Chapter 2

Although the [Ice Totem] can be extended to a length of about one kilometer at most, the distance between us and the town was evidently not that short.

Finally, after the fourteenth time I summoned my ice totem, a voice came from afar.

"Stop! Just what the hell are you guys trying to do!"

Looking to the direction the voice came from, a young man carrying a bow... no, a young girl, who was riding a horse, charged towards us.

Because, with a simple glance, I only saw her blue short hair with a braid, and her voice even sounded neutral.

In the beginning, I thought she was a guy, but when I saw the gender symbol beside her name... I realized she was a girl.

Only after she stopped her horse right before us, did Ms. Mari leisurely start to talk to her.

"Well, we were simply using magic to guarantee that we will not lose our way."


Carefully inspecting our attire, she could not help but gulp down her saliva.

"Magicians and Knights... Gray Magical Academy and Doge Military School... Ah, my bad. I thought that some people were trying to destroy the forest..."

"Even if there's really people trying to destroy the forest, if you charge over like that, you will simply be eliminated."

Aliyah looked at her with a stupid expression, and said.

I kind of feel that this expression of hers looked exactly the same as the one she uses whenever she's looking at me.

It's definitely my imagination.

"But... I kind of feel that..."

"Alright, alright."

I interrupted her.

Even if we were to continue listening to her, she would simply give some funny logic.

"Are you a resident of that village called Musta?"

"Un, that's right."

"... A hunter?"

"Eh? How did you know about that?"

"Kuh... I guessed from the equipment you're wearing."

I won't say I figured it out from looking at your titles.


Female | 15 Years Old

LV 8 Hunter

[Kind] [Honest] [Resident of Musta Town] [Beginner Hunter] [Whatever Goes]

"Ah, yes, I'm indeed a hunter from Musta Village..."

"What a coincidence. We're heading to Musta Village to rest for the night. Do you mind bringing us there?"

"Of course, I don't mind! But... Recently, our village might be a little unsafe... Ah, not good. The village elder told me not to tell travellers about this, otherwise, no one will come to our village."

This girl is really an idiot.


Aliyah could not control herself, and instantly let out a small laugh.

"Ahem, alright, in any case, we have understood the situation. Then, please lead the way."

"Is it really alright... Ah, no, alright, please come with me."

"Fir, she already said it wasn't safe..."

"It's because exactly it's unsafe, we have to go. Don't forget, who do you think we are?"

Side Quest: Exterminate the Demonic Wolf

Quest Objective: Eliminate the Demonic Illusory Black Wolf King

Quest Reward: Black Heart of the Demonic Wolf

Unique Completion Condition: Find out why the wild wolf demonified.

Unique Condition Completion Reward: Wolf Transformation Gene


Tai Shixi, Aliyah, and Ms. Mari all stopped, and began to tap about in the air.

Hey, hey, hey. Can't you guys pull the menu down to the side? At least, that way, you girls wouldn't look so strange...

But this Wolf Transformation Gene... Is this for real? I'm currently capable of Ghostification and Berserkification. Wolf Transformation... I kind of feel that if I were to mix it in, I will definitely change into something strange.

Oh well, as long as they're interested...

When I turned to look at them, I saw a green glow emitting from all of their eyes!

So scary! Do you girls really want it that badly!?

"That girl called Mare over there!"

Aliyah shouted loudly.


Mare was frightened by her call, and her body began to tremble unconsciously.

"Stop dilly-dallying! Hurry and lead us there!"

"Ah, alright..."

The four of them roared as they charged towards the village. It felt like they were rushing towards a bargain sale.

So frightening!

Not long after, the four of them had already ran a pretty far distance.

"Big brother, are we not going to chase after them?"

"No rush. In any case... It's not really a big deal."

I said calmly, and then, looked towards Lois who was left at the side...

This girl had actually been simply standing there and staring at Oyado the entire time.


"Alright, let us catch up to them."

In this party, other than myself, is there really no one else that's normal?