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Chapter 33: Packaging

"Can I have a cake, please?"

I suddenly walked over to the cake-selling auntie, and smiled.

She was evidently startled by my sudden appearance. Well, this is understandable. She was watching Irlin and Pryn carefully, after all.

Seeing my sudden appearance, she was startled for a bit at first, and after staring at me for a while, she quickly said with a face full of smiles.

"Sorry, I was in a slight daze because I haven't had a single customer since earlier. Which type of cake do you want?"


I acted as though I was taking a look at the selection of cakes, and then, replied with a smile.

"Then, I will have that broadsword at the very bottom~" "......"

The auntie's smile instantly stiffened.

That's understandable as well. Because of my[Detective]skill, the weapon in her hands was revealed, and it was a folded broadsword that was hidden at the bottom corner of the table of cakes.

Since earlier, she had been holding onto the broadsword's handle. It sure is frightening~

The attack warning flashed, and I hurriedly leaped back. The sharp blade of the broadsword instantly sliced past the table from the bottom, cutting the entire table of cakes into half.

That sure is a waste. These cakes must have been bought from the cake shop at the other side of the city, and they were used as disguise, right? They're still edible, you know? How can you be so wasteful?

But evidently, she did not have the slightest thought of it, as she leaped and slashed towards me.

"Frozen Light!"

As I could not be bothered to waste any more of my time with her, with a simple cast of Frozen Light, she was frozen entirely in ice in mid-air.

You can't possibly blame me for this. A LV 20 actually dared to attack me directly, I can only say that she's truly courageous.

But being struck by my magic spell will only cause her to turn into an ice sculpture!

Immediately after, the two others were wrapped into dumplings and were thrown over to me.

The one who stood beside them was Oyado. "Fir... Just what are you..."

Our earlier actions frightened the people in the vicinity, and Pryn and Irlin walked over when they realized it was us who caused the commotion.

"We're just dealing with suspicious individuals. These three people had been staring at you two, so, to guarantee your safety, I tied them all up... Well, almost all of them are tied up."

Other than the one who was frozen.

"Eh~ Even though we realized there were people following us as well, but you two actually caught them before us."

Looking at those three people, Pryn laughed.

"Earlier, Irlin said there were people following her, so she called me over to help her locate them. I did not expect that you two would find them before I do."

As she said that, Pryn looked at Oyado, and the two people who were wrapped like dumplings.

She's probably reminded of being 'packed' by Oyado before, as I felt as though Pryn was shivering for a moment there.

"So it was like that... Irlin, why did you not tell us about it earlier? Wouldn't it have been faster if all of us came to help?"

"Umm... I felt... it would have been too much of a trouble." Irlin said embarrassingly.

"Umm... But still, the two of us are..."

Engaged? No, that's definitely not it, this setting had already been altered by World.

World-chan's interference can even cause an entire person to directly disappear, it's basically an easy feat for her to alter a single setting...

So, we're childhood friends.

"Because it's exactly that we grew up together... So, currently... Fir, you're so strong, while I'm still so weak... Umm... I didn't want to trouble you..."

"What are you talking about? You don't have to care about something like that."

I'm getting a headache. Why do I feel that Irlin's personality is becoming even weirder than before?

"As long as there's something bothering you, tell me directly, and we will deal with the matter together. After all, we knew each other since back then..."

When I said that we knew each other since back then, I suddenly felt a slight pain in my heart. Was it because of the alteration of her memories?

No, right now, it's the best choice for her. I firmly believe so. "Umm hey~ I have a suggestion~"

Pryn suddenly spoke up.

"In the future, can you not have Oyado 'pack' me up?" "Of course..."

After saying that, I turned to Oyado.

"You must definitely not casually stuff people inside a bag, alright~?"

"Eh... But she wants to assault big brother~" "Assault..."

I turned towards Pryn, and she was frantically shaking her head.

"Definitely not! It's definitely a misunderstanding!"

"... Ah, whatever. In any case, we will leave it as such, right now, let's first deal with the problem at hand."

I turned towards the two dumplings on the floor. First, I glanced at the young girl, and then, I glanced at the uncle.

After pondering for a moment, I first headed towards the young girl.

"Ms. Mixi, right now, I will have you make a choice. Who shall die first? Uncle Herz, or Auntie Sifier?"

"Eh? Wait a minute, what are you talking about? We were suddenly tied up by you guys, and then... How do you know of our names!?"

"First off, your method of answering a question is incorrect."

After saying that, I snapped my fingers, and a layer of frost appeared at the uncle's legs.

"And, earlier, you used 'our', which meant I did not get your names wrong. Because you yourself confirmed the truth that I know of your names."

"Ah... That..."

"So, I will ask you again. Out of the two of them, who shall die first?" "......"

"Does your silence mean that you want me to choose in your stead?" I once again snapped, and her legs began to freeze up as well.


She gritted her teeth tightly, and her pale yellow short hair slightly trembled, either out of fear or from the cold.

"Even if you're capable of resisting, that auntie over there doesn't seem like she can hold on for long."

The auntie who was still fixed in her attacking posture in the air had about seventy percent of her entire body encapsulated in ice. Everyone knows that it will feel uncomfortable to hold onto a piece of ice for a long period of time.

But what if you're encapsulated entirely in ice? "You're basically a demon!"

"A demon, huh? I really don't think someone who spied on my friend have the right to say something like that. Why don't you tell me the reason why you guys were spying on my friend?"

As I said that, I looked towards Pryn and Irlin behind me.

"Don't try to deny it, otherwise, I will no longer use such a gentle method of interrogation, and become an entirely different person."

"If I were to tell you... are you willing to release us and ensure our safety?" Suddenly, the uncle spoke up.

"Dad, you..."

"Stop. We have no reason to anger another demon because of a demon." Stopping the daughter who tried to stop him, that uncle called Herz continued. "What do you want to know?"

"Who sent you guys to spy on us?" I smiled and asked.

As I thought, if they were just regular people, things would probably not go this smoothly, but...

These three people all have the same surname 'Bate'. This girl has the same eyes as that auntie, and her hair has the same yellow as that uncle.

The three of them has eastern european-looking faces, and that girl had been looking over to that auntie over there since earlier.

I once again snapped my fingers. The ice enveloping the auntie slowly fell off, and the auntie fell onto the ground as well. But because of the cold earlier, her entire body was too numb to even move.

Oyado threw her broadsword to a side, and moved her under the sun.

"Alright, if you want her to receive treatment, tell us everything. Just what the hell is all this about?"

I looked at the girl sincerely, and suggested as such.