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Chapter 34: Crisis and Suggestion

"Wuuwuu... Like what I told you, this was our first time doing a mission like this, where we're tasked to follow someone. But in the end, we were caught by you. Damn it..."

Half an hour later, this girl called Mixi gave us all the information that we wanted. She even included her family's activity log.

Like how all three of them were members of a certain guild in the past, but because of an incident, they were forced to flee.

In the end, for their survival, the three of them were forced to register in another guild.


The three of them actually used their actual names to register into the new mercenary guild. Didn't you guys want to flee? Didn't the thought of them being able to track your actual names ever occur to you people?

Or are you guys simply idiots?

If you guys are really idiots... You guys must have not grasp how powerful your former guild really is, right?

I no longer dare to even think about it.

I can only say that your guild must have been blessed to have had you guys as members.

"So, if you guys have registered into another guild under different names after leaving your former guild, wouldn't everything be solved?"

"Oh right! Why didn't I think of that!" Mixi said out of sudden realization.


That's it, you guys won.

"Ahem, in any case... Oh, auntie Sifier seems to have recovered." At this time, Pryn came over with auntie Sifier.

Although it was a frost damage of a heavy degree, the most convenient thing

about this world is that, as long as you possess recovery magic, any injuries can be easily healed.

"In that case... Then we thank you for your cooperation~ Once night comes, and the number or eye-witnesses decreases, you guys, take the opportunity to escape in the dark. After all, if you guys were to leave now, those mercenaries might take action on you guys."

"Un, we know... Umm... thank you." Hearing her thanks, I gave her a smile.

"Encountering us can be considered as your misfortune, but also your fortune, I

guess. Unfortunately, your mission was to actually follow after one of our people, and fortunately... I don't have the interest in killing random people."


"Alright, stop looking so depressed. Have a good rest." "Umm..."

"If you want to chat, chat with Pryn then. I still have something to deal with on my


"Eh? Why me..."

Leaving behind Pryn, who looked as though she was betrayed, and the family of three, I immediately pushed the door open and left.

I received valuable information from Mixi and her family after all. 'Dale, have you found any clues?'

As I walked on the road, I asked.

'Nope. There's no relevant data on any of the recent activities from the various factions, merchant guilds, and organizations."

'Is that so... No matter what, there's a need to first ask the academy's principal about it.'

After saying that, I gave myself a boost in speed, and sprinted towards the principal's office.

That's right, the reason why I'm in such a hurry was because the information obtained from Mixi was that important.

The people targeting our squad members, are not people from the three Knight Squads, nor are they from any organizations or guilds... No, it's incorrect to describe it this way.

They're basically not anyone from this Western Continent.

According to Ms. Mixi's description, the ones who gave them this mission wore simple Eastern Continent robes, and a few of them were wearing armor similar to Tai Shixi's.

No matter how I see it... it's basically the people from the Eastern Continent causing trouble once again.

Just as I was thinking this, I had already arrived right outside the principal's office. As I found it a hassle to knock on the door, I opened the door directly and entered.

"Isn't this Fir, my beloved student? Why do you suddenly have the interest to come over to this old man's room to play today?

"Stop fooling around. If it isn't something urgent, I wouldn't have come as well."

After saying that, I closed the door. After I confirmed that there were no one eavesdropping on us, I continued.

"The people from the Eastern Continent seemed to have dispatched spies to watch our school."


Hearing these words, the principal's smile instantly stiffened. A moment later, he asked in a stern tone.

"How do you know about that?"

"I can't tell you."

"You... Haah. Do you have evidence?" "I don't have concrete proof."

"You... you're really... Ah, nevermind. You never follow the standard procedures in the first place."

The old man sighed, and then, gave me a bitter smile. Andrew Mel Syribel, that is our principal's name.

Ever since the school's opening ceremony, we have contacted each other privately a few times. After all, I made such a speech at the opening ceremony, so this old man have begun to treat me as the representative of the Magician student body.

Although I still have those Intermediate-grade students and Advanced-grade students above me, in his eyes, I had already greatly outperformed all of the Advanced-grade students.

I'm sorry, but I dislike following standard procedures.

"But even if you say such a thing all of a sudden, we have no idea how to tackle this either."

"So I came over with a suggestion." "A suggestion?"

"That's right. A method that can help deal with the current situation at hand, and

even reverse our roles with the Eastern Continent." "The current situation is..."

"Think about it yourself. Currently, four of our organizations are fighting among

each other, in the end, instead of defeating the Eastern Continent, don't you think that a war happening within ourselves is more likely to happen? I'm not trying to boast, but I think that the other three squads are no longer able to stop us."

"Un... That's indeed the case..."

"But, none of the Knight squads will admit defeat. In such a case, even if we obtain victory in the future, we still have to constantly be wary of our surroundings. Hence, before the inter-continental competition happens, why

don't our[NEET Tea Party]be sent over to one of the academies in the Eastern

Continent as part of a special study exchange programme? In name, it's just a cultural exchange, and we will declare that our[NEET Tea Party]will give up the

rights to obtain points in this period of time. I believe, if the other Knight squads were to hear of this news, they will definitely be really happy."

"This method... Are you planning to first gather information about our enemies?"

"I didn't say that, did I? I'm just a student, aren't I? It's a cultural exchange, cultural exchange~"

"... It sounds like a pretty good idea, but to put it into practice..."

"Don't worry, take your time to consider it. Of course, I will let the other Knight squads know of this suggestion through other methods. By then, they might even approach you guys and approve of this suggestion before you guys even decide on it."

"You... Are you planning to become a certain country's prime minister in the future?"

"Hah? I don't have that sort of patience." I shrugged.

"We will talk about that again when the opportunity arises~"