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 Rise of Monsters 13 Multiple Dangers

The eyes of the people around me all showed awe, but I just feel guilt.

This is embarrassing, they need to put in effort for skills that I can get effortlessly. Don't look at me with respect, it will only make me uncomfortable......

But I won't tell them my true feelings, I only silently nod my head, in agreement with their words.

What confuses me the most is the[Magician's Hidden Blade]title. 20% Mana cost reduction is a good thing. But I can't fight well with a book in one hand and the sword in the other, why else would I use the magic armbands.

Doesn't this just delay problems?

Ah, it would help when using large scale magic, it doesn't do anything otherwise.

"Cough cough, let's return to the topic, the danger from the monsters hasn't been lifted, should we meaninglessly discussing my identity?"

At my words everyone calmed down, the subjugation reports continued.

A total of 23 mercenary corps, plus my mercenary squad, has subjugated a 26 monsters, basically destroying all nearby large scale monsters.

At the same time, the mercenary corps lost a lot of people, they were basically low level mercenaries though.


The feeling from this situation is similar to what I had reasoned out, [Snake Eyes] is using the monsters to increase the general level of this world's people......just what are they thinking? What's the point?

According to what they are saying, the monsters were distributed in a ring around Blue Lake City......it feels like they were put there specifically for people to exterminate!

"In this situation, the subjugation of large scale monsters around Blue Lake City should be complete,. We are very grateful for everyone's help, the people of Blue Lake City will not forget your aid."

Guildmaster Maristo smiled and summed up the reports, although she said a bit of nonsense causing my irritation to show.

"Ah, but this sort of situation makes people uncomfortable, this is clearly the job of the nation's military, but it actually fell to us, really, we mercenaries also have to pay taxes."

Suddenly, the mercenaries here started to complain.

"Exactly, we still have to deal with the war between the Eastern and Western Continents, and our homes were quickly attacked by monsters, quit screwing around."

The complaints drove the room into chaos, everyone began letting out their frustration.

The national guard is in fact the city guard, regional guard, the national patrol and the imperial guard. Some nations also hire private mercenaries, generally higher ranked nobles also hire them in their own territories on the basis of their combat effectiveness, those mercenaries are generally acting outside of the mercenary corps, some corps are specialized to do this type of business though.

According to what the guildmaster said before, most of the national armies have been given royal orders to head to the eastern border city, so there isn't enough forces, and they can't exterminate the monsters?

I always thought it sounded like a joke......

"Really, I don't want to become the permanent resident of another country, the rulers of this country are worthless."

"That's also useless."

I interrupted what he was saying.

"My squad came over from the Ice Empire, but ran into the Hellspider Flower along the way, from what you have said, it seems as if you had seen that monster before, that means that between Blue Lake city and the Institute in the forest......allthough I don't know why, but it is clear these monsters aren't fixed, so perhaps monsters have been seen at other cities."

"The monsters can migrate? That is troubling, why are these monsters are all running out the remote regions of ancient forests? Are they going for a stroll?"

"That might be it, guildmaster Maristo!"

I turned to look at her.


"You had said there was meeting before the mercenaries went to fight? Can I believe that you did a preliminary investigation?"

"Are you referring to the monsters? Actually, we used the witness accounts of merchants and mercenaries to confirm the locations of the monsters, then sent subjugation teams out to their possible locations."

"So that's it, does anyone know where the monsters came from?"

"They probably came out from the old forests, after the Grey Academy disappeared, there was nothing protecting the forests around it, the north end of the forest is connected to the mountains and the woodlands, these monsters probably came from there."

A mercenary said.

"......Right? But those monsters tend to live in their own domains, why are they rushing out? This means that there is something drawing them out. Not just the monsters that laid siege to the city, they were also in organized attacks, so we can believe that someone sent the monster to attack the city, at the same time, attracting large scale monsters to the city siege."

Although I think several people have come up with this possibility, however...... probably because I didn't understand this world, there was a reason that they didn't want to mention it?

" That makes sense, but how could something that lives on instincts follow commands?"

"Oh oh oh!"

Another mercenary shouted.

"The Beastmen have a small flute that can somewhat control monsters with a melody, perhaps it......"

The words were only half out of his mouth before everyone gave him looks of pity.


Could it have been that everyone knew of it, but just didn't want to mention the Beastmen?

"If it is the Beastmen......

"The country is facing an unprecedented crisis."

Hey hey hey, you are over thinking it, it's just a bunch of bad eggs that want to bring about the survival of the fittest, it probably doesn't relate to the Beastmen.

"Perhaps someone got a hold of the flute, so it might not be the Beastmen directly?"

I immediately countered.

"Since you don't want to group up, I will ask that the guildmaster give me this mission."

I said with a smile.

"I will search the forest for signs of the source of the monsters!"