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Chapter 31: Black World

The black armor Arnus was wearing had a metallic shine, but occasionally, wisps of black air would emit from his armor.

Is this a form of berserk transformation or something similar? But, seeing that he's still able to hold a regular conversation with me, it proves that he did not go berserk.

Back then, I have seen demonification, and I have personally experienced ghostification. But... What is this?

Full Body Black Armorification? Berserker Lancelot Transformation?

Speaking of which, the way his pair of eyes is emitting out a red glow is pretty similar. Although I don't know where you got this from, but the one who made it... must be a big fan of Nasu, right?

Well, this isn't the main point. The main point is that this guy's titles are actually not question marks, nor are they[Unable to Display], but [No Data].

Although I have yet to see such a thing before, no matter how I look at it, it's definitely something that's not stored in the system's data, hence, those titles cannot be displayed.

It's definitely because World-chan is slacking, no doubt about it.

Or probably, this is the first time this thing is being used, hence, World-chan has yet to collect its data?

"Geez, I didn't expect to encounter a situation like this."

"Hahaha! You're right, we're chesspieces. But, chesspieces have their own uses, right!?"

Immediately after, his figure suddenly disappeared! This... Has this guy's speed exceeded my visual limit?

Before waiting for the attack warning to even appear, I immediately summoned an ice shield and swung it to the back. In an instant later, a black spear penetrated through my ice shield, and then, pierced into my chest!

Although I'm already used to this level of pain, his attack actually caused my HP to plummet down to a half in an instant.

That's right, a full half! With a simple pierce, my HP fell by a half!

This guy's level has definitely exceeded LV 40, but he's definitely under LV 50 as well, otherwise, I would have instantly died with a single hit.

Immediately after, my figure flashed towards the bottom of the building at the other side. I then opened my white wing, and after using a recovery spell, my HP started to slowly recover.

"I didn't expect... a Magician like you would be so fast."

Arnus said as he summoned another spear, and then, his figure once again disappeared!

But, seemingly at the same time, he appeared right before me, and two black spear silhouettes pierced towards me!

I quickly swapped my katana for the broadsword, and stabbed it deeply into the ground. The black spears stabbed onto the broadsword at the same time, and the broadsword trembled greatly. If I had used a normal broadsword, it definitely would have been broken, right?

I stomped my foot, an ice totem pushed both me and the broadsword in the air. Then, I spun my body, and pressed on the skill button.

Ghost Technique - Army Breaking Slash!

The symbols on the broadsword lighted up at the same time, and a large amount of crazed energy poured into my body in an instant!


My body was instantly fully filled with energy, and with a swing of the broadsword in my hand, it clashed with Arnus' two spears!

"Very good! You're finally the same as me!"

"The same?"

"Look at your body, did you not turn into a demonic ghost?"

I lowered my head to look, and just as he said, after turning into a ghost, my entire body turned deep red, just like Blazing Horn.

"Well~ What's wrong with borrowing a demonic ghost's power to fight against a demon?"

"Then... die!"

A colossal amount of energy exploded between our weapons! I flipped and landed on the ground, and then, I immediately shot countless ice arrows towards him.

Arnus constantly disappeared and reappeared, dodging all of the ice arrows I threw at him, and then, he came piercing towards me with his spear.

With a swing of my broadsword, I parried his thrust, and right after, I stretched my other hand and grabbed onto the spear.

Then, with a kick to his abdomen, I sent him flying!

Haah, after transforming into a ghost, my body's capabilities turned stronger. Wait a minute, I personally do not possess any additional bonuses of any class, in

other words, I do not have the amount of mana to cast spells whenever and however I want like an actual Magician, nor do I possess the destructive power and body strength of a Warrior.

But! By transforming into different states, I'm able to empower myself! Like transforming into a ghost and something similar!

And... although the guy in front of me is covered entirely in black, he looks really strong!

I don't exactly know what's he wearing, but... I must definitely strip it off him!

"Damn it!"

Arnus stood up from the ground, and in a flash, his figure appeared behind me!


"Have you still not realize that our difference in speed had already been greatly reduced compared to earlier!?"

I turned and swung my sword, blocking Arnus' attack. Then, balling my fist, I smashed towards his abdomen!

But, this time, he actually directly thrusted his spear towards my fist!

I hurriedly changed the direction of my attack, and after lowering my body to dodge the attack, I quickly grabbed his spear!

"But, do you know who is speed's greatest enemy?" "Who?"

"Ice Magicians, of course!"

Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!

A bluish icy fog enveloped us, and a layer of frost speedily formed on his black armor.

But, this guy did not actually receive a 'frozen' status! "Ice Magic Resistance?"

I immediately released an Ice Flower below us, and then, took a big step back to increase the distance between us.

Arnus retreated as well and avoided the Ice Flower. Then, he pierced his spear towards it, shattering the Ice Flower!

But right after the Ice Flower shattered, out came my Frozen Light! When he realized the ray of light, it was already right before him. Arnus swung his weapon as he tried to block the light ray attack, but the Frozen Light landed on his hand, causing his entire arm to turn into a block of ice! When he realized that something was wrong, he quickly retreated to the side, however, I controlled the ray of light, causing it to cut across his chest. A trace of frost appeared on his chest armor, and then, it was frozen completely!

"Die, idiot!"

After saying that, I pressed on the button in my hands!

Pa! The frozen part of the armor on his right arm shattered entirely!

Earlier, when we collided against each other, I threw a miniaturized motor, a hidden weapon, onto his body. And after I activated it when it was in a frozen state, it entirely shattered the frozen part of his armor!

"Arcane - Unlimited - Millennium Frozen River!"

The instant he lost his focus, my large-scale magic spell turned the vicinity into a giant ice mountain.

Swapping back to my katana, I quickly tapped on the unique MP Potion which allowed my MP to fully recover, and then, tapped on the next skill.

"Secret Arcane - Iai - Skybreak!"

A ray of light flashed from the katana. Immediately after, a trail of light appeared at the center of the entire mountain, and it slowly broke open into two clean halves.

Battle concluded.

Eliminated: Arnus[No Data] Unique EXP Reward: 50,000

Unique Level-Skipping Reward: 10 Credits Unique Tool automatically retrieved.

You leveled up! Current LV: 29

You leveled up! Current LV: 30 You leveled up! Current LV: 31 You leveled up! Current LV: 32

Title [Retriever] Unlocked.

The moment the notification screen finished showing the results, the entire mountain of ice instantly disappeared before my eyes!

Hey hey hey! I have yet to obtain his transformation tool! This is...

'Target has used an object that has never appeared before, and has already been retrieved.'

Before I could even finish lamenting, the sudden pop-out message shocked me. Because the name of the person who sent the message was actually[World]! 'Just what the hell are you doing?'

Although I tapped on the 'send' button, the message could not be sent out! Tch!

'Fir! What happened!? Earlier, on the network, all information about Arnus had instantly disappeared!'


Seeing the message sent by Dale, I could not help but take in a cold breath. 'The disappearance you speak of... Is it the sort of disappearance whereby that

person had never actually existed before?'

'... Seems like it. His position was completely replaced by someone else, and... other than the difference in the name, his entire history is actually the same.'

'Wait for me, we will talk when I get back!' The situation... doesn't look really good.

World-chan actually used a method like this to interfere with the world?

"I see... I understand now. We will be careful!"

Mari-sensei nodded, and then, quickly left the teahouse.

In the room, there's only the few otherworlders from our squad, because I used our built-in messaging system to contact them, and hence, the rest of the people were unaware of this.

Oyado had been sent to gather information since morning, so, she wouldn't appear at this time either.

And, I even planted a special GPS tracking device on her body, so, as long as she appears close to me, I will immediately discover her.

"So, what are your thoughts, everyone?" I asked sternly.

The room we're using was protected by the special equipment developed by

Mari-sensei and the rest, so, within the compounds of the place, the signals on our bodies were cut off, and would not be discovered.

"I don't have any. It's actually an existence that's capable of instantly altering this world, so, even if we plan on doing anything, it will be difficult, right?"

Aliyah shook her head and said that.

"Since it actually retrieved Arnus right before your eyes, and even altered the data on the network, I believe it's issuing a very direct warning to all of us."

Dale pushed up his glasses. "Don't do anything unnecessary."

"Alright, then we will leave it at that then. Dale, continue your surveillance over the network, and send the information of[Black Prince]Squad's new leader to


"No need. Other than the change in name to Olide Mare, his information is exactly the same as Arnus."

"Is that so? Alright, then as for the rest..."

"We challenged[Knight of the Blue Seas]and[Sweeper], and we earned back the points we lost. As for[Black Prince], the data showed that the participant from[Black Prince]rejected the duel, so we obtained a point from

them as well." "Alright."

I laughed, and then looked towards them.

"Then, for now, we will put this aside. Let's commence the attack!"