PoV: Fir


The redness in the vicinity suddenly disappeared. Above me was a grey-colored ceiling.

Molds could be seen on the deep grey ceiling, and the smell of seawater penetrated through the cracked walls.

A setting sun, the sound of the rolling waves, and the feeling on my skin left by the chilly air.

If not for the HP bar, MP bar and the other related data being displayed in front of me, I would have thought that I have arrived in another world.

"Is that so? That's right, those things shouldn't exist in the first place." The moment the voice landed, all of the menu instantly disappeared!

I raised my hands and touched my own face. Nothing... That's right, how could something like that be possible.

And, earlier, that voice, I was really familiar with it as well. "World-chan?"


Sitting by the window, World-chan, who was wearing a school swimsuit, was looking at me with a face full of smiles.

The word 'World' was written on the name-tag on her chest.

Let's first put aside how the school swimsuit was perfectly displaying the figure of this cute loli, just those constantly swaying pair of pure white legs prevented me from looking at her straight in the eye.

"This place... Let's not talk about that first. I think it's best you change into something else."

"Why's that?"

"Because that will ignite the passion within those lolicons. Although I'm not one, it's still hard to look at you with the way you are right now."

"According to the data, one should wear a swimsuit at the seas, and after investigating with regards to my age, figure, and the trends listed on the net, this elementary school swimsuit should be the most suitable attire for this situation."

World-chan said naturally.

"Just which few lolicons wrote such a concept into the internet's common knowledge base... Hah... Then at least wear a towel or something... Well, don't you feel cold like this?"

"Don't worry, World doesn't feel cold." I'm feeling very cold here!

Looks like there's no point talking common sense to her, let's go directly into the

problem at hand.

"Alright, speaking of which, where is this place? This building is constructed from concrete, right? According to my understanding of this other world, they have yet to possess the ability to create reinforced concrete buildings. After all, the materials constructed from their magic are more convenient."

"This is the[Central Space]created by World." World-chan pointed out of the window.

"With this place as the center, with an area of million square meters, the look of the former world has been completely duplicated. But, it's constructed with the usage of the technology of the other world."

"So you're saying, this place can be considered as the duplicate of the former world."

It was no wonder I was able to feel something was frighteningly wrong the moment I came into this world.

There were no signs of life.

"Then the reason why you brought me here is..." "It's to warn you~"

World-chan smiled, and then, leaped down from the window ledge. She then walked over to the side of a wall and pointed at it.

A holo-screen actually appeared in the air, and on it, we were currently walking into the underground base with Ms. Mari.

As I thought, we were found out, huh? "Although I don't really mind."


You don't really mind?

When I heard this, I thought I misheard her or something.

"That's right, since you wish for it to be this way, then I don't mind." "Then..."

"But in this world, I'm not the only person observing you people, so, next time, you people have to be careful. After all, since I'm able to see you, they might be able to as well."

"You're saying... there are other people observing us?" "... Let's take a stroll."

World-chan smiled as she said to me.


Geez, can't you wear something that's not this revealing? Geez... "Alright, let's go~ In this world, there definitely isn't anyone capable of

interrupting us."