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Chapter 43: Destruction

Looks like, so as to leave aside a walk-able passage, the stairs leading downstairs do not have many traps in place.

Of course, it's not like there are no traps in place, after all, it's the only passageway heading up and down in the entire building. Those objects that look like decorations are actually installed with detection devices, and if they are not removed before passing them through, they will trip off a warning signal.

And, the range of detection of this thing is very big, and from where we are, we are still unable to use the magic absorption device to absorb the magical energy from the detection device.

This is really troublesome...

"This is really troublesome..."

Even Aliyah said as such.

"There's one in every corner of every floor, and they cover up all of the blind spots. Clearly, it was not a well-designed facility, yet, they're actually able to set up the traps this way, they're really worthy of praise, huh."

"Indeed, like this, even if I use [Shadow Sneak] to directly absorb the magical energy, I will be caught by the other device, so we can't work with regular methods."

"Regular methods? Could it be that you have some irregular method to deal with this?"

"Because those magic traps make use of a certain frequency of magical waves to detect, before releasing a noise as a warning signal, right? Because, looking at the positions they're placed in, there should not be any possibility of being attacked."

"Aliyah, are you able to confirm the model and usage of that magic trap?"

"Eh? Although I'm able to... But don't think things too simply. Even if you know the model of that thing, what can you do about it? When one installs it, he will definitely make certain adjustments to it, and, from such a far distance, even you won't be able to destroy that thing, right?"

"No, no, no. In usual cases, it's impossible, however, it's still possible if I know the rough model. Think about it, traps like that usually follows a certain rule to work."

"If you put it that way."

Aliyah pondered for a moment, and then, took out a small booklet from her ring.

It's actually written "Recommendations and Introductions to the Newest Magic Traps" on it!

Hey hey hey, they actually mass produce small booklets like these as well? Isn't this basically disclosing all of the information!? Is this really alright?

"Un, this should be a magic trap of the TYI-232 Model. A magic crystal can be added to increase the output and effects."


"Detection, with effects similar to a radar. However, it can even detect approaching magic spells."

"Is that so? Then that's really troublesome."

"See, even if we know about it, there's no use."

"... Un, wait a minute. Just what do these equipment use to emit warning signals?"

"Sound. Obviously, a sound similar to an alarm."

"... I see!"

I nodded, and then, aimed at those two magic traps.

"You should have said something like that earlier. Geez, you actually wasted so much of my time."


"[Arcane - Vacuum Detachment]!"

Two green magic balls directly enveloped the two magic traps and pulled them into mid-air. At the same time, I could see the magic traps inside the magic balls flashing constantly, as though they had eaten stimulants.


There's no sound at all!


Aliyah said out of sudden realization.

"Using the principle of sound, where sound is not able to transmit in vacuums?"

"That's it, and then..."

I grasped my two hands, and the two magic traps were instantly smashed into pieces under pressure!

Alright, now that we know the principle, things should be simpler now.

"But the problem is the guards below are not weak either. They are all in the LV 30 to LV 40 range. I really wonder where they managed to find so many strong opponents."

"In any case, we have found the method. Next up, it's fine if we head straight towards the basement."

After a continuous chain of [Vacuum Detachment], the traps placed around the stairs were all turned into scraps.

"Isn't all this because I was able to find these magic traps quickly? Otherwise, before we even find these magic traps, we have already triggered those alarms."

"Yes, yes, yes, thank you very much~"

I replied with a smile.

I bet Aliyah must have be rewarded with a detection tool from doing the Rogue's main questline, right?

"But, there's still currently three enemies below though?"

That's right, there's a total of 14 enemies in this entire building, however, after clearing out one of them, we're still left with 13 of them. If we have to deal with the rest... it's very difficult. If it's just one or two LV 30s, we might be able to exterminate them instantly with a fight. However, if it's a dozen or so of them... Even if we're seeking death, this isn't the right way. And, we still have to settle this quietly.

Usually, it's still fine if it's only one of them sleeping, however, the possibility of all them sleeping at once is a little low.

"Currently, the goods are in the basement, but there's still three of them there."

The door in front of us was the door to the basement. But, through the door, we can see the three people with the levels of 35 currently guarding the contents inside.

"Steal the goods right in front of them?"

"How's that possible... In times like this, we have to rely on something else to attract their attention."

"What's that?"

"Hehe... Before I entered this place, I have found a tattered building that has been abandoned for a very long time, and then, I installed some toys..."

With this said, I pressed the device in my hands.

And then, an explosive sound rang from afar! That little building have already been exploded into smithereens by my explosives!


Aliyah had wanted to say something, but after glancing to the side, she hurriedly pulled me to hide into shadows at the side.

Immediately after, the huge door to the basement opened, and the three men hurriedly rushed out!

"What is it!? What happened!?"

After they passed by us, Aliyah and I nodded to each other, and then, we charged right into the basement behind their backs.

Seeing the goods that were arranged nicely in front of us, I laughed.

"It's time to collect our treasures!"

Title Unlocked: [Terrorist]

The strength of explosives used automatically increases by 50%.