Chapter 9

In the end, as we walked deeper into the mines... the eerie atmosphere in the mines completely disappeared.

The only thing I could feel was my EXP bar filling up continuously.

The scent of blood in the air was slowly becoming denser as well.

Other than that, I really can't feel anything else... If there's something else, the air in the underground passage feels a little too moist...

Well, I'm just kidding. There's nothing else but the deep scent of blood that's lingering in the air.

And under the two girls' vicious competition, the rate of the demonic wolves appearing in the mines decreased as we went further in. In the end, even after five minutes, no demonic wolves appeared, and the entire mines became really quiet.

As though the mines were supposed to be this quiet in the first place.

"Un? How long have we not killed any monsters?"

As we walked, Aliyah suddenly turned and asked me.

"About five to six minutes, I guess?"

I estimated.


Aliyah looked towards the depths of the mines, and then, turned to look back at me.

"Looks like our opponent has finished using his demonic wolves. Otherwise, why haven't any monsters appear after such a long time?"

"Or maybe our opponent has realized that the demonic wolves are unable to threaten us, and any big monsters would be turned into an ice sculpture by me. Hence, he's probably concentrating his troops and planning on sending them all in a single wave."

"If you put it that way, it might be possible."

Aliyah nodded, and then, looked towards Oyado.

"Little sister Oyado, can you feel the presence of the enemy in our vicinity?"

"No... At least, there are no living enemies in our vicinity."

Closing her eyes, Oyado replied as such after a moment.

And my mini-map showed the same results as well. Because, I can't see anything else on my mini-map either.

"Is that so? This is so boring. Seems like the enemy isn't that strong at all."

"That's right, no matter what kind of enemy it is, I will definitely exterminate it! Everything is for the sake of protecting big brother."

"Hey, you two, I think you two have done more than enough..."

Haah, I really hope there isn't any animal welfare group or something similar in this world, otherwise, these two will definitely be labeled as criminals.

"Eh, the place has become rather spacious here."

Suddenly, Oyado, who was leading on our group and investigating the route ahead, spoke up.

I glanced at the mini-map. A new cave did indeed appear in front of us, and it seemed to be as large as the spacious lot we were at when we first stepped into the mines.

I helplessly shook my head as I walked over.

Why helplessly?

Because, a rule like this always exist in games. Whenever a narrow passageway suddenly turn spacious at the end, it means that a tough fight is just ahead.

I have deeply experienced this point back when I played Doom 3, and back then, games were still unlike Dead Space, where monsters would suddenly appear out of exhaust ducts in passageways, rather, monsters would only jump out in a more spacious environment.

But I still had yet to forget about that despicable monster till today.


When we arrived at the spacious mining area, we were given quite the shock.

"Oh my god, this... this place is already... Someone must have clicked on the wrong technology tree, right?"

Looking at the view in front of me, I could not help but exclaim out.

The view in front of me made me feel that I have arrived at the wrong place. However, the menu and mini-map in front of me reminded me that this was indeed a different world.


Why does this mining area look the same as those monster research factories in Resident Evil, where the surrounding walls are filled with monsters that are trapped in glass containers?

But actually, they could not be considered as monsters, rather, they were various types of demonic beasts.

"Are these artificial demonic beasts?"

I swept my gaze at the glass containers in front of me, and the demonic beasts inside seemed to be constantly changing. Only then did I realize the root of the problem.

These were nothing more than regular wolves initially.

Demonic beasts have a low rate of reproduction, but for normal wolves, as long as they have sufficient food, they will multiply at an abnormal rate.

In other words...

"Seems like someone is using a certain scientific technology to turn regular wolves into demonic beasts?"

"Something like that... Is it possible?"

Looking at those demonic wolves, Aliyah asked with a frown.

"If someone is able to completely simulate the process of a wolf's transformation into a demonic wolf, it's not entirely impossible... After all..."

I looked at Oyado, and continued.

"After all, genetic modification technology already exists in this world."

Although it was brought in from my and Aliyah's world.

"Oh~ You guys actually know about genes. Interesting. Who sent you guys here?"

A voice came from above, and a main dressed in a red and white robe was looking at us from the top of a container.

"That's none of your business!"

I immediately shot an ice arrow at him.

He hurriedly moved to the side to dodge my attack, and he looked rather comical.

"Out with it, where did you buy your technology from?"

"You bastard! Even though you're a Magician, you're actually this rude! Seems like Magicians have fallen as well. Looks like I have no choice, I shall turn you guys into demonic beings then!"

With a wave of his hand, a number of wolfmen actually surrounded us from all directions!

"Go! Restrain them."

"Do you think it will be that easy?"

I smiled.

"We're... not that simple, you know."