Chapter 19

"Umm... My family really can't afford to hand over any protection fee."

Zhang Ye unconsciously took a few steps back, only to realize that he had already be pushed back into the corner of the wall.

And the people collecting the protection fee were wearing sets of neat black light armor.

Are you guys actually treating light armor as western suits? And they're even black?

"What? A single silver a year, and you're unable to pay for it? Then why are you even opening a restaurant in this street then? Why don't you hurry up and sell of this restaurant!"

The leading figure was called Wang Yizhi, a level 20 Swordsman. However, he was wearing an armor, so I was completely unable to see how he looked like.

"I can't. I promised my father that I will definitely take good care of this restaurant."

"How long has it been since then? There's basically no need for you to care about something like that anymore!"

Wang Yizhi then forcefully grabbed onto Zhang Ye.

"If you can't pay, sell the restaurant! If you don't want to sell the restaurant, pay up! It's that simple."

"The few people over there, can't you guys settle all that after I'm done eating? Even though the buns are so tasty, I'm losing my appetite here."

Actually, I had planned on watching the situation, and only speak up after I'm done eating.

But, because the quest notification popped up, I have no reason to simply sit around and continue eating.

After eating the bun I have on hand in three bites, I looked towards the people behind me.

"Can't you guys settle problems peacefully? Geez."

Unique Side Quest: The Heart of the Middle Street

Quest 1: Help the citizens of Luolinde Kingdom. Receive their trust, and receive information regarding[Duan Ye].

Although I feel that the hints for this quest are less than the previous ones, at least, I'm told how I should proceed with the quest.

And linking the quest to the situation in front of me, the conclusion I could come up with was - I have to help Zhang Ye by eliminating these people in front of me.

"An outsider like you shouldn't bother us when we're doing business! Otherwise, we will make sure you suffer the consequences!"

The moment those words fell, I had already shot out an [Ice Arrow]!

The [Ice Arrow] unreservedly pierced into his thigh, and his wound instantly froze.

"Who did you say was going to suffer the consequences?"

With a [Charge], I appeared right before them.

"Were you talking about me?"


He hurriedly took two steps back, and the people beside him instantly stood before him and shielded him.

"Boss! Our opponent seems to be an Onmyouji. Look, he has a Shikigami..."

One of his subordinates whispered to him, but in actual fact, I was able to hear him very clearly.

"Onmyouji? Why would an Onmyouji be in a place near the borders like this?"

He swallowed down his irritation as he looked at me, and then, he looked at Purewhite behind me.

"Just what do you want? Why are you, an Onmyouji, helping such a small restaurant!"

"Because I'm having my lunch, and I'm having my lunch in this restaurant. That's simply it."

He looked at the ice arrow on his thigh, pondered for a moment, and then said this.

"Alright... You ruthless bastard! Let's see if you're able to continue eating here after this!"

After leaving those words, he actually brought his subordinates out and left.

Geez, and here I thought he would go for a direct confrontation. Looks like he clearly understands that he's not a match for me.

"Zhang Ye!"

I suddenly turned and looked towards him.


And he seemed to have been at a loss when I suddenly called for him, as he hurriedly responded.

"Your steamed buns are actually pretty delicious, so why is your business looking so poor?"

And the hygiene of this restaurant is kept pretty well as well. Looks like this guy did indeed manage this restaurant well.

"This... It's probably due to those people from the Black Wolf Tribe earlier. They wish to purchase this entire street, and then, renovate it into a high-class commercial district. So, a small restaurant like mine will..."

"Hah? Just because of a reason like that? Are their brains made of peas?"

Even I could not refrain from cursing them.

"Just because of a sudden interest, they plan to turn this entire street into a modern commercial district, and then, after a period of time, if the so-called retro were to begin trending again, they will change the entire street back, aren't they simply tossing people around..."

"Umm... Dear guest, what did you say?"

"Nothing much, I'm just sighing."

I shook my head.

"Speaking of which, those guys have been pestering you for protection fees, and you're actually able to hold out for so long. You're pretty amazing, huh?"

"Umm... Although this place is near the borders, there are still guards stationed here. So, they're only able to stop people that wish to purchase goods from entering this street... So right now, this entire street is facing a depression."

"I see."

"Speaking of which, how did you guys enter the street? I recall that the entrance of the street had been sealed."

"Sealed? That's completely useless."

Obviously, I won't tell him that I drilled myself out from underground.

"Well, in any case, this Black Wolf Tribe organization is causing your entire street to suffer miserably, right? Very well~"

I smiled.

"Then I shall freeze them all."