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Chapter 35: Eyepiece of Truth

Although I'm very happy to see a huge stack of skill books in front of me...

"Boss, do you really only have these types of Martial Arts Guidebooks here?"

"It's inevitable. The people on top manage these things very strictly, and these are the only ones that could be trafficked."

"But... The ones here are only mind-enhancing arts, strength-enhancing arts, chi arts, and taijutsu. Do you really not have any Onmyou Arts, profound techniques, sword arts, or things along those lines?"

That's right, these skill books in front of me, basically none of them are books regarding active skills, and are books regarding the training of chi, mind-building or body-strengthening techniques.


Are you kidding me? Clearly, I train in magic, if I am to train in taijutsu as well, are you trying to tell me to participate in gymnastics? Using fancy magic while doing gymnastics or whatever...

There's too much novelty in that! The scene is too beautiful, I can't bear to look at it at all!

"Alright, looks like I have no choice, since that's the case, I can only make do with these. Boss, give me one of each."


The boss spew out the tea that he was drinking.

"Exchange the books that have been sprayed by your tea with new copies."

"Dear guest, you... You're joking, right? One of each? Really?"

"Do I look like I'm joking? 127 books, a total of 6,350 gold. Give me your ring."


Although he was filled with suspicion, he still passed the ring on his pinky to me.

He still had a ring each on his middle and ring fingers. Geez, clearly, you're a rich person as well.

I exchanged my ring with his, and then, I passed 6,350 gold into his ring.

I don't want to pull out more than 6,000 gold out here, that would be too much of a show-off.

Taking the ring that I returned to him, he was stunned for a moment as he pinched onto the ring, and his eyes were suddenly opened wide.

"Looks like you're no ordinary person... This..."

"No, no, no. I'm just an ordinary person. Alright, then, just as we have agreed, I won't tell anyone I bought these books from here, and you won't say anything about this incident as well."

"That's of course, that's of course... But..."

"Eh? Is there any other problem?"

Could it be that he had already went back on his words?

"Since dear guest has such sincerity, I think you should participate in the auction at[Yanmeng House]tomorrow night. I believe, the things you're looking for should appear there."

"Yangmeng House..."

Silently taking note of this name, I continued.

"Thank you for the reminder."

"You're too courteous, I should be the one in your care."

Leaving the bookstore, I looked at the stack of books in my ring, and looked at Bai Yueguang depressingly.

"This sure is a waste of money..."

"You still dare to say that!? Just where the hell did you get so much money!? Did you rob a bank?"

"Something like that."


"It's a place that should be much more incredible than a bank... Well, don't mind the details. But really, I didn't expect to trigger such a strange quest."

That's right, just when he told us about the auction, a new quest popped out.

Side Quest: Gilded Auction

Quest Objective:Choose one of these routes to complete.

Participate in the auction, ignore whatever that happens there.

Participate in the auction, stop the robbery from happening. (Increase affinity with the Eastern Continent)

Participate in the auction, participate in the robbery. (Increase affinity with the Western Continent)

Sneak into the auction, steal all of the merchandise. (Rogue Main Questline)

Sneak into the auction, complete the Momiji's quest. (Heart of the Momiji)

"I kind of feel that no matter which route we take, it's very troublesome. And, there's completely no common point of intersection with our current quest at all. What are you planning to do?"

"What else can we do? Let's first gather some intel. Actually, I just don't want to shop at all, do you really think I have a way to investigate about that mountain? If such a way exists, the guy inside would have already been pulled out by other people long ago, how can there be an opportunity for us to do so?"

I shrugged, and continued.

"In any case, let's first understand the situation about the auction. After all, I feel that this auction will affect the relationship between the Western and Eastern continents. It's best that we be cautious."

"I guess you're right. If a war is to break out, I kind of feel that the scenario will become rather boring."

Looks like Bai Yueguang isn't the type that like wars either.

"About this point, I agree completely. Although it's very convenient to level up in a war... I belong to the faction that plays game for the plot."

"You're right, otherwise, we wouldn't be idling here, and would have been rushing to grind on wild monsters by now."

"Hahaha, it's a pity that field bosses do not drop orange equipment."

Just like this, while we tsukkomi'ed each other, we walked along the commercial street, heading towards the direction of the residential district.

We're not going there to investigate the situation of the commoners, but to find a terminal in the black market. After all, the number of terminals on this side is too few. I don't wish to be seen using one.

And as for the reason why I wish to use the terminal, naturally, is to check on the Heart of the Momiji quest. After all, I still have another quest hanging around, I can't have it kept there forever, right?

But in a city like this, there's a much simpler method of determining the location of the black market.


This place leans against a mountain, so, ordinary people would not have continued to open a black market underground, but in a cave. Hence, it will work out as long as we take notice of anywhere within the mountains where the area is filled with names.

"Hey, found it."

Bai Yueguang pointed to the pagoda not far away, and right below it, a name was constantly moving downwards, and then, after pausing, that person sprinted in the direction of the mountain.

But the problem is... This pagoda actually doesn't have a door!

"A cover-up spell or is there a mechanism somewhere?"

Bai Yueguang held his chin as he asked.

"Illusion Barrier."

Hearing my answer, Bai Yueguang looked at me with an astonished expression.

"How did you know that?"

"It's very easy."

I pointed to my spectacles.

"This tool is called the [Eyepiece of Truth]."