Chapter 23

After giving Xiao Zhe and Lanya a few ideas, we once again continued on our journey to the Eastern Continent.

Why did we not continue to stay and run the business? Are you kidding? Running a business isn't something one can do in a single day or night, and there's no fast-forward function in this, so do you think I will stay here until I manage to make some money?

Then there's basically no longer a need to head to the Eastern Continent if I were to do that!

It's best to hurry and retreat, and hopefully, by the time we get back, it might be possible to see a blooming outcome, where they have raked in a big sum of money!

"Why didn't we simply board the airship and have it send us directly to the target city?"

After leaving the city, Aliyah asked as she sneezed.

"Un, having walks occasionally is beneficial for the body."

I softly said.


"Well~ Think about it. We're evidently here to tour the place, so why not take a little stroll."

'And do some quests along the way.'

As for things that could be not be said verbally, I simply used the private messaging system to supplement my words. Ater all, in our current party, there's a couple of otherworlders present.

"I guess you're right~ I seemed to have forgotten this recently."

"Even though it's the most important matter?"

I shook my head, and then, I looked towards Ms. Mari before continuing.

"In any case, the academy gave us this vacation to delay us. If we don't take our time, aren't we not satisfying their demand?"

"But, in that case, wouldn't you guys be at a huge disadvantage in the academy war that is currently still ongoing in the academy?"

Ms. Mari asked with a smile.

"Really? In any case, we will be stronger once we get back, so what's there to be afraid of?"

That's right, my current level is 35, and I'm already nearing level 36, which is also Ms. Mari's current level.

In other words, I have already raised to the ranks of a teacher from the ranks of a student.

But, what Ms. Mari specializes in is not magic, but developing products of advanced technology.

"I guess you're right~"

"But, Ms. Mari, I think it's best if we take the actual route this time. If we encounter some weird incidents again, it will be troublesome."

"Un. About that mission regarding the mines back then, even after looking for them for so long, I did not find any clues. Did any one of you find anything?"

When I turned to look at them, Tai Shixi was shaking her head.

"Although I have received the Wolf Transformation gene, I'm still frustrated over whether I should use something like this that came from an unknown source."

It seemed like Aliyah obtained the gene as well.

As for Oyado... Probably because she was not an otherworlder like us, she did not receive any reward even after completing the quest along with us.

"Looks like you guys have encountered some incidents while we were patrolling the school grounds."

Bai Yueguang said unhappily.

"That's right, we landed ourselves in some weird place. And I even thought that we might not be able to return."

"Tch, without fateful encounters, how are we supposed to improve ourselves?"

"Hearing these words of yours, I finally understood the other reason why you three ran to the Western Continent from the Eastern Continent... Speaking of which, are you guys fine? Didn't you three run to the Western Continent to escape being chased by some people?"

"We're fine. Back then, the three of us were still rather weak. What you're seeing now is the us who had experienced hardships as we fled to the Western Continent. We're no longer comparable to back then. And... We have eight of us right now, so what's there to be afraid of?"

"Hey hey hey, if they were to use an army to challenge us, even if there's eight of us, it will still be hard to obtain victory, right?"

"We can talk about that when that happens~"

"Hey hey hey..."

This bastard is really...

"No worries, in any case, our skills are basically trained to fight against an army. So you don't have to worry."

Tai Shixi said, with utmost confidence.

"That's not the main point, right? Making an entire country as our enemy..."

It seems like I have done the same thing in the past?

Speaking of which, I have to find an opportunity to settle the score with the Mitchell Kingdom. Well, I can think about it when I get the chance.

"Alright, in any case, let's first head to our destination. Ms. Mari, where's our first destination?"

"A place called[Skyview Academy] . I heard it's the academy that's placed fourth out of the four great academies of the Eastern Continent. Of course, that academy and another academy [Earthshatter Academy]both claim to be number three, but, back then, someone from[Skyview Academy]used the power of a[Ghost]to kill people. Hence, they were forced to the fourth place by the consensus of the other three academies."

"Looks like the battle between the academies in the Eastern Continent is rather complicated as well, unlike the one in our academy, which is mostly dependent on one's prestige."

"But, since they have competitions among them as well, it meant that their capabilities are definitely not weaker than ours. Although this is a tour, there's a need to fight a few rounds with them to prepare ourselves for what may come."

"Yes, yes, yes~ No problem."


Ms. Mari looked at Purewhite behind us.

"Where did you pick up a Shikigami?"

"I already told you that I collected it back then..."

"Your hobby collection sure is rather unique..."


Silently scratching my head, I looked at Purewhite's skeptical expression. She seemed to be unaware of why they were discussing about her. Then, I responded.

"Ms. Mari, let's hurry up and go. Otherwise, I wonder when we'll ever get there."

"You don't have to worry about that. This is one of the better points of the Eastern Continent, there's villages everywhere. Basically, we will only need two to three hours to reach a new village by foot, so, you don't have to worry."

"Then that's good."

"But if the nine of us were to simply walk there like this, I feel it's kind of strange..."

Aliyah said softly.

"I find it strange as well, but, I don't want to ride a horse again. Oh, right, why don't we use this then."

Although I know a wind elemental party buff that increases speed, there's currently quite a bit of people here, so it's best that I don't expose the fact that I'm capable of using wind magic spells as well.

But... To deal with this sort of situation, I had Lanya make some unique magic cards, which were similar to magic scrolls.

"Then, we will be picking up our pace!"

I broke the card, and a green light was emitted out of everyone's bodies at the same time. Our walking speed had instantly changed, and we were now walking at our normal running pace!

[Arcane - Party - Wind Walk]

When not in battle, bestow party members within the range of 100 meters from the caster an increase in speed of 100%.

"Why don't we, try running with accelerated speed!?"

A minute later, outside a village in the Eastern Continent.

A man with a fierce-looking face looked towards the person next to him and said.

"Boss, the merchants from the Eastern Continent should be coming about now. Our brothers have already made the necessary preparations, let us..."

"Un, let's get ready. Today, we will definitely have to steal some good items."

And just when they were discussing this, a number of green figures flashed, and they zoomed past next to the village!


The two of them stood rooted onto the ground.

After a moment, one of them said with a terrified voice.

"Are they... the merchants?"

"Probably... not."