle."

"Great. To put it simply, I just have to directly save her from the tower, and everything's settled, right?"

"No, no, no. You haven't understood one thing. I told you not to slaughter the city, but I did not prevent you from exacting your vengeance."


I looked at the Demon King, and revealed a smile.

"I see, as expected of the Demon King. Alright then, then what other intel is there?"

"My spy is the owner of the[Beermore] Tavern at the capital. You will naturally know once you get there."

"Tavern huh... You really like to follow the settings of games, huh."

Just how long ago were tavern owners stemmed as the sources of intel?

"Other than that..."

Just when I was about to continue asking, I realized he actually disappeared!

As though that Undead Elf was never here in the first place!

"Oh my god, don't these people know to say their goodbyes before leaving?"

Complaints are just complaints, it's still a must to go to work.

First off, I found a place out of human sight, and opened my inventory.


The equipment that I have never worn before should be that of a Rogue's. Let's change into that.

After tapping on it, the clothes on my body instantly turned into a grey windbreaker. However, inside them, I still have the equipment such as the Soundless Gloves equipped.

However, I did not wear my Eyepiece of Truth. After all, the King of this country was just LV 15, it doesn't matter if I wear it or not.

And then, I took out a Connect Weapon from the stack of weapons, the weapon 'Break' which could swap between a longsword and a dagger.

After slightly changing my hair into orange, and my eyes into green, I walked towards the capital.

"Sol Feil?"

"Un, that's right."

Outside the city gate, I gave him my mercenary certificate to have him take a look.

Fortunately, it was not possible to see the mercenary's level on the certificate, otherwise, it would have definitely frightened him to death. After finishing that mission back then, we actually became A-Rank mercenaries.

"Alright, you may enter."

That guard returned me my mercenary certificate, and then, let me in.

"Thank you."

I smiled. When I took back the certificate, from underneath, I gave him a silver coin.

His eyes suddenly shone, and his initial stern expression revealed a hint of a smile.

"Be careful inside the city. Recently, it's a little chaotic. During the night's curfew, you must definitely not come out."

Hearing this guy's reminder, I smiled.

"I understand, I will be careful. Speaking of which, are there any cases in the vicinity? If I don't find some important mission, when the time comes, I won't even have a single penny for food."

"Un... About that..."

As expected, after receiving the tip, he became a good talker. The guard who gave a cold glare to others actually began to seriously ponder after I questioned him, and said.

"Speaking of which, the Princess seems to have issued out some sort of notice at your Mercenary Guild. After completing it, you will definitely have enough to be able to eat and sleep for at least ten years. You can head over to try it out."

"Is that so? Then, thank you very much~"

I responded with a smile, and then, headed straight into the city.