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Chapter 40: Squad Battle

"Hey, you guys..."

Bai Xiangtian wanted to say something, however, I patted on her shoulder and said.

"Don't worry, we're not idiots either."

And then, I pointed to the sky.

"The enemy isn't only the one who can summon! Come! [Ice Warship]!"

After saying that, black clouds once again tumbled in the sky, and a gigantic ice warship rushed out from the clouds, as it crashed towards the body of the flaming giant!

"You! Who are you people!? [Fire Giant], endure!"

Hearing the man's words, the [Fire Giant] roared, raising its two hands, it caught the descending Ice Warship. However, the floor beneath its feet sunk a little as well!

But, the point of contact between the [Fire Giant] and the [Ice Warship] began to emit out layers of white fumes, and the energy of both sides began to diminish.

However, who determined that the [Ice Warship] is only used to smash into targets?


The cannons on the warship began to fire at the same time, and countless ice shells landed on the giant's body. The giant cried out, as its body began to slowly kneel onto the ground!


Hmph, what you need to pay attention to isn't just your giant!"

A ray of red light flashed past, and shattering sounds began to resound continuously around the flaming man's body.

Aliyah stopped and turned towards the flaming man, clicking her tongue.

"You, actually have so many defensive talismans!"

"[Arcane - Blazing Sky]!"

A gigantic fire pillar rose towards the sky, and the searing flames began to approach us!


Bai Yueguang took a step forward.

"[Secret Arcane - Iai - Skybreak]!"

After a flash of blade light, the heatwave that was approaching us actually split exactly in half! At the same time, Tai Shixi behind him swung out two halberds as she charged towards the opponent!

"[Arcane - Green Dragon Wheeling Dance]!"

The dancing halberds instantly shredded the flaming man into pieces, however, he actually turned into a ball of flames and flew away!

At the same time, the giant let out a sorrowful cry, as it was pressed onto the ground by the Ice Warship!

He's actually thinking of fleeing?

I smiled as I spread out my Angel's Wing!

However, just when I was thinking of chasing after him, a blue ray of light instantly shot out from the ground, piercing through the ball of flames in the air!

That ball of flames trembled in mid-air for a moment, before dispersing.

Battle Concluded.

Killed Huotian Zhichuan, Fire Giant

Party EXP Received: 8,000

Bai Yueguang leveled up! Current LV: 35

Aliyah leveled up! Current LV: 28

Tai Shixi leveled up! Current LV: 34

Mari Steppe leveled up! Current LV: 37

All of us silently looked towards Ms. Mari who was standing at the back of our group. The weapon she was currently holding in her hands was not the Magic Gun she used in the past, but a Sniper Rifle that was fixed onto the ground with five support frames... No, with the caliber of the barrel, it could almost be considered as a cannon, right?

"One hit kill!"

Ms. Mari did a 'V' gesture.

"You actually stole our kill!"

Aliyah returned to her human form, and shouted out unhappily.

"This is called bringing my specialty into play."

However, Ms. Mari shrugged her shoulders without a mind.

"Well~ At least, you earned some EXP and leveled up, so don't mind it."

"Hmph, as someone who is already level 35, can you understand the feelings of a LV 28?"

"What's there to be afraid of? We're all in a party. Look, no matter what boss it is, as long as we work together, won't the EXP go to everyone?"

"You guys... are incredible!"

Bai Xiangtian looked at us with a respectful expression.

"To actually eliminate a demon in less than ten minutes, when you guys are grouped together... just how strong are you guys?"

"That's right, what's with that slash strike earlier!? To actually instantly cut apart magic! Just which sword style school did you come from!?"

Haidao Qianben asked Bai Yueguang.


Bai Yueguang scratched his head.

I bet he can't really say which school's skill it was either. As long as he's able to learn them, he should have learnt them all, right?

"Ah, I don't have the intention to force out an answer from you, please do not mind."

Qianben seemed to have thought that Bai Yueguang was unhappy with her question, as she hurriedly explained.

"Alright, alright, in any case, the demon has been eliminated. This is a good thing. However, how are we going to clear up this mess?"

I pointed to the traces of the battle on the ground.

"This... Even I don't..."

"Let our academy pay for the damages then!"

Before Bai Xiangtian could finish what she wanted to say, we heard someone saying as such from not afar.

When I turned to look, the person coming over was dressed in a gold-rimmed black martial robe, and although his hair was white, one could feel a sense of fear from the aura emitted out from his body

This person is...

"Dean, why are you here?"

"If I'm not present even after such a huge commotion, then I'm not suitable to be the dean of the academy. But, our dear guests from the Western Continent actually managed to subdue the demon so quickly, this old man rather admires your abilities."

Du Tianren

LV 78 Weapon Refiner

[Neutral] [Stable] [Blessed] [Pure Weapon Refiner] [Formation Master] [Dean of Skybreak Academy] [Arcane Possessor] [Mahayana-stage]

Such a scary level, this guy is evidently acting. With such a level, forget about that demon earlier, he would not even break a sweat if he wanted to subdue us.

"Elder Du, you must kidding. There's simply no need for Elder Du to personally act against that demon earlier."

Ms. Mari hurriedly said.

In times like this, it's best to have the teachers interact among themselves, I don't really feel like talking too much nonsense either.

"There's no such thing, each new generation excels the last one. There's no need for further discussion, since this place has already turned out like this, then, dear guests, please head over to our academy for your meal. The skills of our chefs are not incomparable to that of the restaurants outside."

"Then pardon our intrusion."

After saying that, Ms. Mari nodded to us, and then, we followed after them.

But, at the same time, I sent a message to everyone as well.

'Careful, that person earlier is a participant of the auction as well. However, it's unknown why he would suddenly launch an attack, so, be careful."

The reason why I sent such a message is naturally because, earlier, other than the battle report, I obtained another message as well.

Side Quest: Heart of Momiji [Completed]

A-Rank Mission: Kill Huotian Zhenchuan [Completed]

Mission Completed: Gilded Auction - No. 16: Before the auction, kill Huotian Zhenchuan who might be able to influence the auction.

Weapon Reward: Magic Ring of the Momiji

Additional Reward: Increase 10% attack strength to all fire-related attacks. Increase fire defense by 10%.

Looks like, the quest has already begun!