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Chapter 41: Faction Selection

"Thank you everyone for lending your help in exterminating that demon today. This Elder Du once again thank everyone from the Western Continent."

"There's no need for thanks, everyone has the responsibility to eliminate threats and protect the stability of the society."

Haah, once again, Ms. Mari is using terms that others cannot understand.

Shaking my head, I quickly cleared out the dishes in front of me, replenishing all of the stamina I had used earlier.

As expected of high-graded goods, to actually completely fill up my stamina bar in an instant, and it even provided a buff that increases my rate of HP and MP recovery.

Unfortunately, it only lasts for 30 minutes, and dishes like these can't be preserved in the storage ring. What a pity.

If I'm able to learn recipes, I wonder if I'm able to make dishes whenever I want. A buff like this is very useful, after all.

"This is really shameful. It's really a mistake on our academy's part for such a thing to happen when another academy is here to visit. We will definitely increase the strength of the nearby guards. This decision is not made just for you people, but it's also for the safety of our students."

"Then there's really good to hear."

You two continue talking nonsense with each other then. I silently opened my messaging system, and began to chat with the others.

'You guys must know about Kamiochi-chan, right?'

'Un? Who's that?'

The person who replied was Bai Yueguang.

Speaking of which, I did indeed acquainted myself with Bai Yueguang after Kamiochi, huh.

'Oh, she's from our world as well. However, due to the difference in race, she joined a strange assassin organization. Currently, she's probably working on mission outside.'

'That's right, that's right. I don't have that much leisure time as you guys, to stay in that room and have dinner. We're still waiting for this academy's dean to come out, so that we can assassinate him, you know.'

'Then you guys can head over to have dinner. The dean of this academy is LV 78. There's basically no point for members of your organization that's not above LV 75 to come. And, this person knows how to use formations as well, no matter how many of you people come, you will all be sending yourselves out to die.'

'Is your intel correct?'

'That's of course, I personally saw his information, you know.'

"Hey hey hey, how did you see that person's level... Could it be that you actually learnt that useless skill..."'

'That's wrong, isn't it? Rather, there's even more of a need for you guys to learn it, right? Alright, let's not talk about this. Currently, let us pay attention to this large-scale quest. According to what I have seen, there's too many incidents and missions involved in this auction, containing various assassinations, robberies, and even slaughtering missions. However, comparatively, the number of rewards and the amount of EXP gained from this large-scale quest should be rather huge. But...'

'But this will result in a change, in our position and stance in this world, to occur, right?'

Seeing the name of the person who sent this message, I raised my head and looked at Ms. Mari.

She was still chatting intimately with Elder Du, yet she's actually able to split up part of her attention to chat with us. Geez...

'Ms. Mari is right.'

I said in agreement.

'Although there are some among us who simply treats this world as a game used to while away time, however, the current problem is, we have already lived in this world for quite a long time, and we do not know if there's a method to leave this world and return to our own world either. In other words... since we're currently unable to confirm the method of returning to our own world, we have to consider our methods of living in this world.'

'I agree, back then, I did indeed underestimate this world a little, but recently... In any case, I think that upholding our... umm... upright image is very important!'

The one who said this was Aliyah. I did not expect that the most violent individual in our group was actually capable of saying such things. She's not as simple as she looks.

'That's just you guys. I'm an Assassin myself, so it doesn't really matter anymore.'

'Kamiochi, there's nothing wrong with the path you took, however, maintaining our... upright image is important as well. Think, we, as existences that cannot be killed in this world, can basically already be seen as god's equals. Although our strength have yet to reach that stage, with the accumulation of qualitative experiences, it will cause qualitative changes as well. And that is...'

'The Leveling Up system? There's sure a very interesting opinion.'

Unexpected, Tai Shixi who have always been rather quiet would join in the conversation as well.

'But, if this a theory like this is established, then wouldn't our actions be considered as...'

'Tai Shixi!'

I hurriedly forcefully cut her message.

'We can't do anything excessive.'

'Oh, you're right.'

Regarding the fact that we're being supervised by World-chan, I used the concept of 'there are other people watching us in this world' to cover it up.

Firstly, I don't wish to expose the existence of World-chan. Secondly, I can't guarantee that World-chan will not erase their memories if I expose this matter.

And what Tai Shixi was stopped from saying earlier was... Our existences seem to be for the sake of exterminating the gods and deities of this world.

And the position of the Demon King was already someone from our world, I really don't know what would happen if we take the next step.

'In any case, the question comes down to this, what are we supposed to do? There's no problem with eliminating a few evildoers, but as for the rest...'

'In other words, exterminating those that are still on the wanted list?'

'Hey hey hey, I'm on that wanted list as well.'

'Then how about those with the title[Evil]as well?'

'Eh, in times like this, the title system seems to rather useful, huh.'

'What about the rest?'

'That's of course...'

I smiled and replied.

'If we can rob them, rob them. If we can't, then release them.'

'Release them?'

Bai Yueguang asked skeptically.

'Of course I'm referring to those slaves. Unless you're planning to take them all in?'

"Hah... alright, then this matter is decided.'

"Looks like our interaction this time will generate very good results. I'm really looking forward to it."

"We're very happy as well."

And on this side, their conversation has ended as well. Looks like it was rather fruitful.

After Elder Du gave a final speech, we gave our goodbyes, and then, left the cafeteria.

After leaving the place, as expected, Kamiochi and her gang who were ambushing outside had already left.

This can be considered as a way to repay them for giving up on Bai Yueguang's bounty, I guess.

Speaking of which, I wonder what would happen if they know that I have a bounty on my head as well? Well, with a small amount like that, it doesn't really matter to them, I guess.

If the auction is tomorrow night...

"Let's do some after-dinner activities, taking the opportunity while the buffs are still active."

I turned around and said to everyone.

"In any case, everyone here is a night owl, right?"