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Chapter 32: Stalker

The battles after that became much easier than before. We fully utilized our advantage of being able to quickly increase our levels, and constantly challenged enemies that were of higher levels than us.

It did not matter which Knight Squad they were from, as long as their levels were higher than ours.

After two weeks worth of battles, all of our levels were raised by at least one, and our total points amounted to 42.

And this is still a very gentle battle result, after all, due to public pressure, they were unable to attack our low level members.

And on the other hand, our targets were always individuals that were stronger than us, and thus, naturally, we would not be questioned for anything.

But, no matter how it went, the results would still be the same. After all, we're progressing towards victory, and their death-seeking methods will simply accelerate the process.

"Why is it that even if we defeat someone that has a much higher level than us, we will still only receive 10,000 EXP!? That isn't fair at all!"

Aliyah complained as she unhappily swung her dual swords about.

Currently, among the otherworlders, Aliyah, who was LV 25, had the lowest level. Although she had been participating in many battles recently, due to the EXP restriction, she only managed to rise to LV 25.

"That's because you have always been slacking, you shrimp."

The one who spoke was Tai Shixi, and currently, she's LV 34, the same level as me. Initially, her level should be higher than mine, but because she got bored of the

challenges, she did not participate in the later battles, and was surpassed by me. "What did you say, you giantess!?"

"Gi... an... tess..."

Tai Shixi's face instantly darkened.

Speaking of which, Tai Shixi doesn't seem to be willing to bring up the topic of her own height... I guess that's true. It seems Tai Shixi is the tallest among everyone in the squad, other than Uncle Gabriel who came to report to school two days ago...

"You washboard, come here. Watch me as I use you to grind my levels."

"Hmph! If it's grinding, I should be the one using you! You wild giantess! Why don't I help shorten your height with my slices!"

"Do you believe I'm capable of shaving you into nothing but a human rod!? Come! Let's do this!"

"Do you think I'm afraid of you!?"

"Are you guys done fooling around? If you two are bored, go challenge the members from[Black Prince]and[Sweeper], we have yet to finish using our

tries for today! Aliyah! Don't you call yourself a mature adult? If you always have this childish temper, you will only be regarded as a child. And you, Tai Shixi. Even if you have a poison tongue, don't say something like that the moment you start off your sentence, and don't bring up a battle after the third sentence. If you have kept those poisonous words to yourself, even if someone were to say that you don't possess any charm as a woman, you wouldn't have any reason to refute it."


The two of them paused at the same time. They looked at each other unhappily, and then, without uttering another word, they left.


"I feel that the members from[Black Prince]and[Sweeper]will suffer really badly today."

Bai Yueguang laughed. "I think so too..."

Both of us agreed.

"Alright, today is yet another peaceful day. Meeting adjourned."

"You're right. Tomorrow, we will once again attend lessons and then, have a fight with those idiots. I kind of feel that I'm quickly becoming a grinding machine.

Speaking of which, why do I feel like these one battle per day mechanics are pretty similar to the fatigue meters in some games?"

Bai Yueguang tsukkomi'ed.

"Hahaha, speaking of which, you're right. Alright, I will be returning to writing on the program scripts. We might be able to miniaturize the terminals by this month, and the days of having cellphones will soon arrive."

"Ooooh, that sure is something to be look forward to. What about PSP?"

"You're still planning to play handheld games? Grinding on monsters everyday isn't enough for you?"

"Well... You will still get irritated from playing the same game for a long time, you know."

I laughed, and then, left the base.

"Even if that's the case... Where should I go?" "Big brother! Let's go shopping together!"

After muttering that to myself, Oyado instantly leaped right in front of me.

"Hey hey, your technique of scaring people is getting more and more overboard." "Thank you for the compliment, big brother~ Big brother, let's go~ Let's go and

play~" "But... Eh?"

Just when I was thinking about it, suddenly from afar, I saw two familiar figures walking towards the shopping district.

But why would those two... Well, this sure looks really interesting. "... Then let's take a stroll."

With this said, I hurriedly followed after them.

"Eh? Big brother?" "Let's go."

Shadow Sneak!

With Oyado's speed, catching up to this sort of speed basically does not pose any problems to her.

In a flash, I have already appeared at a position five meters behind the girls. An instant later, Oyado appeared beside me as well.

"Big brother, why did you walk so fast~ Geez, this doesn't count as strolling, you know... Eh? So big brother saw big sisters Pryn and Irlin~"

That's right, earlier, when I got out of the base, I actually saw Pryn and Irlin walking in the direction of the shopping district together.

Speaking of which, because of Oyado, Pryn had been always been nearby in the past few days, but she did not dare to approach. As for Irlin... Ever since she became Princess Michelle's bodyguard, I seldom had the chance to see her, and because she was a Knight herself, she did not receive any challenges.

In other words, these two had basically been idling... But why would these two be shopping together?

I don't know why they're together, but in times like this, people would obviously

get curious.

"Un, let's follow after them and take a look."

"Eh~ So big brother actually has the talent as a stalker as well."

"Hah? This isn't stalking, I simply specialize in observing the lifestyle of people." I justifiably corrected Oyado, and then, continued to look towards the two girls. Well... But... It doesn't feel like nothing much is going on...

But, the moment this thought flashed past my mind, something suddenly flashed

in front of us, and the names of a few people suddenly turned yellow!

Active Skill: Detective - Insight applied.

Active Skill: Insightful Person - Expand Insight Radius applied.

Three people. The uncle eating at the foodstall on the right, the young girl sitting by the bed at the second floor of the building on the left, who was enjoying her cup of coffee, and the auntie selling cakes by the street.

The instant their names turned yellow, at the same time, arrows appeared, and all three arrows were pointing towards Pryn and Irlin.

Hey hey, so, World-chan... were you the one who had me coincidentally see the two of them entering the shopping district and had me find out they are being followed by another group of people...?

Title [Stalker] unlocked.

Possibility of being spotted reduced by 10%.


Even if you're trying to respond to me, you don't have to give me another weird title, right!? I still want to live openly in this world, you know! What's with this [Stalker] title!?

"Ah whatever, Oyado..."

"Un, I realized as well, big brother! There's actually perverts who dare to lay their hands on big sisters Pryn and Irlin! I will definitely take good care of them!"

"... Back then, didn't you have a sour relationship with Pryn?" "Un? Was there such a thing, big brother?"

There wasn't? My cute little sister?

Well~ Let's not think about this problem any longer.

"In any case, to people like them, it's not good if we don't educate them properly~"

"That's right, that's right~ Why don't we catch all of them and have a good interrogation?"

"No, no, no. Why would we do such a civil thing? As for trash like them, we have to properly make use of... Speaking of which, Lanya hasn't had a experimental subject for her new drug."

"Big brother, you're really bad~"

"You're flattering me~"