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Chapter 47: Windslicer

Qianben seemed to be still in a state of confusement, and only after a while did she finally react to my words.

Probably because she had seen me accidentally kill so many people, and was frightened.


When I was just about to explain, she interrupted.


Qianben's eyes were filled with excited little stars.

"How did you freeze all of them? Incredible, you actually instantly eliminated all of them!"

"Ah? This... is an Ice Magic spell."

"Ooooh, I see! Back then, I heard that Western Magicians are stronger than our Onmyoujis, I didn't expect that they're actually able to instantly defeat so many people at the same time!"


Onmyoujis can't do it?

Ah whatever, it seems to be rather troublesome to explain to her.

"Umm, currently, it's a little dangerous inside the city, let me bring you back to the academy before we discuss any further."

"Oh, right, just what happened? Right from the start, the people on the streets were very strange. Although Skybreak City has always been in a mess, this is still the first time I have ever seen such a situation."

"Just treat this as a time for grinding mobs... No wait, I should be calling it a messy battle between the mafias."

"Mafia!? Alright, I never expected that the mafias nowadays would be this arrogant. Ah whatever, let's go."

"Alright, please hold onto my hand."

"Eh... Umm."


She seemed to have misunderstood something. To situations such as this, I could only sigh while I grab onto her hand. And then, with a Flash Movement, I brought her back to a spot near the academy's entrance.

"Oh! This... Could it be that you used a teleportation skill? Umm, what was it called again? My master seemed to have said that Magicians who are capable of using teleportation skills are all very strong Magicians! I remember they're called... Oath Magicians?"

"Oh, is that so?"

As I have always been able to directly see the levels of others, I have never paid attention to stuffs like Magician ranks.

And, for example, although a strange person like me is clearly an elementary-grade Magician, it's definitely not a problem for me to fight it out with an Oath Magician.

"In any case, hurry up and return to the academy, otherwise, your brother will go crazy again."

"Then, what about you?"

"Me, I'm going to grind lev- No, I'm heading off to punish the evildoers, and eliminate those enemies who are wrecking havoc on the streets."

"Then I wish to go as well!"


I unhesitantly stopped her.

Are you kidding me? If I'm heading out to grind levels, I can resurrect when I die. However, Qianben is an inhabitant of this world. If she gets killed, I have no choice but to... resurrect her by turning her into an undead.

I can't allow that.

I'm not like a certain pervert male protagonist who loves zombie girls.

And, among the people I know, there's already the undead Pryn. I don't wish to know that many undeads at all.

Of course, if she's an undead right from the start, then I have no choice either.

Regaining my senses, I saw Qianben looking at me with an expression filled with unwillingness.


Helplessly letting out a sigh, I searched for an Ice Magic spellbook and handed it to her.

"Why don't we do this? Since you're interested in magic, I will give this magic spellbook to you. But, you must promise me to not leave the academy, alright?"

"Oooh! Alright!"

Seeing her taking the book very happily, I finally heaved a sigh of relief.

"Then, I will be heading off now."

"Un, un."

This girl is already sitting at the side and has begun to read it.

Should I call this girl a very serious and studious child?


With this thought in mind, I hurriedly tapped on all of my speed buffs, and ran to the city at high speed.

It's inevitable. My MP has yet to recover fully, so I can't use Flash Movement at all.

A moment later, I have already rushed to the battlefield.

Other than the green names of my party mates, regular people will have white names while enemies will have red names. The three different colored names constantly moved around, and looking at them caused my vision to blur.

"It's really a terrible situation, huh..."

And since now that the calculations will only be made after the entire battle ends, I don't even know what's the current battle situation.

'Just what the hell are you guys doing?'

Freezing the lower half of an enemy pouncing towards to me, I walked towards the direction of one of the green names.

'Fighting a boss.'

Aliyah replied simply.


'Look to the west, that building with a very sharp roof.'


I raised my head and looked towards the direction she pointed me to. Over there was a pagoda-like building.

And a moment later, with an unknown attack from the bottom, it sliced the entire building into two exact halves, as though it was paper!

But, as its foundations did not seem to be that firm, the entire building broke into parts, and collapsed onto the ground with loud bangs.


'Are you sent by the demolition services?'

'I didn't do that. You have to ask the male Little White about this.'

'I already told you guys not to call me by that name. And you guys are a little too used to this, don't you think? Don't you guys feel tired from typing and attacking at the same time?'

A few seconds later, Bai Yueguang responded.

'We're used to it.'

Not just Aliyah and I, even Ms. Mari and Tai Shixi replied as such.

'But I'm just lazy to type, that's all.'

I can imagine Tai Shixi's expression on her face when she says this - a bothersome-looking face.

As I said these words, I have already rushed towards the tower that was still collapsing. Although it's still collapsing, from the looks of it, it's definitely going to turn into complete ruins.

The moment I landed on the ground, an attack warning came from behind me! I pressed on the ground, and an ice totem sent me flying to the skies!

Before I could even rise high enough, a sword silhouette sliced apart my ice totem. If not for my quick reaction, I would have been the one being sliced.

I hurriedly flipped and landed to the side, at the same time, I looked towards the direction where the attack came from.


No one?

No wait, I should be saying, according to my experiences, people who use sword or katana techniques to attack me, should be within the range where I could see them. If the attacks come from further than that, although there's such people, the attacks should not be in this way...

And just when I was pondering this, the attack warning once again rang, and the target was coming from the direction in front of me!

Presence concealment? Or extremely long-ranged attacks?

Just when I was still frustrating about this, a ray of light assaulted me from far away! I hurriedly summoned an Ice Palace, and just when the ice wall was erected, the enemy's slash attack landed on the ice castle! The entire ice castle was sliced into two from its center!

The hell! What kind of strange technique is this? It can actually slice apart my defensive magic from such a far distance?

And not even three seconds later, behind me, another attack warning appeared. This time, before I could even turn around, I heard the sound of blades clashing against each other.

"Hey hey hey, don't daydream!"

When I turned to look, it was actually Bai Yueguang who was behind me, blocking the attack of the enemy with his katana!

While the opponent is wearing a black wanderer's dougi... his name is... wait a minute, wasn't he at a faraway place facing in my direction earlier?

Haishang Longye

LV 41

[Neutral] [Painstaking] [Sword Specialist] [One-Hit Kill] [Arcane Skill Possessor] [Unbeatable Sword Technique User] [Skybreaker] [Wanderer] [Speedy Windslicer]

He's actually... the speed-type enemy I hate the most?